Research: Does Your Partner Experience pain During P-i-V Sex?

Pain during penis-in-vagina (p-i-v) sex has only received research attention in the last two decades. Within heterosexual relationships, most of this research has focused on women and whilst understanding women’s experiences is hugely important, sex is an interpersonal experience and much less is known about the experience of the male partners.

The aims of this research are to better understand how men make sense of and respond to their partner’s sexual pain; and to increase our knowledge of how men view pain during penetrative sex, how it influences the sexual relationship, the relationship in general and themselves individually.

The research will be used to inform therapeutic practice for both individuals and the couple and enhance support for anyone seeking help.

Participation in this study involves responding to an anonymous online survey.

In order to collect as many and varied opinions, thoughts and experiences as possible, the survey allows participants to answer the questions in their own words rather than ticking boxes.

To take part in this study, you must be:

  • Male
  • 18 or over
  • UK-resident
  • Be in or have been in, a relationship with a woman suffering from pain during penetration (or pain that prevented penetration). The relationship can be current or in the past. The pain must have been present for 6 months or more.

The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete, depending on how long your replies are. At the end of the survey, you’ll be invited to request more information about a potential follow up interview if you’d like to talk more about your replies. 

The survey can be directly accessed through the following link:

Confidentiality of all data will of course be rigorously maintained.

Who is the researcher?

Debbie Lovell is a psychology postgraduate student in the Department of Health and Social Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol. She is completing this research for her Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology dissertation project, and the research is supervised by Dr Nikki Hayfield and Dr Zoe Thomas.


Let’s hear it for the boys: guy’s guide to female pleasure

Consider yourself a Lover with a capital L? A charming Casanova with plenty of chicks? A rakish Romeo with rows of honeys vying for your attention?

If so, this is probably not for you. 

If you are a regular dude who’s hoping to sweep your special lady off her feet with some smooth, new moves for Valentine’s Day, this might be for you.

If you’re a guy who’s open to new ideas, ready to learn more and keen on giving your girl something better than wham-bam-thank-you-mam for V-day and beyond, then this is definitely for you!

We know Valentine’s Day can have fellas sweating buckets trying to come up with spontaneous, romantic surprises that will show the depth of their love, without completely emptying their wallets in the process. Many refuse to pander to expectations, only to cave on the way home…


We have a better idea:

In the run-up to Valentines Day, we’ll be offering an unaccompanied gents & couple’s masterclass on female anatomy, arousal and orgasm to help make your V-day celebrations go off with a rosy bang!

Fun, friendly and fully clothed, guests will be taken on a guided tour of pleasurable peaks and orgasmic delights with our Masters of Mmmmm. Be inspired with new tricks and techniques on how to play her body like a finely tuned instrument of pleasure. From how to locate and recognize the elusive GSpot to top tips on sex toys, we’ll also discuss the art of female ejaculation and what to expect (or not) from sensual squirting; this class will leave you rushing home to try out your new-found skills.

Our sex-positive classes are hosted by members of our friendly team, who take to the floor with lots of tips to help you level up when it comes to your bedroom game.

Our classes are usually offered to women only, or women & couples, making this class for unaccompanied men the extra-hot ticket this V-Day! 

Bubbles will be served, as will some sweet treats and better still, a whopping 20% discount on any products purchased in store after the session – perfect for picking up some new toys to try out at home (and stocking up on those sex essentials such as lube and condoms).

After the class, staff will be on hand to help guide you through our product range and suggest some terrific couples toys to make this Valentines Day the best, most orgasmic one yet!


Perfect for partners and like-minded male friends who want to wow their significant others on the most romantic and rampant day (and night) of the year, we offer discounts on multiple bookings. 




Erectile dysfunction: What to do (and not to do) if you are experiencing it

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.

Having erection trouble from time to time isn’t necessarily something to worry about. Up to half of all penis-owners will at some point in their life experience erectile dysfunction, and it can be something as simple as ‘brewer’s droop’ causing the lack of firmness  (a soft penis due to a couple of pints too many is jovially known as ‘brewer’s droop’).

If the lack of erection is ongoing, however, it can cause stress, affect self-confidence and contribute to relationship problems, and this is something that needs to be looked into.

In many cases, ongoing impotence is caused by something physical, and some of the most common causes include medication, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking or drinking excessively, high cholesterol or a heart condition.

