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Celebrating Solo This Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally a night for lovers to spend hours and hours sweating it out between the sheets, Valentine’s can be a little sore for those who find themselves without someone to bump & grind with.

You could organise a night out with other singletons, or set up a Tinder account specifically for hooking up on this one night of the year where the pressure to be part of a couple is on…

But what if you don’t want to? What if you want to take off your rose-tinted glasses and close the door on all the bouquets and teddy bears smugly making their way across town on public transport?


There’s no good reason why you should miss out on orgasms just because you are single. In fact, celebrating Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show yourself some tender loving care.

There are a couple of different ways of going about this.

  1. Romance yourself. Buy your own flowers, order in a meal and pop the cork on your favourite tipple. Queue up a series on Netflix and settle down in your finest lingerie. Make sure your sheets are fresh for what’s to come (you).
  2. Sod the romance. Get a bag of nachos, find some good porn, and settle down in all your naked glory. Who cares about fresh sheets – the sofa is perfectly fine for a hot wank every other night of the year so it’ll do for V-Day too.

Next: line up everything you need for a menage a moi.

  • Lube – check!
  • Sex toys – hmmm…
  • Toy cleaner – what?

Sex toys might not feature on your list of must-haves, but if you’re going to give it a go, we reckon one of the toys below will make a mighty fine lover on Valentine’s night.

First on our highly-recommended-list is Zalo Queen, an innovative and luxury toy that marries throbbing pulsation, a delicious sucking sensation and temperature-play technology to create a must-have that’s simply too good to share with anyone else (you might not get it back!).

Whoever said there can be too much of a good thing has never enjoyed the pleasures of Zalo Queen; heat it up to keep you nice n’ warm; keep your clit on full alert by switching between the 8 different vibration modes; add a slick of lube and tease your G-spot, add a bit more lube and slide the detachable hood over the shaft to create a suction toy… There’s very little this marvel can’t do in terms of offering pleasure!

Zalo Queen had our toy tester busy for several days (Hey gal – where’d you go?) and cross-eyed with pleasure. Check out her review of Zalo Queen here.

Treat yourself to a Zalo Queen in Wine Red before Valentine’s Day and as an extra treat, we’ll throw in a bottle of ON Arousal Oil (£15) for FREE!


ON Arousal Oil is a clever blend of essential oils and just a drop or two of this stuff will start a warm, tingly build-up, leading to an incredible buzzing sensation that lasts up to 45 minutes. Many women (including us) swear by this oil and say that the buzzing sensation increases their arousal and make them extra wet.

This orgasmic offer is valid in store and online for as long as stock lasts, up to and including Valentine’s Day.

(Sch)longing for Love

Next on our recommended-list is something for those with penises.

Vertical Attack has a name that makes us wince, but the toy itself is dreamy.  A soft, textured masturbation cup with a small vibrator at the tip offers plenty of thrills as you simply glide or twist the sleeve over your long schlong. Its stretchy, body-safe material means Vertical Attack guarantees a smooth ride – especially if you add a little water-based lube beforehand.

Not only are masturbators great fun, but they can also help you last longer if you find yourself popping your cork like it’s 1999. The trick lies in regular practice. As soon as you feel that rumbling sensation in your party-bag, slip off the cup and give the base of your peen a firm squeeze as that’ll help it calm down. Once you have the naughty bugger under control, slip the cup back down over it and work that shaft until the rumbling starts again… Remove the cup and give your Johnson a firm squeeze. Repeat as many times as  you can stand it.

When you eventually let go, it’ll be an explosion to remember *wink*


The Sex Toy That Sucks

Now, some of us have to work on Valentine’s Day – that can’t be helped. Perhaps you’re travelling for work even? Make the most of your hotel stay by inviting a li’l buddy to keep you company.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveller is perfect for anyone who lives out of a suitcase or needs to have their go-bag ready at a moment’s notice; it takes up next to no space and comes in a discreet travel case.

Well-known for its lapping sensations, Satisfyer Pro Traveller is ideal for those who love-love-love oral sex during partnered play. The ‘mouth’ of Satisfyer Pro Traveller has been refined for maximum satisfaction; it cups your lust-button and enables contact-free stimulation, which you can increase or decrease thanks to two intuitive buttons. Using pressure waves rather than traditional vibration, Pro Traveller creates the feeling of gentle sucking that feels orgasmic when placed around the clitoris.

All you need to do is add a lick of lube, then lie back and experience 11 settings all the way from a gentle ‘lick’ to a super-powered ‘suck’ that will take your breath away!


We mentioned toy cleaner earlier, and you should definitely get yourself a bottle of that stuff too. It might be only you using your toy, but it still needs to be cleaned. Spritz on, rinse off, and your fave toy will be ready for round two!





Can Vibrators Cause Damage?

Ah, the humble vibrator; that little buzzing bundle of joy that for the vast majority of women cause guaranteed orgasm with the same surety that night follows day and often at the speed of a Usain Bolt sprint.

Vibrators are an absolute godsend to women who find it hard to tip over the edge in two ways.

  1. Vibrators provide ‘satisfaction-guaranteed’ assurance.
  2. Vibrators take away the anxiety of ‘not getting off’. This anxiety is often at the root of no-gasms, the kind of orgasms that are about to show up in spectacular fashion but then leave the building quietly, and you unsatisfied…

For those whose find orgasms easier to come by,  vibrators are simply the best labour-saving device ever invented. They are fabulous playthings to explore sexual pleasure and response.


Who would believe, then that this humble little device, whose sole purpose is to provide sexual pleasure, is the cause of scaremongering myths and fake news?

