Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

How to make your first time anal sex a pleasurable experience.

Starting gently with a well lubed finger, and then progressing to a small, slim anal toy is a much better, gentler and less scary introduction to anal pleasure, than having to “take” his enormous member or her giant dildo (and they will seem big, believe us!) the first time you try anal sex.

Before you experiment with anal sex or toys,

Black Latex Glove
Latex Glove £4 for pack of 10

…first put on a Latex Glove  (which make fingers feel super smooth as well as protecting the delicate anal area from snaggy or long nails), cover with lashings of lovely lube and simply explore the sensations.

Try rubbing  your finger around the rim of the anus and slightly inside: both areas are highly sensitive and stimulating them can feel very pleasurable.

The more stimulated you are, the more relaxed your bum will become…

Anal pleasure is not something to approach with grim determination or something to ‘overcome’. Try adding it your repertoire when you next masturbate, as the more turned-on you are, the more pleasurable it will feel.

Anal muscles must be really relaxed before even thinking about putting a toy or penis inside.

Any slim anal toy is a good starter toy. Be sure to buy one from the Anal Toy Section, as anything going up the bum must be safely shaped to stop it slipping all the way inside.

Once in, just keep the toy still until you become accustomed to the sensations.

Any potential pain is when something first enters the rectum as the muscles around the anus have a strong and involuntary desire to tense-up.

Anal tissue is sensitive and delicate so it’s all too easy to cause tiny tears.

Using lots of thick lubricant will protect the anal area from getting hurt.

Lube also make all your moves so sensually smooth which in turn helps muscles  relax and open up to anal play.

Starting slowly, gently slide a finger or small anal toy inside, testing the sensations as you go.

Beginners Butt Plug £15
Beginners Butt Plug £15

This will help to give you lots of confidence. Don’t use any movement until you’re more than ready.

butt plug is a good toy for this: designed to go in and stay put, it will help you get acquainted with the muscles in your bum and the sensations on offer.

Squeezing and relaxing against a butt plug sex toy will help you to learn to better control the muscles and go onto enjoying lots of relaxed, pleasure-filled anal sex.

If, and when, you are ready to progress to anal sex with a penis, or dildo, the best advice is to ensure that you, as the receiver,  start out being in control of the pace, depth and action.

Being on top is the best position to achieve all three.


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