For some, a soft-on has nothing to do with physical fitness and everything to do with what’s going on inside their minds. Depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions are common culprits, as is stress or problems within their relationship.

Here are a few tips on what to do (and what not to do) if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction:

Speak to your GP

If the erectile dysfunction has been going on for a while, it’s time to book an appointment with your doctor.

Whilst you may not feel comfortable discussing your flaccid peen with your GP, please remember that they are a health professional and this is part of what they do.

Your GP will be able to look at your medical history and current lifestyle, and offer you some professional help to get things back to normal. Their main concern will be to get you back to physical and mental peak performance, and a healthy blood flow to your penis is part of this.


Don’t trust online ‘pharmacies’

Although the first thing you might be thinking of doing is ordering some Viagra to help with the impotence, these little pills can do more harm than good.

Viagra and other erection-enhancing pharmaceuticals coming from abroad aren’t tested for potentially harmful ingredients, so if you’ve got an underlying medical condition that’s causing the problem, putting pills in your system could put your health at serious risk.

We get so many (so many!) calls from guys wanting to purchase Viagra – which we don’t sell – and our response is always the same: Speak to your GP.

If there is a genuine issue, you need a professional to look into it. If you just want something for the weekend, there are creams, gels and lubes to make your li’l dude pop with pleasure.

Talk to your partner

If your erectile dysfunction has come on suddenly, it won’t be long until your partner begins to wonder why you’re shying away from sex. Without knowing the reasons for your reticence, it could be easy for them to jump to the wrong conclusion that you’ve either been getting your rocks off elsewhere or don’t find them physically attractive anymore.

This will ultimately lead to arguments, so talk to your partner, put their mind at ease and allow them to support you while you seek to find a resolution for the issue.

We often say that a man is at his most vulnerable when his cock is hard, but perhaps this is even truer when someone has a penis that refuses to stand to attention. If your partner is experiencing erectile dysfunction, remember to be supportive. The ED is most likely nothing to do with their love or desire for you, so don’t take the soft penis personally.

Introduce some toys

Having ED doesn’t mean that pleasure can’t happen in other ways. There are tongues and fingers, for example – excellent tools when it comes to pleasuring partners! Not everyone is into penetrative play anyway, and there are plenty of other fun activities to enjoy together.

We have several customers who have fully embraced their soft-ons and moved on to introduce sex toy play into their love life instead.

Strap On HarnessOne of our gentlemen customers took the plunge and bought a strap-on for himself and his female partner to enjoy, and they’ve never looked back. They now have an impressive collection of dildos, and she can pick and choose depending on what they’re in the mood for.

A strap-on harness worn by a male-bodied person is most commonly worn above their own package. Some wear theirs sat right on top of their meat & two veg, but this can feel bulky depending on individual build. If you want to try this option, we recommend wearing a pair of tighty-whiteys’ underneath the harness as that’ll help keep the family jewels under control.

Pride-Dildos-For-BlogIt’s important to remember that whilst the strap-on will help you achieve self-confidence and return you to your status of pleasure-giver, the size of the dildo should be chosen by the person on the receiving end. This is not the time to get the 10inch tool of your dreams – trust us on this, some things are just best left as fantasies!

If your partner is comfortable with two fingers internally, for example, that is the size to opt for. If you are unsure, we recommend a visit to our shop and a member of our helpful team will be happy to help find the best size dildo.


Teenage Boys & Sex

Brook, Teenage Boys & Sex

“You’ll see me, I have an orange plastic bag on my head”

The lovely Tahnee of Brook had us in fits of giggles even before the working day had started. The rain was pouring down and it was quiet.

Those of you familiar with Sh! will know that teenage boys aren’t exactly our target market. In fact, our experience of this sometimes tiresome group is mainly over the phone, when they do their best to out-do each other by making “funny” phone calls during school holidays (“How is your glory hole today, madam?”). And then there was that one time when one boy managed to sneak in and we found him in front of a painting of a naked woman, reverently stroking her muff with one hand whilst eating chips with the other… You can see why we were feeling apprehensive.

Following Tahnee to the back of a work shop on an easily-missed side street, we saw a greenhouse (which turned out to be the venue), a small sandwich shop and a row of festival-like toilets with non-lockable doors (and an opened bottle of baby oil). None of these did much to reassure us.