‘Myth: using a vibrator too much can cause damage, numbness, and make it harder to orgasm through other forms of stimulation’

or the even scarier;

Fake News: Vibrators cause DVS (Dead Vagina Syndrome)!

These myths are at the base of questions or anxieties that often come up in-store, so let’s break it down.

The first concept to question here is just what is ‘too much’? It’s such a vague term because it’s completely different for everyone.

You only have to ask a few friends to discover that desires, libidos, and orgasmic capabilities vary a huge amount. How often and for how long you use your vibrator will depend on you, your sexual response and even just the amount of time you have to play – whether it’s a quickie before work or a  longer session on a lazy Sunday morning…

The benefits of orgasms are multi-fold. Orgasms release all sorts of beneficial chemicals in the body, helping you to relax, and making you feel amazing, so don’t worry about indulging in your vibrator ‘too much’. You most certainly cannot overdose on the feel-good factor that floods the body on orgasm.


‘How often is it OK to use my vibrator?’ is something we’re asked regularly,  and of course,  the worry is nothing to do with ‘ how often is it OK to have an orgasm’ (erm..?) but everything to do with the pesky myths that vibrators can somehow cause damage to down-below delicate areas or be a drug or actually narrow our orgasmic capabilities.

So let’s address the common questions and worries, so you can all get back to enjoying good (and worry-free) vibrations and exploring all the sensual pleasures your bedside buddy can give!

Will my vibrator numb my clitoris?

We’ve all heard the saying that you ‘can have too much of a good thing’, but luckily, that’s not the case with vibrators.

Customers often worry that their clitoris will become permanently numbed through ‘excessive use’ of vibrating toys and we understand the concern – it’s the only organ dedicated to sexual pleasure and we all want to be 100% confident of taking good care of it!

There is no evidence to suggest that vibrators can cause permanent damage.

One of the few studies looking into this is a 2009 American survey, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which surveyed 2,056 women (18 to 60 years old) about vibrator-use (if any).

Not only did the study find that women who used vibrators were more  gynecologically health-conscious and scored higher in the good-stuff in the FSFI  (a clinical-trial questionnaire to measure sexual functioning in women, such as sexual arousal, orgasm, satisfaction, pain, etc) but it also found that:

‘Negative side effects including numbness, pain, irritation, inflammation/swelling, and tears or cuts were rarely reported.

The percentage of women who answered “never” to each of the five latter side effects was respectively: 83.5, 97.0, 90.1, 92, and 98.9.

Result: Vibrators are safe’


Breaking it down, the bottom line is that 70%+ of the women studied never experienced any negative side effects of playing with their vibrator. According to this particular data, women who use vibrators were found to be more in tune with their genital health,

In the women who did report negative side effects, the down-sides were usually rare, of a short duration and were just mild numbness, irritation, or inflammation.

The clitoral glans ( the official name of the external part of the clitoris) is packed with nerve endings. With around 8,000 of these zingy receptors, squeezed into the size of a pea,  it’s one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. It’s the reason why stimulation here feels so good, but, after a long play session, also why your clit can feel over-sensitive,  or de-sensitized. There’s been a little research on the effects of vibration on the body and whether on hands (guess that research was for an entirely different type of power tool!)  or genitals, the effects are temporary, mostly disappearing within an hour.

So, if you feel numb after getting jiggy with your gadget, it doesn’t mean you’ve frazzled anything permanently  – your clitoris just needs to rest a while, it’ll be back to its orgasm inducing ways in no time at all.


Can I get addicted to my vibrator?

This is a very common question and one that puts many customers off using their toy ‘too often’.

When we think of addiction, it’s often in relation to drugs. The orgasms vibrators give you do deliver a natural high that instantly boosts your mood and you’ll definitely find yourself wanting more, but the good news is that you can’t get addicted to your vibrator however often you use it.

We think that also answers the question as to the validity of ‘Dead Vagina Syndrome’, a fake news scare which claimed that using a vibrator will numb the nerves in your vagina and stop you from experiencing orgasmic pleasure again. There has been no medical evidence to back up this claim and we take it for what it is – a load of viral BS.

We’d be interested to hear if, after a vigorous session with a partner,  ‘John Wayne Walk Syndrome’ is a thing? Can a rumbunctious romp in the bedsheets cause you to walk bowlegged for the rest of your life? *Tongue firmly in cheek*

Why does it take me so long to have an orgasm without my vibrator?

Vibrators are favoured among women because of the quick and powerful orgasms they deliver. It’s something we quickly get used to, so when you’re getting amorous with a partner and reaching the Big Oh takes a whole lot longer, many women think they’ve caused damage to their nether regions.

This isn’t the case.

Vibrators oscillate at around 200 oscillations per minute, delivering consistent, reliable stimulation in just the right spot – that’s a tall order for any partner to keep up with. Orgasming through other types of stimulation can be tricky and take longer as a result, but the good news is that as you explore what you like and achieve more orgasms, you’ll often find that time decreasing. Of course, you always have the option to add a vibrator into the mix when you’re with your partner if you want to speed it up a little…




Battery Blog Post

Good News, Your Sex Toy Isn’t Faulty – It Just Needs New Batteries

The most common reason for customers to bring back sex toys is that they believe their toy to be faulty. Whilst vibrators occasionally break or malfunction, most of the toys we get returned or sent back to us aren’t faulty at all – they just need fresh batteries or a slightly longer press of the ON button to switch it on.

Whilst we are always happy to see returning customers, our short guide on vibrator care could save you a trip across London, so read on.

