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WIN 1 of 3 Sh! Love Cherries Sets

Pelvic floor health is so important, yet so many women neglect to do their kegel exercises regularly: it’s easy to forget about the muffkin when it’s in good working order.

As we age, so do our PC muscles and this is when a weak pelvic floor will suddenly make itself known. The most common symptoms are unexpected leakages when you laugh, sneeze or exercise, and it can be wet enough for women to wear sanitary towels to avoid dampness seeping through their trousers.

Fast, fun ways of eliminating wet moments!

Sh! Love Cherries are fun sets of three weighted kegel exercisers that offers fast result and we have three of these super-cute sets to give away!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a Sh! Love Cherries set of your own is to enter the competition below!

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Key Features:

  • Set of three weighted kegel excercise balls for a toned pelvic floor
  • Love Cherry 1 = 37g, Love Cherry 2 = 57g, Love Cherry 3 = 85g for increasingly trickier training
  • Made from smooth silicone with super-strong flexible tail for easy removal
  • A stronger PC muscle equals stronger orgasms!
  • Works wonderfully well as vaginal sex toys during solo play or oral sex

Using Sh! Love Cherries:

Coat Cherry no1 in a small amount of water-based lube for easy insertion – simply pop it in and do your pelvic floor squeezes.

Using Cherry no1 regularly (10 minutes per day), you’ll find your pelvic floor getting stronger. When the exercises get too easy, it’s time to advance to the heavier Cherry no2.

Repeat the process until you are ready for Cherry no3 (heavy!)

An added benefit of a strong pelvic floor is stronger, easier orgasms.

Sh! Love Cherries are excellent for pleasure too, and we recommend adding them to your box of sex-toy tricks.

Wear around the house to build arousal, or insert a weighted Cherry for internal sensations during solo play or oral sex. You may find this enhances sensations, making it easier to climax!


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Laugh Dont Leak. Gusset Grippers at Sh!

Laugh Don’t Leak! An Evening with Elaine Miller aka Gussie Grippers

Did you do your pelvic floor exercises today?

gusset logoThis question, and many more, we are sure, will be asked when Elaine Miller aka Gussie Grips joins us for an evening of talking frisky foofs, leaky muffs and strong orgasms on Friday 22nd September!

We have it on good authority there’ll be pin-the-clit-on-the-vulva and draw-your-genitals as well as a couple of glasses bubbles, a cheeky cup cake and a bottle of lube to take home; an excellent and entertaining start to  your weekend. So, gather your mates and …

Join us!  Book now as spaces are limited.

Where: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

When: Friday 22nd September

Time: 6:30pm

Price: £15 – includes bubbles, cake, and a bottle of FREE lube for each guest!

Book here: Gussie Grips at Sh! 

More About Elaine Miller:

Elaine is a physiotherapist, comedian, mother of three and recovered incontinent.  Fresh from a sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe, she’ll share the mysteries of your pelvic floor so you can laugh and not leak.elaine miller

Show scientifically proven to improve orgasms*.

If this all rings a bell,  you’ve probably heard her talk on Women’s Hour, Radio Scotland and seen on her on This Morning.

Praise for Elaine Miller:

Gussie Praise


Book your ticket for An Evening with Elaine Miller here.

How to Squirt; Separating the Myths from Reality.

How to Squirt; Separating the Myths from Reality.

During the process of writing this post we have researched as much as possible about the topic to give a constructive and informed opinion. What we have found is that the little scientific research that has been conducted on female ejaculation is highly contradictory and really inconclusive. Scientists keep arguing, speculating or drawing conclusions based on extremely small case studies (i.e. the French study on female ejaculation  is based on the experiences of only 7 women!).

We are not scientists and whilst there are truly still many ‘myths’ left to solve, here’s what we can gather.

Firstly, let’s clear the air.

Squirting is NOT a must. Porn has created a culture of unrealistic gushing and moaning; of women screaming to the top of their lungs and squirting bucketfuls to their heart’s content.
noa_contents_deep_roseLife disclosure: You can have amazing, mind-blowing sex, not squirt and it will still be amazing, mind-blowing sex. Multi and blended orgasms, BDSM, bum-fun, sexy massages, toys of all shapes and sizes or just good ol’ loving sex are just some of the things you can do to widen your sex experiences and sexuality. Squirting is fantastic because it comes with G-Spot orgasms, releasing more or less fluid is actually just a side-effect!

