Female Ejaculation and Learning How to Squirt

Female ejaculation, or ‘squirting’,  is a gush of liquid that women can expel on the point of a G-Spot or internal orgasm.

Female ejaculation is most likely to happen when you are very turned on, at the peak of passion and usually at the receiving end of some pretty hearty G-Spot stimulation.

Some women do report ejaculating through clitoral stimulation alone, though this seems to be a lot less common.

For some women, squirting happens every time they have sex. For others, it’s a much rarer beast.  Many haven’t experienced it and too many have stopped it happening altogether…

We have talked to hundreds of women who have felt intimidated by the sensations of squirting or so embarrassed that they have wet the bed that they don’t allow their bodies to go there in the first place or stop their bodies going there again.

When we explain all about female ejaculation, their relief is enormous and they often skip out of Sh!, newly informed and empowered.

It’s amazing in this day and age that female ejaculation is still shrouded in such mystery, but it’s not that difficult to understand.

Firstly women’s sexuality and sexual pleasure is so far down the medical establishments list of priorities, that there is precious little research on the matter.

Secondly, we learn to control our bodies from such an early age so as to NOT wet the bed, that letting go can be a tricky hurdle to get past.

Probably millions of women have tuned their bodies away from female ejaculation when it is actually one of the most sexually satisfying experiences a woman can have.

Why  is female ejaculation the cause of so much anxiety? Why do we hold back when, if we learn to let go and female ejaculate it will send ourselves and our lovers wild with delight?

There are physical reasons why the stirrings of female ejaculation feels scarily close to the onset of an embarrassing case of incontinence.

The nerve that sends G-Spot sensations to the brain also broadcasts messages from the bladder and this is why the onset of female ejaculation can feel scarily similar to the urge to pee.

Female ejaculation has been clinically analysed and found definitely NOT to be urine.  It is, in fact, an ejaculate “fluid” – like male ejaculate, but without the sperm.

Learn How to Squirt

There’s no sure-fire ‘this will definitely work for you’ instructions for learning how to female ejaculate, and it may be that not every woman is physically capable of it. Female sexuality is excitingly complex and it’s often as dependent on what is going on in our heads, as much as our bodies.

Going for a squirting orgasm with  single-minded determination may well end in failure, so forget all that and simply enjoy the journey.

Here are our top tips to squirting success:

Glass G-Spot Dildo £37
Glass G-Spot Dildo £37

Arousal is top of the list in learning how to squirt – if you are not turned on enough, it’s likely not to happen.

Have a clitoral orgasm first to get you really aroused before going for the G-Spot.

A dab of  G-Spot Gel will help stimulate bloodflow to the G spot; making it swell and become more sensitive.

Using your fingers initially means you can feel for the slightly different texture of the G-Spot and feel when it swells.

A G-Spot orgasm and female ejaculation is not likely to happen quickly. It can take a lot of time/patience which means fingers can tire. This is when a good G-Spot vibrator or the smooth, firm sensations delivered by a glass G-Spot dildo come into their own. It’s worth having one at hand…

If you are exploring your G-Spot/learning how to squirt with a lover, be vocal! It can be a very precise spot that feels very different (often triggering those feelings like you want to pee) and your partner needs to know when they’re hitting the right spot. Don’t be shy about saying ‘there!’

  • Worrying about taking a long time or stressing about not ‘getting there’ will inhibit your chances of success. If you are prone to having such worries pop into your head, try fantasing, or even watching some porn, to keep your mind focused.
  • Giving yourself  permission to ‘let go’, or having your lover give it, is crucial. Try being vocal about this. Sometimes just hearing the words ‘go ahead drench the bed!’ is enough to make you squirt.

3 good positions for G-Spot stimulation and squirting success are:

 On Top:
She controls angle, thrust and speed. Perhaps try leaning back for more intense G-Spot stimulation?

 From behind:
Being on all-fours allows her to angle her hips for best G-Spot sensations.

On her Back:
Perhaps with pillows (and a towel!) under her bum – this elevates her to a good position for G-Spot stimulation. 


Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot
Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot £14.99

Finally, it’s always good to read up and one of the best books on the subject is Female Ejaculation and the G Spot, by the high-priestess of squirting, Deborah Sundahl

We have twice had the pleasure of welcoming Deborah to teach erotic classes on the subject at Sh! and she and this book are a wealth of knowledge and come highly recommended.

We know from our experience talking to women in store that women have all sorts of secret and special squirting tips. If you have any of your own, please share – we, along with our visitors, would love to hear them.

Enjoy the journey!


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