Here’s a list of the most common issues with non-working vibrator:

  • The battery has run out of power
  • The battery has been put in the wrong way
  • The charger hasn’t been left on for long enough
  • The on/off switch hasn’t been pressed for long enough
  • The travel lock has been activated
  • There is small paper disc under the lid

Below are some very easy checks you can do at home.

No Battery Power

Some sex toys absolutely eat battery power, especially if it is the all-singing, all-dancing version with super-strong vibrations. A rabbit vibe, for example, uses up more power than a gentle, single speed clit vibe.

The Sh! Waterproof Rabbit needs 3 x AAA batteries (two at the top of the battery compartment and one battery underneath), preferably Duracell or another similar, strong brand.

Waterproof Rabbit battery

The beads need the power to spin around, the bunny ears need the power to flicker & tease, and the vibration needs the power to deliver pleasing thrills & throbs, and  £1-batteries from Poundland aren’t going to cut it. These types of batteries are great for the TV remote as it doesn’t require much power to do its job, but for a rabbit, you’ll need stronger batteries.

Also, leaving the batteries in when you store your toy will allow greedy rabbits to suck up more battery juice, so we recommend taking the batteries out when playtime is over.

The Batteries Are Upside Down

Easy Egg Battery CompartmentThis is a common mistake and one that is very easy to make.

Here’s a handy tip: the flat side of the battery (minus) usually needs to sit right against the spring inside the battery compartment. This may mean that a toy that takes two or more batteries face the same direction, or opposite direction, depending upon the design. The toy will often have a small plus or minus to help you put the batteries in the right way.

Mixing old and new batteries isn’t a good idea, your toy will work better with fresh batteries.

Recharging a Sex Toy Takes A While

We understand that you are keen to get down to business with your new vibrator, cock ring or plug, but a rechargeable toy needs time to get juiced up.

Some toys take 2 hours, some take 4 hours, and some take 8 hours for a full charge. The instructions should give you more information on this.

FF Magnetic ChargerIt is very important that the charger is fully connected to the toy and the power source. If either of these isn’t plugged in properly, your toy won’t get the power it needs to do its thang. And, if you are using a pc or laptop to charge your vibe, the source needs to be switched on (not in standby mode).

Magnetic chargers must be firmly attached to the vibe, pin charges must be fully inserted and toys with a charger base must be placed on it.

Check on the toy during charging – it is possibe for a magnetic charger to get knocked off if the toy falls over on its side, for example.

Beam Me Up Scotty – Turning a Sex Toy On

Modern toys will require more than a quick flick to switch it on; you may need to hold down the ON button for 3 seconds, or even 5 seconds in some cases. This feature is to stop the vibrator being switch on by accident whilst being stored (another great reason for taking the batteries out).

Repeatedly clicking the button won’t switch the toy on – it will only get you worked up for all the wrong reasons.

If the toy has more than one button, we recommend taking some time to read the instructions before getting hot & heavy with it – we promise it will save a lot of frustration later on!

The Sh! Easy Egg and Sh! Mini Pink both require a firm 3-second press to turn on.

What To Do If Your Sex Toy Is Locked

Cordless Wand PinMany sex toys come with a built-in travel lock, which is excellent for storing and travelling.

If you’ve spent some time pressing all the buttons to get the vibe to work, it could happen that you’ve managed to activate the travel lock by accident. If this happens, all you need to do is unlock it and voila – ready to play!

The Sh! Cordless Wand (picture) has a small plastic pin that works as a travel lock. You won’t be able to turn on the Wand when the pin is in place. Removing the pin lets you play or recharge the Wand. Pop the pin back in for safe storage or travelling.

You should find instructions for locking and unlocking your vibrator on the packaging or inside the box.

What’s With The Paper Disc?

Twister paper DiscIf your toy came with the batteries already inserted, there is a good chance it has a small paper disc between the batteries and the connector on the lid. This is to ensure your toy doesn’t start vibrating unexpectedly, and it also saves the battery power for when you want to be buzzed up to orgasmic heaven.

Remove the paper disc, screw the lid back on and your vibe should be good to go.

Different Size Batteries

Not only do different brand batteries offer different strengths of power, different size batteries also hold different amounts of power.

A teeny-tiny battery holds about 25 minutes of power, a teeny battery holds about 1 hour of power and so on. It is difficult to say how long your batteries should last with vibrators that offer increasing intensity and settings – running a vibe on high intensity for a longer period of time will use up more battery power.

If you love long pleasure sessions, it’s well worth investing in a rechargeable sex toy.

I Have Tried All of The Above

If your vibrating toy still isn’t working or isn’t working in the way it should, come see us and we’ll take a look. Please bring with you proof of purchase and all packaging. If we find the vibrator has a mechanical fault, we’ll be very happy to exchange it for you. 🙂



Satisfyer – The New Sexual Revolution

Satisfyer, the creators of revolutionary sex toys for women, have changed the way the world looks at sex toys.

Offering a whole new generation of toys for clitoris-owners, Satisfyer Pro toys use air suction technology to build amazing clitoral sensations and bring on eye-rolling orgasms. These toys can take you from zero to WOWZERS within minutes – extremely useful for women who lead busy lives or find it hard to climax (or both!).

Satisfyer Pro toys generate a unique stimulation of the 8000 clitoral nerve-endings through intense pressure waves, emulating the sensation of really good oral sex.

What Women Really Want

During the design process, Satisfyer has paid good attention to what women really want from their sex toys:

  • Toys made from body-safe materials
  • Toys that are 100% waterproof
  • Toys that are USB rechargeable

All Satisfyer toys are rechargeable, making them great travel buddies. The waterproofness makes bath time twice the fun, and body-safe materials are of course a given!