So before we enter the slippery slope of squirting – breathe and take that stress off your and/or your partner’s shoulders.

So, what is Squirting?

Squirting is the release of fluid coming out of the urethra during orgasm. The quantities may vary from person to person and there is no wrong answer to how much fluid one must release to be considered squirting.
What is this magical fluid you may ask? Well, here’s where it get’s tricky and where there is no definite answer. *cough…sexism…cough*
The ‘main ingredients’ seem to vary between these two:
1. Alkaline liquid from the Skene’s glands (which is the female equivalent of the prostate) made of similar components of those produced by the male prostate, along with glucose and fructose.
2. Traces of urine

The quantity of how much of these two are in this fluid has rattled many cages and it is still inconclusive *cough…sexism…cough*. But honestly…so what if it is made of urine? Understand that whatever it is made of, it is a natural way of the body to respond to stimulation.  So as long as you are having safe, consensual sex… just enjoy it! If you are having trouble with your partner due to embarrassment, this is the time to reclaim that empowerment.

Sex is messy and fun and that is just fine! 😀

Then… what is that other fluid I release when I have sex? Is that Squirting?

Those of us with female reproductive organs release many-a-fluids when playing with ourselves, a fun-buddy or partner. One of them is natural lubrication when aroused – the more arousal, the more lubrication. So if you feel you are releasing a lot of fluids, odds are your body is just having tons of fun lubricating itself. You can however feel very aroused and not lubricate – that’s also fine!IMG_5499
There are all kinds of lubes to help, we recommend our water-based lube, odourless and tasteless it is a perfect gal pal if you want some extra lubrication.

Will I be ever able to squirt?

There is no one secret way of making someone squirt. We all have different bodies that may require different attention. And, as always, your mental state (whether just had a bad day and are very stressed or very relaxed) also plays a big part in your sexual experience.

There is also a lot of debate on whether all or only some women can squirt: so if squirting is like riding a bicycle or being able to touch your nose with your tongue. And again, many may debates and no real conclusion (*cough…you-know-how-it-goes…cough*), but if you want to know whether you can squirt there is only one way to figure it out – and it’s loads of fun.

How to squirt

With that in mind, there is a correlation between the G-Spot and squirting. gspot-300x258The G-Spot is located close to the entrance of the vagina, about half a finger in and up on the front wall. Have a feel with a lubed-up finger – the ridged area is the G-spot. Some are harder to locate than others, so if you don’t find yours in a jiff don’t stress, it might take some exploring. The G-Spot also swells when you are aroused, so that might also be a good time to try and find it, this time it will feel like a spongy lump. Found it? Smashing!

The G-Spot needs a lot of stimulation, and exercising your PC muscle or “kegels” will help in sensitising your G-Spot and having stronger penetrative orgasms.

Here’s when the love balls come in (pun intended). These are small body-safe and usually silicon-made balls to insert into your vagina. They are made to be easily inserted and removed, so not to worry about ‘losing them’. Try stopping your pee half way when you are urinating: that “pulling up” movement is done by your PC muscle.
sh-love-ballsSh! love balls are hypoallergenic and contain no latex or phthalates, they are non-porous and super easy to clean, but the Fun Factory Smartballs Uno or Duo Geisha Love Balls also have 5 star reviews from customers, so take your pick 😉 One you have them inside you just repeat that “pulling up” movement. You can start slow trying it out a few times and raise the number of “pulling up” movement as you progress.

rocks-off-rock-chick-miniNow, to the G-Spot. Reaching to it can be tricky if you are alone, in which case using a sex toy is helpful. For first timers, the Rocks-Off Rock Chick Mini vibe is affordable, powerful and it doesn’t forget about the wondrous clit! Once you’ve located it, regardless if you’re using a sex toy or fingers a classic tip is to try a “come hither” motion.

If you’re more of an expert and want to get to the next level, the Demona Wave Vibe is the best friend of toy reviewers Candy Snatch and Miss Jezzebella as well as our own sex toy tester.

Try it by yourself or a partner and whatever happens, relax and enjoy a wet Valentine’s 😀




Guest Post: Love Balls, Saucy Dares & Writing Sex Toy Erotica

Today we are super-excited to have blogger, author and editor Jillian Boyd with us! Those of you who are familiar with Jillian’s work will know that she likes to serve up her sexy stories extra-hot – with a side of awkward. And we are sure that you, just like us, are always keen on having seconds!

