Choosing Your First Dildo

If it’s your first time getting it on with a dildo and the thought of a dildo the size of Nelson’s Column has got you more than a little freaked out, fret not – there’s a dildo out there for everyone!

The first thing you need to think about when choosing a dildo for the first time is what you want to get out of it.

honey 3 silicone dildo £58
Honey 3 Silicone Dildo £58

At Sh! we’ve got everything from a straight & sleek dildo to a perfectly curved G-Spot dildo and everything in between. Every dildo is designed to offer a variety sensations, whether slender and rippled or ample size and twirly. Browse our selection of silicone dildos here.

Whilst the primarily job of a dildo is penetrative pleasure, a dildo with clit stimulator will offer double stimulation.

Choosing the Right Sized  Dildo

Size is the most important consideration when choosing your first dildo, with width rather than length being the most crucial factor. Remember you can always control how deep you go, but attempting to introduce a plus-size plaything into a petite orifice is likely to induce yelps of rejection rather than moans of desire.

Whether this is a first dildo for yourself or for a lover, a little research is worth its weight in silicone, which BTW is the very best material for sex toys; velvety-smooth with non-porous ‘skin’ which warms up to body temperature (it never feels cold or clammy). It is also hypoallergenic and very easy to clean.

The best way to assess the ‘right fit’ is to focus on how many fingers feel good when really turned on.

Store the info so that later, when you loop your thumb and forefinger around the desired digits you can measure the diameter and get a pretty accurate idea of perfect girth – brandishing a ruler mid-session isn’t usually conducive to hot sex!

Whilst it’s true that depth can be controlled, for some women a dildo that is too long or straight can feel uncomfortable if it bumps against their cervix – dildos with a rounded top and G-Spot friendly curves may feel best.

Two Strap Harness £42
Two Strap Harness £42

For hand-held or Thigh Harness play, the whole length of the dildo is at your disposal. Slip it into a hip harness, like our best-selling Double Strap Harness and depending on your own and your lovers build, up to a couple of inches of your dildos length can be lost (tummies can get in the way!) so you may need a longer dildo for truly satisfying strokes.

Most of our dildo styles follow the same formula: 3 lengths in two different widths.

This means you can confidently start with something smallish, like the best selling Wirly Girly 2, then should you want to supersize you have three options within the same range:
• If you feel comfortable with the width but want more length then you can size up to the Wirly Girly 3 or
• If you feel comfortable with the length but want more girth, then you can size up to the Wirly Girly 5. 
• However, if you’d like more length and a little more width, then the Wirly Girly 6 will offer both.


Vibrating dildos add a buzz

Once you’ve made your selection, think about whether you want a regular dildo or a vibrating dildo. Every dildo in our silicone dildo range come in vibrating versions with a small bullet vibrator in a pocket in the base of the dildo.

As silicone transmits vibration really well both the receiver and the operator will feel the buzz from the dildo.

As 70% plus women say they find it hard or impossible to orgasm through penetration alone, having a buzzing option to turn on is totally worth considering!

When it comes down to it choosing your first dildo is a very personal choice.

First Strap-On Dildo Kit £67
First Strap-On Dildo Kit £67

We can provide all the dimensions, colour options and sensory descriptions possible,  but only you know what what turns you on, what gets you going, what sensations spin you out during sex with your lover so only you can choose something that fits – literally!

The most important thing to remember is that dildos aren’t scary and they won’t bite back. You’re in complete control of them and you get to choose what’s best for you.

It’s your body and your sexual experience so go with what you want, rather than what you think you should. Porn strap-on dildos are all well and good but for the vast majority of us they’re more useful as kinky bedroom decorations than for actual bedtime use!

Then go forth, get it on and enjoy the whole dildo experience!

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