Satisfyer Pro Suction G-Spot Rabbit

satisfyer_pro_g-spot_rabbit_4 (1)Our brains almost melted when we got our hands on the brand new Satisfyer Rabbit; imagining all the pleasure unleashed by this rabbit-cum-clitoral-suction-toy was almost too much to contemplate!

Satisfyer’s philosophy of relentless female pleasure has lead to the development of the Pro Suction G-Spot Rabbit, an unbelievable marvel that is designed for ultimate sensation: clitoral stimulation through pressure waves combined with G-spot stimulation through vibration.

The smooth, girthy shaft is designed for penetration, fitting to the curves of your body and seeking the G-spot with its well-designed tip.

Meanwhile, the smaller shaft rests above your clitoris, which sits comfortably within the indentation of the clitoral stimualtor. Once positioned, there is no further need to move the toy, just relax and let the Suction G-Spot Rabbit bring you to an incredible climax…

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Suction Toy

satisfyer_pro_4_couples_2Designed to be worn during penetration,  Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples offers satisfying (pun intended!) suction to the clit whilst the internal tip rests against the G-spot.

A penis (or a dildo) can be inserted simultaneously, increasing the sensation of tightness and allowing the penis-owner to benefit from the powerful vibrations too.

Whilst designed for couples, there is no reason why you can’t use Satisfyer 4 Coupes for solo play. Simply add a bit of water-based lube, position the toy, switch it on and enjoy the sensations!

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Suction Clitoral Toy

satisfyer-penguin-clitoral-stmulatorFew can resist the super-cute charms of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and as a result, Pro Penguin is one of the most popular toys in oue East London shop.

The handy design features a rounded body that rests comfortably in the palm of the hand, and the control pad is easily worked with only a thumb.

Many women tell us they’ve found a completely different way of climaxing with Satisfyer Penguin and we can believe it: the gentle suction brings on incredible orgasms.

As the clitoral tip isn’t directly stimulated, you might find that achieving one orgasm after another is far easier with Satisfyer Pro toys like the Penguin.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Suction Toy

satisfyer-clitoral-sucker-with-pressure-vaccumThis Satisfyer Pro 2 toy resembles a facial cleanser, which is great for women who prefers discreet toys.

Chances are that an initial orgasm is fast and hard with Satisfyer Pro 2, but you’ll likely find that you can keep going and experience multiple orgasms.

Many of our female customers report that they experience wet orgasms with Satisfyer Pro 2, even if they are not regular squirters. There is a possibility that this could happen to you too, so it might be an idea to place a towel on the bed before getting down to the pleasures of Pro 2. Or, even better, take Satisfyer Pro 2 into the shower or bath and get as wet as you like!

Thanks to its clever air wave technology, Satisfyer Pro 2 is fairly noisy when switched on but rest assured the loudness becomes a manageable whirr when place against the body.

Satisfyer Partner Vibrator

satisfyer-partner-pro-vibratorPartner is Satisfyer’s version of the luxe We-Vibe couples vibrator, a more affordable version that essentially works in the same way.

Designed to fit inside the vagina during penetration, Satisfyer Partner offers the additional stimulation so often needed for a clitoris to climax.

Shaped like an elongated C-shape, the larger part of Partner sits against the vulva and clitoris whilst the slimmer prong slides in and rests against the G-spot. A penis or a dildo can fit in at the same time, and the idea is that the two of you can then rock & roll in all manner of ways with the additional benefit of vibration between your bodies.

The motor and therefore the vibrations, are housed in the external part, and this means two women can enjoy Satisfyer Partner together too. The tribbing position works particularly well if you want to experience thrilling throbs together with a female partner.

Cleaning & Storing

Satisfyer toys are very easy to clean: simply use a toy cleaner or wash with warm water and antibacterial hand wash.

We recommend storing Satisfyer toys in a fluff-free area, out of reach of both pets & kids.

Red Dot Awards For Satisfyer Pro Penguin & Partner

In 2017, Satifsyer Partner and Satifyer Pro Penguin each won a prestigious Red Dot Award for innovative designs.

The Red Dot Award dates back to 1955 and is one of the most prestigious design contests in the world. The coveted Red Dot Award is a symbol of outstanding design quality of international repute.

Womanizer vs Satisfyer

Comparing Suction Vibrators – Womanizer vs Satisfyer

If you are a regular reader of sex blogs, you are probably already familiar with the next generation of sex toys: pleasure air technology.

When Womanizer W100 exploded on to the market in 2015, I viewed it with suspicion: it was loud, unattractive and it didn’t make any sense.


When I heard the boasts about 100%-orgasm guarantee, I howled with laughter: never in the history of woman has there ever been a toy that offers orgasms for everyone!

I didn’t buy the hype.

Until I got up close and personal with one. That changed *everything*. The proof was in the pudding, or in this case, the eye-rolling orgasms delivered at the press of a button.


Soon after, Satisfyer Pro made an appearance. Sleeker, sexier and waterproof. And just as orgasm-sure.

With two such similar toys, it can be tricky to know which one is the better one. Reading unbiased reviews is a great way of finding out what others have to say before making a decision. After all, these toys aren’t cheap and whilst you get excellent value for money, you want to make sure you pick the right air tech toy for you.

One for each hand is my motto, and thus I have one of each: a Womanizer W100 AND a Satisfyer Pro 2.

Greedy, yes, but one should never skimp on orgasms.

This puts me in an excellent place to compare the two (apologies to my neighbours, I have taken this task rather seriously and as neither toy is particularly quiet, I completely understand the side-eyes).