But we needn’t have worried.

Once the group of lads, aged between 16-23, tumbled in, we realized it was going to be just fine. Well-behaved, polite and genuinely interested in the topic of female anatomy, sexuality & orgasms. Phew!

Keen to break the ice and get everyone comfortable, we charged ahead and asked their names, and their preferred words for male & female genitalia, and penetrative sex. Dick, pussy and sex were the main ones (no surprise), but the word “beat” threw us a little. “Beat” is (apparently) East London slang for sex. We image a conversation would go something like this:

“Whatcha doin’ tonite, bro?

“I’m gonna beat my girl, innit.”

“Cool bro – enjoy!”

The mind boggles.

Vulva PuppetBefore bringing out our secret weapon, a plush vulva called Rosie, we asked how many of the guys watch porn on regularly. Hands rose tentatively, but it’s fair to say the answer was “all of them”. And herein lies a big part of the problem. Youngsters receive very poor sex education in schools; mainly about reproduction, and little to no info on STI’s, pleasure, masturbation and consent. Instead, they learn mostly from watching porn. Which isn’t great. Where are the condoms? Where is the lube? Where is the *genuine* pleasure?

One of the guys asked how to make women experience multiple orgasms, and we think he was both a little disappointed and a little relived when we explained that most of the multiple orgasms he sees on the screen are faked.

Not learning about ‘real’ sex puts a huge amount of pressure on teenagers. On the guys; to be well-hung stallions that can keep the man-sausage up for hours on end; and on the girls to wax themselves bare, have orgasm after orgasm, and squirt on command.

It is so easy to buy into the finished package, especially if it’s glossy and well produced. It’s a bit like an adult version of Disney – make believe. Enjoy watching it, but remember that the dancing, talking mice aren’t real.


We started off with a show & tell of basic female anatomy, using the plush vulva and some print-outs. We talked about the 8000 nerve-endings that sits atop the clitoris and how to stimulate them in ways that are pleasurable rather than painful (it’s not a door bell, guys – no need to ring it!).

The guys felt, smelled and tasted their way through a selection of water-based lubes, and giggled at the flavoured ones. We were delighted to see that they were keen on the lube, and a loud cheer went up when they saw that we’d brought along freebie samples for them.

We looked at small but effective toys for the clitoris, and toys for the G-spot. The plush vulva comes complete with a G-spot of her own, so the group had a go at locating and stroking it with expressions of deep concentration on their faces.

Mothers of teen boys; stock up on Tenga Eggs for your lads!

We discussed male anatomy as well, the glans, shaft, prostate and party bags (scrotum is such an unsexy word). That some men have only one testicle rather than two came as a surprise, as did the fact that circumcised men have less sensitivity and so need more stimulation in order to get off.

Tenga Egg (£10) make fun, cool gifts for men

At this point we brought out the Tenga Egg and bright pink dildo we’d brought along to show how much fun toys for boys can be.

Tenga Eggs are, in our opinion, the best toy for guys EVER. All men should have one. (Or two!) The lads took turns testing it out on the pink dildo. Tenga eggs are amazing toys, whether a guy is single or in a relationship, and we dare say the lads will be making a few purchases *wink*.

We eventually worked our way to the back, as it were, and brought up anal sex. At which point they all fell silent and round-eyed.

Porn rarely show the use of condoms and lube, never mind what to do if things get unexpectedly messy – which can happen. We don’t know if this is something teenage boys are concerned about, but we certainly have many customers who bring it up. We talked about enema bulbs, and easy clean-up by using condoms which can just be thrown away.

Stressing the fact that a long-lasting lube should always be used (no, spit really won’t do) and that it’s essential to start small and take plenty of time to warm up the person on the receiving end – this may take several play sessions. A wham-bam-thank-you-mam can be painful and put someone off anal sex for life. When done right anal play should be pleasurable. To ensure comfortable play, it’s a good idea for the receiver to be in charge of depth and speed.

And never, ever pretend to slip in the wrong entrance ‘by mistake’. Not cool.

One of the guys admitted to having tried this technique, and agreed it wasn’t the best way…

Dental DamsWe broke open a dental dam for the guys to look at, and it turned out that only one of them had heard of dams before (shame on you, school sex ed!). Dams are latex sheets that are placed over vulva or anus before oral sex, and it creates a safer sex barrier between giver and receiver.  One of the lads tasted the dam (he correctly guessed strawberry flavour), and thus won himself a whole heap of man-points from the rest of the group.