Having taken a little peek at the various social media platforms she uses, we’ve found out she’s a big Dr Who fan, she likes baking and knows all the steps to ‘5,6,7,8’ by Steps – a woman after our own hearts!

We recently read her story Dare You To from the erotic anthology Come Again, and immediately knew we had to invite Jillian over to tell us about the story behind the story… Over to you, Jillian!

Somewhere in between the general clutter still left over from our house move is a box of sex toys. And in that box, along with enough condoms and lube to have a really, really fun Saturday night, is a pair of love balls. I won them a few years back in a Twitter competition – not too long after I started writing erotica but well before I wrote what still stands as probably my favourite story I’ve ever written.

And those particular love balls were firmly on my mind when I wrote it.

come-again-bookI don’t often write sex toys into my stories. Vibrators make it in on occasion, but for the most part I hadn’t actually considered cranking it up a notch. Giving toys a time to shine, so to say. Until two years ago, when Rachel Kramer Bussel – editing legend and all-round lovely sort – posted a call for submissions. She was looking for sex toy erotica – toys incorporated into your plot in whatever way you dreamt up.

The eventual spark of inspiration? Came in the form of an opening sentence. A scene-setter. My main character, at an important ad campaign pitch, trying to keep a level head while, unbeknownst to her colleagues, she’s wearing a pair of vibrating love balls. From that opener, the rest quickly came together. A couple of soon-to-be-weds, under such a stress from wedding planning that time or energy for anything sexy has flown out the window. The solution? A game of ever-escalating sexual dares – the vibrating love balls being the grand finale.

Mainly because I love love balls. I adore everything about them. The sheer aesthetic variation, the versatility in what they can do for you… and they seemed like a natural fit for the grand finale of the game my two main characters were playing. Love balls move as you do, twirling inside in response to your movements and providing not just teasing and massaging sensations but also a constant reminder that they’re there.

With my main character juggling planning a wedding with planning a major pitch, having her be dared by her future husband to wear them while she’s giving the pitch felt like the right thing to do. Only she knows they’re inside her – knows it very well, in fact – and spends the majority of her pitch trying to hide not just her escalating arousal but her escalating frustration at how the stress of the past few months has eaten into her sex life.

It is, as I said, my favourite story I’ve written to date. A perfect storm of sexual frustration, cosy love… and love balls, of course.

Now, I wouldn’t tease you like that without actually giving you a teeny-tiny snippet from my story! It’s called Dare You To, and can be found in Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press (available in store at Sh!).

His revenge, he promised, would be “sweeter than sweet”. He wasn’t kidding. A week after he jingled his bells at our florist appointment, I found the little red package containing the vibrating love balls. His instruction: to wear them at my presentation with the board.

I was, quite honestly, trembling with nerves. And arousal, but mostly nerves. David knew full well that this was an important meeting which could determine the future of the advertising agency I worked for; I’d been managing this project for as long as we’d been planning the wedding. It’s not a good sign when the hopes and future plans of the company rest on a woman who is desperately trying not to squirm and brush her hand against the crotch of her already soaking panties.

“Good luck today, Katarzyna.” said my boss, as she entered the boardroom. “You don’t need to be nervous.”

“Ooh, I’m not nervous, Mrs Sedgwick, not in the slightest, not at all.” I sputtered, as a particularly strong vibration coursed through my body. “I’m just trying to keep… keep my circulation up! Yes, that’s why I’m all hoppy today. Got to keep fit! It’s in keeping with the campaign!”

“Right…” she said, straightening her glasses before turning towards our clients. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. And welcome to Mr Defoe and Ms Brown from Cambridge Athletics…”

As Mrs Sedgwick spoke, I tried my best to not turn around and flash the heads of Cambridge Athletics with the wet spot on my skirt. Fuck, I really should have worn something darker and less conspicuous… I braced myself and started talking, trying to keep my voice level and not squeaky from the mounting arousal.

“Cambridge Athletics is a young brand, and as you’ll see, my team and I have worked very hard to… KEEP in touch with the TARGET MARKET.”

I took another deep breath before I started my slide presentation. This was going to be the longest hour of my life…

And if you’re looking for advice on how to choose and use love balls, or maybe some shopping inspiration, Sh! – aka a treasure trove for an erotica writer like me – has you more than covered.