It’s Not All About Looks

Which is just as well, coz neither Womanizer W100 nor Satisfyer Pro2 are lookers.

Womanizer W100 is bold and colourful with bit of bling. The Jackie Collins of sex toys, if you like.

Satsifyer Pro is sleeker and shinier, but one can’t get away from its resemblance to a Barbie blow dryer.

Satisfyer ButtonsSatisfyer Pro 2 has a more ergonomic handle and as its buttons are placed on the back of the handle, it’s unlikely you’ll press anything by mistake.

It’s a lightweight toy which sits nicely in the palm of a hand, and the controls can be worked with one hand only. The smaller button is on/off and the larger button controls intensity. A word of warning here: always start off gently…

Womanizer ButtonsWomanizer W100 has a bulky handle and a super-sensitive intensity button placed just where your thumb sits when holding it in place. More than once has this button been pressed by mistake and the results are always the same: I need someone to peel me off the ceiling!

W100 offers 5 levels of intensity, but I’m going to be completely honest here: I have never gone above level 2 – I don’t think my clit (or heart) could take it!

Both come with removable nozzles for easy clean-up, and both are used in the same way: a slick of lube on the nozzle, place over the clitoris and wait for the orgasm to hit in 3-2-1…

Pump Up the Jam

There is one downside to both Womanizer and Satisfyer, and that is the volume. These are not discreet toys. Alone in a silent room with only an air tech toy for company, it’s easy to feel self-conscious.

The easiest solution is to turn up the volume of music or TV, and possibly slide the toy under the duvet. And if you have thin walls, you may want to offer ear plugs to your roomie.

If you can get over the volume (you can, trust me), these toys are fantastic! The nozzle creates a vacuum over the clit, and the toy offers sucking sensations and oh-my-lord!

Making (Pleasure) Waves

The range of Satisfyer Pro toys are fully waterproof – great news for anyone who enjoys a hot soak on a cold night.

I did have a go with this.

I went the whole hog and created a romantic night a mois, complete with bath bombs, low lighting and a bottle of fizz. It turns out my tub isn’t ideal for solo sessions where a climactic ending is expected.

As I lay back amongst the bubbles, the promise of an orgasm seemed to float further and further away. This is by no means the fault of the toy. No, this is all me. I need to be in a particular position and it seemed tricky to recreate in the tub without fear of drowning. The orgasm, when it eventually decided to grace me with its presence, was insanely intense and seemed to go on forever but it’s not something I’ll try again – the resulting leg cramp was too high a price to pay, even if the orgasm was off the scale.

From now on, me and Satisfyer Pro 2 have agreed to enjoy each other on flat surfaces only.

womanizer_plus_size_3Womanizer W100 isn’t waterproof, but if you fancy a toe-curling shudder in the shower, take a look at Womanizer XL. This version is 100% waterproof, has 12 intensity levels and an extra-long handle that makes it easier to hold.

One gent commented on the name, assuming the XL is for women with extra-large fannies (insert your own expletive here). I feel he has somehow misunderstood basic female anatomy, but we’ll leave that for another time…

Orgasms on a Scale From 1 – 10


Hard & Fast.

Long & Strong.

Neither of these toys offer weak orgasms – they are, if not guaranteed, as close to guaranteed as anyone can guarantee an orgasm. From my own experience and having discussed it with other converts, it’s less than 3 minutes every.single.time… Bloody marvellous!

Newer Versions of Pleasure Air Technology toys

Both Womanizer and Satisfyer have launched newer models of their toys, improving each model as they go.

Womanizer Pro500 comes with 18-carat gold-plating with Swarovski detail for those who enjoy the finer things in life. This version is more compact, and the gold-plating adds a feel of luxury.

manizer-500-cwomanizer -500-clitoral-suction-stimulator-1

Satsifyer Pro Penguin is a super-cute version of Satisfyer Pro and the one I would choose if I was to buy one today. Small and curvy, it’s easy to hold and won a prestigious Red Dot Award 2017. The nozzle of Pro Penguin is wider than on other models and I imagine this’ll fit around the clitoris better.

Like all penguins, this one is fully waterproof and likes a splash-about.


Which Is the Best?

I can’t say why, but the Womanizer W100 seems to suit me better. I have heard many sex bloggers say they prefer Satisfyer Pro 2, but my muffkin has a better time with Womanizer. It could be to do with the thinner nozzle on the W100, or the slight difference in air technology… Even on the lowest speed (setting 1), W100 delivers in under 2 minutes every time.

I believe that air tech toys deliver in a way that no other toy does. For women who find it difficult to orgasm, these toys can be an absolute Godsend. The magic lies in the design: sucking sensations on the clitoris, rather than directly touching on it. I don’t know who came up with the magic of these toys but whomever they are, they should be hand-fed grapes and have their feet rubbed daily for the rest of their lives!

The very latest version, Womanizer 2GO is waterproof, compact and designed to fool the nosiest of neighbours. Place it on the dressing table and it looks like designer cosmetics or a bottle of perfume. With 6 levels of intensity and 4 hours of battery life, you are in for one orgasmic high after another!

And it so happens you can win one!


Hop on over to this page where you can win a Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction vibe! Good luck!




O-Wand Blog Picture

O-Wand for O-rgasms

Every so often a toy comes along that has the entire sex toy community talking – we’d read & heard lots of exciting things about O-Wand. We knew that O-Wand won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award earlier this year, and we’d heard sex bloggers rave about the amazing power and banging orgasms it offers.

It was clear we needed to take a closer look at this magic wand.

