Most Popular Wand Massagers

World-renowned sexologist Betty Dodson swear by Wand Massagers as the go-to tool for women who find it difficult to orgasm. Having conducted female-focused workshops for more than 30 years, in which groups of women talk, explore their own bodies and masturbate together, Dodson knows what she’s talking about. Deep and throbbing, vibrations can be felt through the whole vulval area, without directly touching the clitoris.

Most of the continued popularity of wand massagers is down to the matchless power they deliver and we meet many women instore, for whom a battery-operated vibrator simply isn’t strong enough.

Wand massagers are also popular because of the multi-purpose nature, or at least image, of these toys. They can/could (and sometimes are 😉 be used for sore backs, achy necks or tired feet as well as for sexual stimulation.

Wand massagers are the height of discretion; something you can buy for yourself, your friends (or even your mum!) a toy you can travel with or leave hanging around your room, without having to go into details about what it’s used for…

So, lets run through our most popular wand massagers and what they offer:

Cordless Rechargeable Wand Massager

Cordless Wand is perfect for those who don’t want play to be limited to

Cordless Wand
Cordless Wand £50

to how far the cord will stretch.  (unlike an electric Wand Massager which remains plugged in to a wall socket during play)

Fully rechargeable, once charged up the Cordless wand can be enjoyed anywhere  you like.

An easy to use interface offering 10 different vibrating settings, it packs the same ‘Wowser!’ power as a regular wand – hold the large ball massager to the vulva to feel intense stimulation resonating throughout the whole area.

The downside of a cordless, rechargeable wand is that when it needs a re-charge, it will let you know by starting to wind down in intensity, so fully charge it up before a super-long session.




Electric Plug-In Wand Massager

Doxy Wand Massager £90
Doxy Wand Massager £90

However, if you prefer your Wand to deliver 100% power at all times and are looking for that power to be uber, super-charged, we recommend opting for the Doxy Wand Massager instead.

This British-made massager can reach up to 9,000 RPM. Most vibes are around 2000, which still a LOT, but whoa! You can imagine just how super-powered is the Doxy to reach this kind of intensity…

Slightly larger and certainly heavier than the Cordless, Doxy also offers 10 different vibrating settings and we advise you start out on the lowest setting possible so you are not blown into orbit by its deep, earth-shaking intensity.

TIP: If you’re just starting out, try placing a pillow or piece of fabric between your vulva and the Wand to ensure your clitoris gets the benefit of the buzz without fear of over-stimulation..




Stylish, Modern & Hi-Tech Wand Massager

Lelo Smart Wand £99
Lelo Smart Wand Medium £99

Lelo Smart Wand is THE most stylish wand massager you can buy.

A stunning, ergonomic shape, it’s different from other wand massagers, in that, rather than hard plastic, its seamless design covered in sensual, strokable silicone.

The differences don’t stop there. Apart from its matchless good-looks, Smart Wand uses Lelo’s ‘SenseTouch’ technology  to bring you a different kind of massage sensation altogether. This setting responds to the pressure – brush the wand delicately across skin and it responds with a low, gentle purr… As you apply more pressure, the Smart Wand responds by gradually working up to deliver a strong, deeply throbby and satisfying vibration.



Portable, Mini Wand Massager

Hebe Body Wand Massager £39
Hebe Body Wand Massager £39

Don’t be put off by the incredible intensity offered by Wand Massagers: as with anything else, just start off small.

So, if you lke the styling of a wand massager, but not the socks-off power?

Or think you would enjoy the diffused sensations of a ball-shaped head, pressed against your vulva, but want something smaller and easier to handle…

Or are simply looking for an innocuous  toy for travelling and passing through airport security…

We’d recommend  Hebe Body Wand Massager – a cute intro to wand massagers;  7 inches long , fully USB rechargeable and offering 7 stimulating settings to explore

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