Handy links if you fancy giving love balls a go:

A guide to choosing and using love balls.

Sh! Silicone Love Balls

Remote Vibration K Love Balls

Lelo Luna Beads Noir

Fun Factory Smart Balls Duo (recommended by me – these are the ones I own!)

Advice Anal Play & Pleasure

Q&A: Can I wear an anal plug and a vaginal toy to work?

Hi I am looking for an anal plug with at least 4 inches of insertable length which I can insert prior to going into the office and leave in for 3-4 hours. Can you assist? Thank you.
Also, do you think it is possible to insert a toy into my vagina at the same time and leave them both in as I work in the office? Your advice would be very much appreciated.
Thank you,


Hi E,

Many thanks for your email.

Many people like to play kinky or sexy games at work, enjoying the secret thrill of knowing what they are wearing underneath their smart work outfit.

We have a selection of soft silicone butt plugs that might be just what you are looking for, like this beginner’s butt plug.  There are other sizes and shapes to choose from, but we’d recommend opting for a slimmer butt plug if you are intending to wear a vaginal toy at the same time. And – don’t forget about the all important lube!

There are a quite a few options for toys that can be worn internally, but top of the list for fun “work wear” are love balls. Simply slip them in, vaginally ( never, EVER use love balls anally) and you are all set! You’ll feel the balls jiggle as you move, which can be incredibly sensual.

The added benefit of wearing love balls is that you are working your pc muscle at the same time, which in turn will increase the strength of your orgasms. Bonus!

We-Vibe Classic (£106)
We-Vibe Classic

Buzzing at Work

If you fancy a little buzz every now and then, you might choose a remote control vibe like We Vibe Classic. The We Vibe Classic offers clitoral stimulation, as well as internal stimulation – all controlled via the handy remote. Or, more discreetly, via the free app that you can download to your phone. These days, sex toys are so quiet, you needn’t worry about your colleagues hearing the tell-tale buzz either…

If you have any questions please contact us at, if you’d like help from our sex and relationship expert Sarah Berry please add the subject like, ‘Ask Sarah’.

Have fun!

Team Sh! xx

All Names Have Been Changed for the Purposes of Anonymity.

Happy Mother’s Day! – Sex after Pregnancy

Happy Mother’s Day! – Sex after Pregnancy

It’s almost Mother’s day and we at Sh! thought the nicest thing we could do for all the mums out there would be to make sure they are still having great sex!

So we we’re giving you a quick guide to sex after pregnancy and particularly, pelvic floor exercises.

Pregnancy changes the body in all sort of ways. After having a baby, it’s not unusual for women to feel their vagina is more loose or dryer than usual, and have perineal pain or pain during sex.  Dryness can be caused by reduced oestrogen levels compared to when you were pregnant and can be more marked if you are breastfeeding. The dryness should pass with time but till it does, the best solution is lots of lovely lube. Lube might also help with pain during sex but it takes different people differing times to heal and you may want to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing pain.

One of the things you can do both before and after giving birth, that will be helpful is pelvic floor or Kegal exercises.  A toned pelvic floor muscle can decrease the chances of tearing during labour as well as helping you to recover more quickly afterwards.

What is the PC Muscle?

The pubococcygeus muscle, or PC muscle for short, is actually a sling of muscles that support the pelvic floor, circling around your genitals and tail bone in a figure of eight shape.

Everybody has a PC muscle – women and men. It contracts involuntarily when you have an orgasm. The PC muscle is not exactly an erogenous zone in the usual sense, but if you strengthen and exercise your PC muscles outside the bedroom and consciously flex your PC muscles during sex – it will enhance every sexual experience you have, so that’s another reason to keep yours toned.

PC exercise also help with repairing tightness lost to childbirth and keeping stress incontinence at bay, a possible consequence of pregnancy, childbirth and general aging.

Before you can exercise it,  first you need to locate the PC muscle.

Do this by halting the flow of pee midstream. Try not to tense any other muscles (like your thighs, back or stomach). If you want to be absolutely sure, if you slide a finger up your bum  whilst squeezing your PC muscle, you will feel the contraction.

How to exercise your PC Muscle .

PC muscle exercise is also known as “kegel exercise” or “Kegels”.