The kind peeps at O-Wand sent one over to Sh! HQ, and we assembled around Ops Manager Aphra as she opened the box  The box, by the way, was way bigger than we’d imagined…


The first thing that struck us was the sheer size of it! This is a serious piece of orgasm kit – measuring a whopping 13.25 inches in length and weighing in at 688g. (For comparison, this best-selling vibe measures 6 inches and weighs 70g.)

It boasts 11 settings and is fully waterproof (as long as you remove the charging cord).

O-Wand is made from platinum-grade silicone, making it body-safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Free Cap For Extra Pleasure

O-BurstThe head of the O-Wand is as smooth as a baby’s bottom – it’s made of silicone, after all – but for those who like to switch it up with a li’l bit of texture, each box includes a free attachment covered in soft bobbles, O-Burst.

Pop O-Burst on to the O-Wand, add a drizzle of your favourite water-based lube to the nodules and let the wand work its magic all over your body.

We’ve heard that the O-Burst cap is particularly good for working into aching muscles, but we have yet to try out that for ourselves.

Ease of Use

To make wielding easier, O-Wand features an ergonomically curved handle. This does make it easier to hold, for sure, but due to its heftiness we imagine it could be difficult to maneuver for someone who lacks strength in their wrists. If this is you, you could try straddling it instead.

O-Wand offers 12,000RPM at its highest setting so even if it is not directly on or by your clit, you’ll still feel the vibrations in all places that matter. This makes it an excellent choice for women who find it difficult to orgasm, as the extra power is likely to push you over into climax. Just saying.

Internal Pleasure with O-Wand

The designers have thought of everything with this massager; not only do you get an additional cap for extra stimulation with your initial purchase, but you can buy extra tops depending on what kind of stimulation you fancy.

  • O-Spot

You can easily turn O-Wand body massager into a vibe for internal pleasure. Purchased separately, the O-Spot delivers targeted pleasure to G-spot & P-spots. Shaped like a large-sized finger, it curves over and stimulates your sweet spot with deep vibrations.

  • O-La-La

You’ll be forgiven for asking of O-La-La is an exotic relative of the Teletubbies, but this sleek cup delivers much more than tubby-toast. The spherical form sensually surrounds the clitoral area, concentrating intense vibrations against the 8000 nerve-endings nestling there… Tubby-toast indeed!

  • O-Gasm

An attachment for penis-owners, O-Gasm turns O-Wand into a masturbator. Molding itself around the shaft, O-Gasm helps the user create the perfect pressure whilst the silky ribbing teases & pleases… Of course, adding a drizzle of water-based lube will only enhance the experience (this goes for the above-mentioned tops too).

O-Wand attachments

Thanks to their universal size, the attachments work on a number of wands including the Sh! Magic Wand.

Take O-Wand Travelling

Again, the designers of O-Wand has thought about everything – including what you might need if you want to take your buzzin’ bud on holibobs.

O-Wand comes with a plug-in multi-pin recharging adaptor, making it easy for you to take your wand on travels. Your chosen pin clicks securely into its place on the plug, and can then be plugged into a suitable wall socket.

All we have to do now is try it out for ourselves…




Leo Noa + Greetings Card

6 Best Sex Toys for Couples

Today we’re talking about sex toys for couples, fun products that can help enhance intimacy, encourage exploration and also create giggles in the bedroom – because sex should be fun!

Just like couples, toys come in all shapes and sizes. Picking just six favourites proved tricky, so we decided to create our list from bestsellers in our shop in East London.

So, truly, our Top 6 Best Toys for Couples have been chosen by our lovely customers!

These toys are all made from, or covered in, body-safe silicone, the very best material for all sex toys. The material of a toy is important, as it makes cleaning so much easier. You can relax into pleasure, knowing that lubes & bodily juices will simply wash off after use; no nasty bacteria hiding in nooks & crannies of your favouite toys.

Silicone feels lovely to touch, velvety and skin-like. It quickly warms up to body temperature and as long as the toys are well cared for, will feel just as fantastic for years to come.

Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator

Noa, from luxury toy brand Lelo has long been a favourite with customers.

Ergonomically shaped to please, Lelo Noa is worn with the flexible internal stimulator resting on your G-spot and the powerful, external bullet against your clitoris. It still allows plenty of room for your partner, and provides extra stimulation and thrilling pleasure to both of you during penetration.

Simply click the one-button control interface to cycle through the 6 powerful modes.

Leo Noa is USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof and comes with a 10 year pleasure guarantee. That, we’re sure you’ll agree, is excellent value!

Lelo Noa £69 - Designed to be worn during intercourse to stimulate your clitoris & G-Spot at the same time...

We Vibe Unite Couples Vibe with Remote Control

Another fun vibe to try is We Vibe Unite, a compact version of million-selling We Vibe. A clever C-shape design, We Vibe Unite is worn by a woman during penetration. This allows for vibration against both clitoris and G-spot, with both partners having their hands free for other hot-spots.

We Vibe Unite comes with a remote control for convenient play. The remote is easily controlled with a single button and can be used from up to three meters away.

With 10 different modes, there are plenty of rhythms, sensations and vibrating pleasure, specifically the extra clitoral stimulation that 70%+ women need to orgasm during penetrative sex. The vibe slips comfortably between lovers and offers extra thrills without getting in the way of your moves and grooves…

Like all earlier versions of We Vibe, Unite is USB rechargeable which makes it an excellent travel companion.


Remote Play Egg

Enjoying secret thrills when out and abut in public can really up the ante when it comes to fun couples play, and the Remote Play Egg delivers every time.