Many thanks to Brook, the young people’s sexual health & wellbeing charity, for giving us the opportunity to come along to their new project  @ComeTruPleasure. We had such a great day!


header-logo-brookBrook’s vision is of a society that values all children, young people and their developing sexuality. We want all children and young people to be supported to develop the self-confidence, skills and understanding they need to enjoy and take responsibility for their sexual lives, sexual health and emotional well-being.

Brook provides free and confidential sexual health and wellbeing services for nearly 250,000 young people UK-wide, each year.

Q&A: Help! I always finish before my Girlfriend

Q&A: Help! I always finish before my Girlfriend

Hi this feels a little weird talking to someone else about my problem.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for a few months now and we both have a high sex drive. I seem to cum far to quick when we have sex and I feel uncomfortable because I want to give my girlfriend something back. Like I want her to enjoy it more.

What advice would you give to make the experience more pleasurable for her and not just me.




Hi E,

Thank you for your email, there’s no need to feel uncomfortable and it’s great that you are asking this question and thinking about how to enhance your girlfriends enjoyment of your sex life.

Many men worry that they are climaxing too soon but this is not necessarily a problem. There are many other ways to ensure your girlfriend fully enjoys sex.

Generally speaking men tend to come more quickly and easily from penetrative sex than women. A study looking at 500 couples from five different countries found the average time between a man putting his penis into his partner’s vagina and ejaculation was around five-and-a-half minutes, whereas most women will take around 20 minutes to come, and many women will not come at all without clitoral stimulation. 70-80% of women have difficulty orgasming from penetration alone.

The easiest thing to do it to concentrate on lots of foreplay before sex. Ideally get your girlfriend to climax from oral or by using a vibrator or clitoral toy to stimulate her clitoris before sex, this will mean you don’t have to worry so much about cumming too quickly and may well be an easier way for your girlfriend to orgasm if that is a problem. If you’re not sure what kind of toy to choose or what kind of stimulation your girlfriend ask her about what kind of sensations she enjoys or to prompt you with what feels good during sex.


It’s also important to incorporate lubrication into all kind of sexual play.

With regards to slowing down how quickly you ejaculate, you could try a stop and start technique where you intersperse sex with other fun kinds of stimulation for your girlfriend. You could also try
masturbating an hour or so before sex or using thicker condoms to help reduce sensation (never use two condoms, it will make them more likely to break). If you take a deep breath when you feel like you are about to come it can inhibit your ejaculatory function and hold things off for a bit.

However, penetration is not the be all and end all of sex and there are many other ways for your to give back to your girlfriend.

As you’re looking for tips on how to enhance sex for your girlfriend it would be great if you could talk to your girlfriend about what she does and doesn’t enjoy,  does she masturbate with toys? What does
she do to get herself off? This is a great starting point for working out what you can do to enhance her pleasure.


If you have any questions please send them to, if you’d like advice from our sex and relationship expert Sarah Berry please include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’.

Team Sh! xxx

All names are changed for the purposes of anonymity.

Q&A: How do I have a prostate orgasm?

Q&A: How do I have a prostate orgasm?


I know you’re female focused but I thought you might be able to help me. I’m interested in ‘exploring’ if that’s the right word, my prostate. It’s not something I’ve done before but the idea is growing on my I guess. I’d just like some advice on where to start and what to expect?


Hey J!

This week is Men’s Health Week so we’re really happy to be able to answer one for the boys.

You sound a bit hesitant but it’s great that you’re looking to explore new things and prostate play can add a new dimension to your sex life. It can make your orgasms more intense and some men can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone.

The prostate is sometimes compared to the male G-Spot and it does have quite a lot in common with the G-Spot. Like the G-Spot it swells and hardens as you become aroused which makes it easier to find.

It can be stimulated by inserting a finger or toy two or three inches inside the anus, it’s important to go slowly, use lots of lube and stop and warm up some more if you feel any pain. You should also try using a specialist anal lubricant which will be thicker and longer lasting than regular lube.

You should make sure you are already aroused before going for the prostate, and again, if it hurts you’re doing it wrong. Add more stimulation and lubrication.