They can be done any time, anywhere; on the daily commute,  or school run, whilst doing the ironing or just while watching the telly…

Anytime you have a spare few minutes can be put to good PC muscle practice, though be aware you may, at first, pull slight face grimaces as you concentrate,  so perhaps not during a meeting with the boss or lunch with the in-laws!

Sh!-Silicone-Love-BallsSh! Silicone love Balls £18

You don’t need any essential kit but it can be useful, as well as pleasurable, to have something inside to squeeze against.

For women, love balls worn inside the vagina are the simplest toys for this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never put love balls up the bum as they are not safe for anal play and can get lost.

4 Step PC Muscle Exercise program

  1. Contract and relax your PC muscle 25 times, twice a day.
  2. Once you can easily contract/relax your PC Muscle 25 times, move up to doing it 50 times, again twice a day
  3. Once you’ve mastered that, go back to doing 2 x 25, but this time holding each squeeze to a count of 3.
  4. Work back up to 50, twice a day.

If you follow this routine, we promise you will have a PC muscle worthy of a MS Universe trophy!

 PC Mucles Flexing and Breathing

Work at your Kegel Exercises daily, each time trying to improve on both how many, and how long, you can hold the contraction. Try to co-ordinate your breathing in tune with the contraction so that you inhale as you squeeze tight.

If you have any questions about Kegal exercises or sex after pregnancy send them to

All We Want For Christmas – Kate’s Wishlist

All We Want For Christmas – Kate’s Wishlist

Dive into this hilarious yet super informative wish list by Kate: what would she  want to fill your and her own stocking with? She works in our lovely Hoxton shop,  so she is bound to have some fun ideas.

1. Sh! Silicone Love Balls

I am absolutely convinced that the first step to a fantastic sex life is a healthy and strong Va Va Jay! Kegel exercises are not only essential to a powerful orgasm, or squeezing your partner into oblivion, they also prevent many health issues, such as a weak bladder, while lowering your risk of pelvic cancer. That’s why I would like to obtain a whole truck of these purple darlings and give them away for free to every woman passing through Hoxton Square. It would be my gift to the wonderful women of London; I secretly believe that London is a troubled but dashing and fabulous girl.

2. Sh! Remote Play Egg

My sister recently became a yummy mummy. I know that she would like to get her mojo back, as it got lost between nappies, pacifiers and the nightmare of teething. This tiny, but powerful toy is a discreet and hands-free solution whenever you are in need of some extra quiet naughtiness. She just has to grab the remote and enjoy full control over the vibrations, which she can stop without a fuss and whenever she (or the crying baby) needs to – or she just can give up all control and pass the remote to her hubby!

3. The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50 by Joan Price

My mum is a beautiful, lively woman, but I think she needs a little encouragement to unleash her cougar power. This book is a full-on guide which will inspire her to find new ways to enjoy her sexual potential. Right now it’s her special time, when she can focus on exploring her sexual world without any distractions. Find it in the shop!

4. She Comes First by Ian Kerner PhD

No matter who you are or who you date – girls, boys or other fabulous creatures – this empowering guide to cunnilingus will not only let you understand better the complex miracle of every clitoris, it will allow you to communicate better, come better and lick better. And if you ‘re single, I would recommend starting first date sexy chit-chat with one question: “Did you read, She Comes First?” If the answer is no, you can call the cab.

5. Wirly Girly 2 Slim Dildo (in marble pink)

I am a big fan of genderless and fully inclusive sex toys. When I am buying a dildo I don’t want to think about future potential partners, I want the ultimate pleasure deal – something sexy and multifunctional. That’s why this bendy, cheeky little fella is everything I could ask for from Santa. Not too long for vaginal play, with soft ridges that could easily slide on the g-spot; not
too girthy for bum play and long enough to reach the male prostate. Hand poured, with a unique blend of two shades of deliciously soft silicone. And it’s pink. It will fill my Christmas stocking just right.

6. Sh! Lube Liquid (250 ml)

A whole bucket of it. I am addicted to its smooth, silky texture. Extra safe for my lady garden, as it is water based, with an extra splash of glycerine that will prevent water from evaporating; so it’s not getting sticky when things are getting really hot. Oh, and it’s a great hand moisturiser. Seriously.

female ejaculation advice

Female Ejaculation and Learning How to Squirt

Female ejaculation, or ‘squirting’,  is a gush of liquid that women can expel on the point of a G-Spot or internal orgasm.

Female ejaculation is most likely to happen when you are very turned on, at the peak of passion and usually at the receiving end of some pretty hearty G-Spot stimulation.