Slip the Egg into your smalls before handing over the remote to your partner. The gentle buzz, should they decide you get to enjoy it, teases & pleases labia lips and clit whilst nestled in your knickers.

When playing in public, discretion is of course of utmost importance, and the Remote Play Egg is super-quiet, giving nothing away. Well, we say nothing… Many remote controlled toys work on the same frequency, meaning that your remote unit may be controlling somebody else’s pleasure too, if you are in a bar or a restaurant – just like their remote may be able to control your egg… (You’ve been warned!)

With 10 different vibrating patterns, including steady vibration and various revving and pulse patterns, there’s a lot to explore.

Coat in a drop or two of your favourite lubricant to ease in-and-out (vaginal play only), and to enhance sensations.

The small remote-control unit comes fully powered-up and requires no additional batteries. With a single button to scroll through the settings, it’s super-easy to use too.


PicoBong Transfomer Double-Ended Vibe

Transformer proudly positions itself as the world’s first gender-neutral sex toy (we’re not sure we subscribe to that – there are a whole heap of toys that can be enjoyed regardless of gender), but it is certainly unique.

Two vibrating bulbs can be enjoyed externally or internally, connected by a long, bendable spine. Transformer can be shaped in ways that best suit you and your partner, offering pleasure that is only limited by your imagination.

Rechargeable, waterproof up to 1 meter and with 10 modes to choose from, PicoBong Transformer is a great choice if you want a toy with multiple uses.


Cool Boy Rechargeable Cock Ring

Many women are unable to orgasm without help from a battery-powered buddy and if this is the case for you, adding a bit of sizzle to his sausage is a good idea.

Cool Boy is a powerful vibrating intercourse ring for couples to enjoy together. Four built-in nodules offer extra pressure for his erection, and the nodule on top of the ring is for her to bump and grind against.

Offering 10 different modes, with one wowzer-strong intensity, this ring is perfect for couples who like a bit of extra oomph in the bedroom!

Slip the ring over the manhood before it’s fully hard, all the way down to the party bag, and switch on the vibration before hopping onboard and moving in ways that feel good for you.

Cool Boy is USB rechargeable, and 100% waterproof for fun in the bath or shower.

Cool Boy Cock Ring

Feelztoys Tongue Toys

For couples who love no thing better than a sumptuous evening of dining in, vibrating Tongue Toys are the obvious choice: oral sex with the added benefit of a thrilling buzz!

You each slip a vibrating bullet over your tongue before diving in and feasting on your partner’s most delicious bits. Whilst you can of course take turns, Feelztoys Tongue Toys really lend themselves to the 69-position where you pleasure each other simultaneously.

The small bullets deliver a medium-intense vibration at a single speed. This might not sound like much, but coupled with a warm, flexible tongue licking and lapping at sensitive parts, the only moans you’ll hear are good ones…

Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26


High Time to Tickle Your Pickle

Masturbation Month, a.k.a May, is in full swing and if you’ve not yet taken time to tickle your pickle, it’s high time to lock the door, pull the curtains and switch off your phone.

Masturbation Month could be seen as something silly and indulgent, or maybe something only ‘sad’ people do; staying in and rubbing one out.

Let’s erase those thoughts right now.

It can be tiresome to hear about the great sex ‘other people’ are having, especially if you believe you are the only one who’s not experiencing regular fireworks and squirt-fests. We meet many women who assume there is something ‘wrong’ with them for this exact reason. There really isn’t – for women, having an orgasm is often a learned thing, a bit like riding a bike. It’s tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s bloody marvellous!

Growing up, boys are expected to be sexually curious and their sexuality is celebrated. A dad might congratulate himself when his teenage son is caught masturbating, thinking ‘that’s my boy, he takes after me!’

If a teenage girl is found with her hands down her panties, it’s not unlikely she’ll receive a hissed “what are you doing, stop that!” followed by a shocked or disgusted look from her mother.

Unfair, much?

It can be incredibly hard to smash the shame many of us have had instilled from an early age: it’s not ‘nice’ and we ‘shouldn’t be doing that.’

No wonder it’s hard to relax enough to have orgasms.

Starting off with just your fingers – because they make fantastic sex toys – and a little bit of lube is the best way. Your fingers has an immediate feel and translate the sensations into tiny messages for your brain: soft, coarse, wet and so on.

Feel your way around, feel the folds, the texture of your labia and the slickness as the body gets more turned on.

If you feel comfortable, why not grab a mirror and have a look as well? Colours and shapes change as the body becomes aroused, which can be darn exciting in itself! Your vulva and vagina are unique, just like the rest of you.

Great Wall of Vagina
Great Wall of Vagina

Happy Hour

The clit has a mind-blowing 8000 nervendings sitting atop it, and this is where things can get tricky. If stimulated the wrong way, the clit gets too sensitive and pleasure runs screaming from the room.

The ‘ringing a doorbell’-technique should be banished; pressing long and hard on the little jewel is not going to open the magic door to vaginal Narnia. Ever.

clock faceWomen have what we like to call their Happy Hour: imagine that the clitoris is a clock face (the Clit Face). Many women say that 10-11 or 1-2 are their most sensitive spots.

As small as your clitoris is, there are one or two spots that responds better to stimulation than any other part of your little jewel, and by working out when your personal Happy Hour is, you are well on your way to having an orgasm.


It’s important to keep your pelvic floor in good shape – do your clenches as often as you can: in the bus queue, during dull meetings and whilst watching telly of an evening.

Keeping your pelvic floor toned has a number of health benefits which we’re sure you already know about, but did you know it can help you orgasm too?

An orgasm is a series of involuntary rhythmic contractions of the vagina, and a having a strong pelvic floor can be helpful.

