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Sex Appeal…Tickets?

Sex Appeal

OK, we admit that we wrote a sneaky title to lure you in but that’s because we have a fantastic event to tell you about.

Due to the roaring success of last year’s Sex Appeal Comedy Night, sexual health charity Brook Advisory, together with the fabulous Zoe Margolis (aka Abby Lee, writer of Girl with a One Track Mind), have managed to merge together and do it all again with Sex Appeal Two: Come Again!!

Join Al Murray – The Pub Landlord, alongside acts such as Mitch Benn, Doc Brown, Jenny Éclair and many more of the country’s best comics for a star-studded comedy benefit all in aid of providing sex education and services to young people aged 25 and under!

We contributed to last year’s comedy benefit (sending cheeky goodies to the performers involved) and think a night of giggles to raise money and awareness for such a fantastic cause is well worth splashing your cash or at least spreading the word with sex appeal.

Sex Appeal Two: Come Again is happening at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London on Friday January 18th

Tickets are available from the Sex Appeal website and Bloomsbury Theater Website.

By Shelly

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