Some women do report ejaculating through clitoral stimulation alone, though this seems to be a lot less common.

For some women, squirting happens every time they have sex. For others, it’s a much rarer beast.  Many haven’t experienced it and too many have stopped it happening altogether…

We have talked to hundreds of women who have felt intimidated by the sensations of squirting or so embarrassed that they have wet the bed that they don’t allow their bodies to go there in the first place or stop their bodies going there again.

When we explain all about female ejaculation, their relief is enormous and they often skip out of Sh!, newly informed and empowered.

It’s amazing in this day and age that female ejaculation is still shrouded in such mystery, but it’s not that difficult to understand.

Firstly women’s sexuality and sexual pleasure is so far down the medical establishments list of priorities, that there is precious little research on the matter.

Secondly, we learn to control our bodies from such an early age so as to NOT wet the bed, that letting go can be a tricky hurdle to get past.

Probably millions of women have tuned their bodies away from female ejaculation when it is actually one of the most sexually satisfying experiences a woman can have.

Why  is female ejaculation the cause of so much anxiety? Why do we hold back when, if we learn to let go and female ejaculate it will send ourselves and our lovers wild with delight?

There are physical reasons why the stirrings of female ejaculation feels scarily close to the onset of an embarrassing case of incontinence.

The nerve that sends G-Spot sensations to the brain also broadcasts messages from the bladder and this is why the onset of female ejaculation can feel scarily similar to the urge to pee.

Female ejaculation has been clinically analysed and found definitely NOT to be urine.  It is, in fact, an ejaculate “fluid” – like male ejaculate, but without the sperm.

Learn How to Squirt

There’s no sure-fire ‘this will definitely work for you’ instructions for learning how to female ejaculate, and it may be that not every woman is physically capable of it. Female sexuality is excitingly complex and it’s often as dependent on what is going on in our heads, as much as our bodies.

Going for a squirting orgasm with  single-minded determination may well end in failure, so forget all that and simply enjoy the journey.

Here are our top tips to squirting success:

Glass G-Spot Dildo £37
Glass G-Spot Dildo £37

Arousal is top of the list in learning how to squirt – if you are not turned on enough, it’s likely not to happen.

Have a clitoral orgasm first to get you really aroused before going for the G-Spot.

A dab of  G-Spot Gel will help stimulate bloodflow to the G spot; making it swell and become more sensitive.

Using your fingers initially means you can feel for the slightly different texture of the G-Spot and feel when it swells.

A G-Spot orgasm and female ejaculation is not likely to happen quickly. It can take a lot of time/patience which means fingers can tire. This is when a good G-Spot vibrator or the smooth, firm sensations delivered by a glass G-Spot dildo come into their own. It’s worth having one at hand…

If you are exploring your G-Spot/learning how to squirt with a lover, be vocal! It can be a very precise spot that feels very different (often triggering those feelings like you want to pee) and your partner needs to know when they’re hitting the right spot. Don’t be shy about saying ‘there!’

  • Worrying about taking a long time or stressing about not ‘getting there’ will inhibit your chances of success. If you are prone to having such worries pop into your head, try fantasing, or even watching some porn, to keep your mind focused.
  • Giving yourself  permission to ‘let go’, or having your lover give it, is crucial. Try being vocal about this. Sometimes just hearing the words ‘go ahead drench the bed!’ is enough to make you squirt.

3 good positions for G-Spot stimulation and squirting success are:

 On Top:
She controls angle, thrust and speed. Perhaps try leaning back for more intense G-Spot stimulation?

 From behind:
Being on all-fours allows her to angle her hips for best G-Spot sensations.

On her Back:
Perhaps with pillows (and a towel!) under her bum – this elevates her to a good position for G-Spot stimulation. 


Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot
Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot £14.99

Finally, it’s always good to read up and one of the best books on the subject is Female Ejaculation and the G Spot, by the high-priestess of squirting, Deborah Sundahl

We have twice had the pleasure of welcoming Deborah to teach erotic classes on the subject at Sh! and she and this book are a wealth of knowledge and come highly recommended.

We know from our experience talking to women in store that women have all sorts of secret and special squirting tips. If you have any of your own, please share – we, along with our visitors, would love to hear them.

