Fun Factory Vibrators – Click n’ Charge

There are three good reasons why we like rechargeable vibrators:

  • They won’t conk out as fast as some battery-powered vibrators can.
  • No more fishing through the kitchen drawer or dismantling the remote control for fresh batteries.
  • They are will often stronger than battery-powered vibrators, especially when fully charged.

Much better for the environment because you don’t need disposable batteries to get your kicks.

That’s why we’ve stocked many rechargeable and eco-friendly toys over the years; the Lelo range of luxury rechargeable vibrators; gorgeous Je Joue vibrators; and of course the our own luxury vibes Excite and Desire.

Fun Factory Tiger £65

Many Toys, One Charger

Fun Factory have always been at the fore of innovative vibrator design; a Fun Factory vibrator is by definition a leader, not a follower.

So when Fun Factory brought out the Click’n’Charge Range, the we knew you were in for something very special. The Click’n’Charge toys are fantastically well designed, using the very latest in magnetic charging technology. The charger plugs into the mains, and can be used on all the new Click’n’Charge toys, so you need only one charger for all your toys. The charger light pulses until your toy is fully charged and you’re ready to rock!

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