First Valentines goodies in stock now!

Hiya Ladiez and Gents!

We’re very excited today here at Sh!, because our first new Valentines day goodies are now online! (We know it’s a little early to be planning for Valentines, but the sooner we get our goodies online, the more browsing time our lovely ladiez and gents have…so we’re not complaining).

Waterproof Bath vibe
Ono Cleo Vibrator

Ono Cleo Vibrator

Posted today, we have some gorgeous now goodies…the Ono Cleo Bath Massager is a gorgeous waterproof vibe, complete with a removable extra-strong suction cup so it can be enjoyed in the bath, in the shower…wherever you like.

Remeber the Cone? The Ono Cleo’s a great update on the idea that you can move round a vibe, rather than moving a vibe round you. We think it’s a great, innovative vibe, and a fantastic present!

There’s also the lovely Don Wands Sweetheart Dildo, one of our favourite Valentines goodies…The Sweetheart Dildo is a hard dildo made of smooth, cool glass, and is a fantastic sweet treat for Valentines Day.

There’s lots more to check out on our website, and we’ll be posting more goodies as they arrive…so watch this space for the hottest in Valentines Day goodies!

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