Whilst you’re jiggling your jewel in all manner of wonderful ways, try squeezing your PC muscle in time. It’s what the mighty Betty Dodson calls “fucking forward” – simultaneously stroke, push forward with your hips and clench. Magic!

Buzz Me Up to Heaven Baby

Vibrators are notoriously reliable when it comes to producing orgasms, hence their popularity.  But if you’ve ever had a vibrator and it didn’t work for you, there could be good reasons for that:

1. The Wrong Kind of Vibrator

There area few types of vibes to choose from:

  • Clitoral vibrators – these are typically small and not designed to be used internally. They usually offer a high-pitched buzz.
  • G-spot vibrators –  a shaft with a pronounced curve or bump at the tip, designed to be enjoyed internally. G-spot vibes often deliver rumblier vibrations.
  • Rabbit vibrators – a dual stimulating-type toy, they have a shaft for internal pleasure combined with a clitoral tickler.
  • Wand vibrators – these tend to be large in size (rest assured, they are not for insertion) and offers deep rumbles that shakes you to the bone.
  • Sucking technology vibrators – these are the cool new kids on the block. They create a gentle vacuum and mimic oral sex for stunning sensations.


2. The Wrong Kind of Vibration

Vibrators tend to fall in two categories: high-pitch or low & rumbly. These feel different and we find that women often fall into one of two camps: you need either a high-itched vibe for buzzy thrills, or deep vibrations for rumbly excitement.

The wrong type of vibration could be what isn’t working for you. If you’ve had a bullet vibe for example, and it produced nothing but boredom, try something with a heavier vibration.

3. Not Enough Time

Vibrators are fantastic at multi-tasking, but it would be wrong to assume they magically know what your preferences are. You need to work with the vibe; try different positions, different settings and different speeds. If you have a waterproof toy, you might like to try it in the shower or bath.

And give yourself plenty of time.

Learning how to have an orgasm can take a fair bit of time, a full hour of exploration and stimulation is not unusual. As you get to know your body and its particular likes & dislikes, you’ll be able to cut this time down if you want to.

There is no such thing as a ‘normal’  length of time to have an orgasm. There are a number of things to consider for each and every orgasm achieved:  level of arousal, how relaxed you’re feeling, if fingers or a vibe is being used… All of those things matter when it comes to your pleasure.

Some women can orgasm very quickly, others need more time. There are no rights or wrongs, just remember it’s not a race.

The Wetter the Better

Sh! Paraben-Free LubricantWe are firm believers in a li’l bit of additional lube, whether you are using sex toys or not, or whether you are usually plenty wet. Lube enhances sensations and you may find it makes everything so much more comfortable.

There are many different types of lube to try, but you can never go wrong with a paraben-free, water-based version as it is unlikely to cause irritation. For fancy occasions you might like to switch it up with flavours, warming or tingling options, but if your peach is sensitive, it’s always best to opt for a plainer lubricant with as few ingredients as possible.

Once you start having orgasms, you’ll likely find they are easier to come by. It’s about finding out what works for you – this may mean a good vibe, a certain position or maybe downloadable clips featuring your favourite type of fantasy or porn. As long as you’re having a great time, it’s all good.

Masturbation is about pleasure – your pleasure. You can take as much or as little time as you want or need, and you spend that time wisely: on yourself.

Not having to worry about a partner’s pleasure can be incredibly liberating. We spend so much time worrying about whether other people are having a great time, we forget or ignore our own wants and needs. Masturbation Month reminds us that our pleasure matter too.

Happy Masturbation Month!
Mini Marvels Massager Competition

Mini Marvels Massager Competition

Play and Win a Mini Marvels Massager

We love you, we really do… so we are giving out a Marvelous Massager in fresh, funky orange!  It is a powerful palm vibrator that delivers intense vibrations for all-over pleasure.

Slip your fingers into the grooves for intuative pleasure where ever they touch or lay the massager flat along the labia or place the grooved area so it surround the sensitive clitoris.

Play with a tweet or follow us on Facebook and get the chance to win this amazing high-tech toy! ;D


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Silicone dildos vs rubber dildos advice

Q&A: Why Can’t I Orgasm?

I’m looking for a new sex toy. I have the Fun Factory Stronic Bi Fusion and although it worked for me at first,  it’s now not doing the job. I now have a partner who’s happy to use sex toys so that’s not a problem but I’m finding it impossible to have an orgasm. I’m 58 and wondering if that’s the problem although I think I have strong vaginal walls etc. I would be grateful if you could give me some ideas.

Hi there,

Many thanks for your email!

The Stronic Bi Fusion is a toy that offers deep vibrations and pulsing, thrusting sensations, so we’re guessing that this is the kind of intensity that works best for you.

Wand vibrators are super-popular with women who find it difficult to reach orgasm and we think this could be a good option for you. Sexologists like Betty Dodson often recommend this type of sex toys.

The vibrations are exceptionally deep and reverberates through the body, most often with joyous results!

The Sh! Magic Wand massager offers 10 different settings, all designed to knock socks (or panties) off.


The Wand is rather big, but surprisingly light to hold and maneuver. Place it on or near the lower part of your stomach before moving it closer to your clitoris – it’s important to build up desire before attempting an explosive climax.

The strength of you vaginal walls should be  a positive – the stronger the PC muscle, the stronger your orgasms usually are. Your age should not be a problem either – orgasms are ageless!

What could play in is your general health – are you taking any medication that could effect libido, for example? If so, it could be an idea to discuss this with your doctor. There might be other, more suitable options.

Best of luck!

Love, Team Sh xx