Best Bondage Restraints

Whether you’re a newbie toying with a little playful restraint or a bondage expert who regularly swings from the rafters at the local dungeon, your toy box won’t be complete without a pair of quality cuffs.

Bondage cuffs are used for everything from a little light bedroom bondage to full-on restraint

So whether you’re looking to secure your special someone to the headboard in the privacy of your home to fully hog tying them on the floor in a club for everyone to admire – you’ll need a pair of cuffs!

Many people start out their exploration into bondage and restraint using silk scarves or ties, and whilst this may be the easiest, cheapest option, it isn’t the safest or most comfortable.

Instead, we recommend using a pair of wide restraints with a safe locking-system.

Sh! Luxury Suede Restraints
Sh! Luxury Suede Restraints £50

At our studio in London, we manufacture several types these: rubber cuffs, leather cuffs, luxury suede cuffs, all in a range of gorgeous colours, as well as classic black. Our bondage cuffs are manufactured using the best materials and are hand-finished to exacting standards.

Our leather cuffs come lined with deluxe faux fur for your comfort. The luxury suede cuffs are padded, and the satin restraints are luxuriously silky to wear.

When using cuffs and restraints, make sure you can insert a finger between cuff and skin. If you can’t, it’s too tight and you may end up cutting off circulation.

If you’re looking for something cheaper to try out, we stock a range of metal cuffs, rope cuffs and also bondage tape.

Whilst metal cuffs may seem like a good, cheap option, they can be somewhat uncomfortable if you want to really throw yourself into play. These are better for lighter play and dressing up.

Bondage Tape is very popular thanks to it’s incredible versatility: use if for bondage, or blindfolding, or make a shiny dress out of it… The bondage tape sticks to itself, but not to your skin, so won’t hurt when pulled off.


The Three Most Popular Restraints as Chosen by Our Customers:

Rubber Wrist Cuffs
Rubber Wrist Cuffs £20


Our popular hand-crafted rubber cuffs are manufactured using 3mm thick rubber and feature eyelet rivets, chrome studs and a D-Ring perfect for running chains or ropes through.

Wrap the rubber cuffs around your captives wrists (or ankles) and buckle up!

Cleaning: Wipe down with a damp cloth.






Leather Cuffs £30
Leather Cuffs £30


These top quality bondage wrist cuffs in leather are practical and sturdy enough for a proper bondage session and stylish enough to suggestively wear as part an outfit.

Wide leather cuffs with a single plated D-Ring for trying wrists together or to bedposts.

As these wrist restraints are lined with luxurious fake fur, your captive can throw themselves into play, safe in the knowledge their wrist cuffs will hold them comfortably tight.

Cleaning: Wipe down with a damp cloth.




Satin Restraints £24
Satin Restraints £24


Made with love, these versatile and sexy satin ties let you tease, tackle and tie your partner any way you want to.

At a beautiful 39″ long, the Sh! Satin Ties can be used individually or together, to restrain wrists and ankles, to hog-tie, and they even make a fantastic blindfold! The only limit to their sexy use is your imagination…


Cleaning: Wipe down with a damp cloth.




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