How to Choose and Use Tongue & Finger Vibrators

Small and discreet, tongue and finger vibrators add extra zing to your manual and oral play! These small, discreet vibrators are great for solo play, but they also make excellent bedtime accessories for couples too.

Finger Vibrators

Finger Lovers Silicone Rabbit Vibe £18
Finger Lovers Silicone Rabbit Vibe £18

Finger vibes are perfect for adding extra thrills to any kind of play. Simply slide the small vibrator over your finger, turn it on and glide your buzzing finger all over your – or your lover’s – body.

Perfect for teasing necks, nipples, stomachs and clits on yourself or female partners. If you have a male lover, why not try sliding the vibe slowly lower and lower over his stomach, over his party bag (testicles) and up & down over his shaft.

Small finger vibrators are very popular with sex toy newbies – they don’t cost much,  they are easy to use and they are also very discreet.

Add a small amount of lube to your buzzing finger, then enjoy some slow sexploration!

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Tongue Vibrators

Vibrating Tongue Toys £26
Feelztoys Vibrating Tongue Toys £26

Oral sex is a hot activity and tongue vibes are a fun way to offer more than just licking, sucking and kissing. With a small vibrator strapped to your tongue, oral sex sessions soon become super-charged and even possibly multi-orgasmic!

Slide the small, stretchy band at the back of the vibe over your tongue. Turn it on and slowly lick your partner all over; slow long licks just as if you’re enjoying a particularly yummy ice lolly on a hot day.

The mouth is one of the most sensitive organs we own, and it can be used to deliver a sensual array of sensations. Go from soft, slow licking to hard and fast sucking. Place your warm, buzzing mouth over your lover’s nipples, clit or frenulum, and watch them squirm with pleasure.

But – don’t let the fun stop there! Use your hands to stroke and caress thighs, bottom, breasts and all other body parts your lover enjoys having touched – this adds multiple layers of sensations.

Use your tongue vibrator in the shower for a steamy morning session is guaranteed to wake up your partner in no time!




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