It might take quite a lot of time and stimulation (and a lot of lube, remember the anus isn’t self lubricating) to get you there so be patient.

Here’s a handy guide to show you where to find your prostate:

His Prostate


It might be a good idea to try a specially designed prostate toys such as Rocks-Off Naughty Boy Prostate Massager. Which is slim, almost silent and perfect for beginners, it also stimulates your perineum for even more pleasure. If you’re playing with a partner you might want to try using latex gloves or finger guards, they can prevent nails from snagging and help if you’re worried about cleanliness.

Rocks Off Prostate Massager

If you’d like to find our more you might want to look at the Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, which is a veritable compendium of useful information.

If you have any questions please send them to, if you’d like advice from our sex and relationship expert Sarah Berry please include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’.

Best Wishes,

Team Sh! xx

All names have been changed for the purposes of anonymity.


Men’s Shopping Event at Sh! | Mon 21st Dec | 6-8pm | FREE!

Guys, we know how stressful Christmas shopping for your bae can be: you have to get the right style, the right size, the right colour – and then you have to wrap it all up too…

Let us take the stress out of Christmas shopping for her this year – Join us for an in-store shopping event for men, on Monday 21st December, 6-8pm.

Our ever-helpful sales advisers will be on hand to help pick out the perfect gift for your partner, and wrap it too!

There will be mulled wine, mince pies and an easy, unpressured atmosphere of Christmas cheer in which to browse fabulous gifts that are all about her pleasure…

Sh! is THE place to buy a sensual present  for your lover, partner, girlfriend or wife.

Men's Shopping Event

We have insider knowledge, like no other, when it comes to sex toy shopping – 23 years of speaking to women of all ages and preferences about what they want has taught us everything you need to know!

Before you set off, take a moment to think about the points below:

What are you thinking of buying? A luxury vibrator? A stylish strap-on or perhaps a sparkly butt plug?

All of these are great ideas – if it is what she’s into…

With gifts, it’s best to play it safe and choose something that she has had her eye on for a while…

She’ll love that you’ve paid attention AND she’ll want to use it time and time again. Win!
Lelo Lily


We have some stunning gift vibrators in store, beautifully packaged, which make  fabulous Christmas additions to her toy box.




A word to the wise – we’d never recommend these go under the tree, ready to unwrap at the family gathering!

Sexy gifts, however beautiful, are best presented between just the two of you – perhaps on Christmas Eve, when you’re both feeling magical, rather than Christmas Day, when the feeling maybe more frazzled!


Multi-Strap Knickers

Beautiful lingerie is sexy – just make sure to choose something she’ll want to wear!

If you are thinking of sensual smalls, do a little homework, before you visit…

  • Style Does she prefer thongs, Brazilian cut panties of full-bottomed briefs?
  • Colour What colours does she wear the most? By choosing lingerie in her favourite colour, you’re guaranteed to be seeing her in your gift time and time again…
  • Size Tricky one, but you don’t want to get it wrong (trust us on this one). Take a sneaky peek in her undies drawer and make a note of her sizes.




Shopping for the perfect gift for the women in your life is not easy, we know, and that’s probably why so many guys leave it to the very last minute! So, on the last week of Christmas, we’d be delighted you join us and let us help!

Where:  Sh!, 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

When:  Monday 21st December, 6-8pm



Blow His Mind - Art of Fellatio Erotic Class

Blow His Mind ( aka Fellatio!) Erotic Class

Our Blow His Mind erotic class is by far the most popular class on offer. Women attend the class because they have tried fellatio and want to get better at it, or they haven’t tried it but would like to… Or, they’ve tried it and didn’t like it!

The reasons for attending an erotic class are many and varied, but none of them are wrong.  You might be considering booking a ticket, but you’re not sure what happens at a sex class?

What to Expect in our Blow His Mind Erotic Class

Performing oral sex on a man may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we have a number of tried & tested techniques to not only make it bearable – but quite enjoyable!

Before attempting to blow his mind, you need to have some idea about male anatomy and how it works. For example, did you know that there are no bones or muscle inside a penis? Instead, he packs three cylinders of erectile tissue and blood vessels. Then there is the party bag (scrotum) – men often complain that their partners avoid getting too close to the testicles. More often than not, this is to do with not knowing how to handle the sensitive bag o’ balls, so we’ve included that in our class.

And there’s the “taint” to deal with – it ain’t the balls but it ain’t the bum either… This area responds very well to firm pressure, and can often generate pleasurable feelings in the P-spot, i.e. his prostate. Many men love attention here but if your guy wriggles away, it’s probably best to leave it for another time. We’ll cover this too.

After that comes the actual blowing. Or, sucking. Words can be so confusing – you’d be forgiven for thinking your man wants you to blow on his penis… We’ll whizz through a number of popular ways to play the man-flute, so to speak.

And then there’s the big issue: swallowing or spitting (hint: spitting can be seen as very impolite, but thankfully we have tips on how to deal with unwanted mouthfuls).

We’ll finish off (voila!) with a selection of tricks for you take home and try out.

This class is for women only, and rest assured: what happens at Blow His Mind Class stays at Blow His Mind Class!

After the class ends, you can make the most out the whopping 20% discount that’s offered to all guests.

Sounds like fun?  Then book a ticket – or several! ( we offer discounts for group bookings) This is a great class for a group of friends, a birthday or hen do or simply for something different for your next get-together…

Book a Blow His Mind Soiree – our erotic class party experience at home.

You can also choose Blow His Mind for your Sh! Soiree theme  – our erotic class experience, comes to you!

We currently offer Sh! Soirees within London area.  UK-wide coming soon.  

Whatever the occasion; a girls get-together, a hen, Christmas or leaving do, a birthday party or simply to try something new, a Sh! Soiree is playful, educational and always perfectly tuned to the occasion.



Advice sex toys for men

Sex Tips on Men

Want to spice things up and play fun, arousing and downright teasing games with your man? 

Here are a few sex tips & tricks for you to try:


Silky Knickers Sex Tip

Slip into a pair of classy, sexy silk knickers or a pair of stockings ( or , actually any silky lingerie or hosery will work… and present yourself to your man. Let him undress you.

Satin Knickers £12
Satin Knickers £12

When the time feels right, wrap your sensual-feel smalls around his erection, and give him a silky handjob – he’ll love the sensations of the soft silk sliding all over him. This is a great treat, both visual and sensual at the same time. Allow him to climax on the silky knickers and make a big deal of wiping him clean with them afterwards.

Next time he sees you wearing them (after washing them, of course) he’s mind will be on your knicker-fun-tastic time, and he’ll be hot & bothered in no time…


Porn Sex Tip

Suggest to your man you might like to spend a night in watching porn ‘to see what it’s like’. However, the problem is; you might not like most of what’s out there, as it could be ‘very sleazy’.

Ask him to download some porn for the two of you to watch together and specify what you’d like. For example: cute girls-next-door getting it on, or hot couples getting sweaty in a sauna. The more specific you are, the harder it’ll be for him to find something you might like.

Essentially, you’re giving him permission to look at as much porn as he likes, and he’ll be beside himself by the time your porn-evening comes round. A hot time is guaranteed as he’ll want to please you in more ways than one!


Sexting Tip

Spending time apart? Sexy text messages work well as we all know, but to give him something that will really push him over the edge…

Send him one picture frame at the time; lubing up a favourite toy, then stroking it, then stroking yourself… you get the picture!

Your phone should have a voice recorder, so you could even record yourself (your voice only, no frames) as you are coming (your orgasm must be a noisy one to ensure he get’s the full effect) and then send the recording to him… He will be very grateful for a very long time – especially as it can be kept on his phone to be played over and over again! (If you want to work him up into a frustrated froth, why not send it to him at work?)


Frenulum Tip

Crystal G-Spot Vibrator £21
Crystal G-Spot Vibrator £21

The precise curve and narrow tip of many mini G-Spot vibrators, especially hard plastic ones such as the Crystal G-Spot vibe are brilliant for delivering direct stimulation to a man’s frenulum (the bit where his helmet meets the shaft of his penis) – it’s a highly sensitive spot. Try It!


Cock Ring Tip

With most women needing direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm during intercourse, a cock ring can really help everyone get off during penetrative sex.

But why stop at just one? Place a few simple rings (the kind without cit stimulators) down his equipment and you’ll have a veritable ladder to climb before reaching the summit – the  vibrating cock ring at the base of his penis.  Now, that’s the shizzle of a sizzling sausage!