Enjoy the journey!


coregasm advice

Exercising Your PC Muscle for Great Sex

The pubococcygeus muscle, PC muscle for short, is a sling of muscles supporting the pelvic floor, circling its way around your genitals and tail bone in a figure of eight-shape.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a female body or a male body; every body has a PC muscle. This muscle contracts involuntarily when you orgasm, but learning to consciously flex your PC muscle will greatly enhance your sexual pleasure.

A strong pelvic floor is great for sex

The PC muscle is not exactly an erogenous zone, but strengthening and exercising your pelvic floor outside of the bedroom can have great effects inside it. Deliberately flexing your PC muscle during sex enhances sexual pleasure by intensifying sensations, increasing blood flow to your genitals, and as a result, orgasms will be stronger and more powerful.

PC muscle control is the basis of all multiple orgasm-techniques, so if this is something you fancy, it’s time to get exercising – especially considering that some lucky bunnies with particularly well-toned pelvic floors are able to bring on orgasms just by rhythmically squeezing and releasing their PC muscle! #JEALOUS


For female bodies: Rhythmically squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor during sexual play encourages the natural flow of vaginal juices, and the actual movement of the PC muscle stimulates the internal clitoris.

During penetrative sex, a person with a well-toned PC muscle can massage the fingers or penis of their partner to mind-blowing effect. We call this “penis-practice” (if it involves a penis, obvs); squeezing and releasing around the penis until one or both of you orgasm.

A well-toned pelvic floor has other health benefits for women, like keeping stress incontinence at bay. Whilst leaking pee is annoying at best of times and downright awful at worst, the good news is that doing your squeezes regularly can really help dry the drips.

For male bodies: Stronger erections (strong enough to hang a towel off) and more control over ejaculation. This means more intense orgasms for you (bonus!) and most likely for your lovers too.

Before you can exercise your PC muscle, you need to locate it

The easiest way to locate it, is by halting your pee mid-stream. Avoid tensing other muscles like your thighs, back or stomach – practice isolating the PC muscle a few times and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

If you want to be absolutely sure, try sliding a lubed-up finger up your bum whilst squeezing your PC muscle, and you will feel the contraction around your finger. Voila!

How to exercise your PC muscle

PC muscle exercise is also known as ‘kegel exercise’ or ‘doing kegels.’

Kegels can be done at any time, at any place. Travelling to and from work; during the school run; whilst doing the ironing or our favourite; at home in front of the telly. 

If you find yourself with a coupe of minutes spare, put them to good PC muscle-practice (be aware you may pull faces as you concentrate).


There is no essential kit for PC exercising, but it can be both useful and pleasurable to have something inside to squeeze against. For vulva-owners, love balls worn inside the vagina are the simplest products for this. For prostate-owners, a butt plug would be the tool of choice.

Risk Management: Never put love balls up the bum; they are not safe for anal use and will likely get sucked up by the butt. If this happens, you’ll need to go to A&E. So, you know, don’t do it.


Four-step PC muscle exercise program

  • Contract and relax your PC muscle 25 times, twice per day.
  • Once you can easily contract and relax for the count of 25, double the reps to 50. Practice twice per day.
  • Once you’ve mastered that (go you!), go back to doing 2 x 25 reps, but this time, hold each squeeze for the count of 3.
  • Work back up to 50 reps, two times per day. 

PC muscle flexing & breathing

For kegels to be efficient, you need to practice regularly – and by ‘regularly,’ we mean daily. Your aim is to improve the number of repetitions, and for how long you can hold each squeeze. Try to breathe in time with your flexes; inhale as you squeeze and exhale as you relax.

Re-learning to orgasm

The time you’ll really enjoy the fruits of your labour is during sex – practice your pelvic floor squeezes during play and we promise, you’ll never look back! 

Another tip is to pay attention to your breathing during sex, especially if you struggle to climax. Women in particular, are prone to holding their breath during sex, which means your body can’t let go and surrender to an orgasm. Deep breathing in time with pelvic floor flexing may well help you over that last hurdle. Practice on your own, and then invite a partner to enjoy your new, improved pelvic floor. 

It’s common for women who have had a long break from sex to find that orgasms with a new partner are hard to come by. This can be because their PC muscle has had little or no exercise in the intervening years, making orgasm through penetration much more difficult to achieve. If this is you, we recommend strengthening your PC muscle with exercise, as well as locating your G-spot as this magic combo can help you find your orgasm again… Enjoy!  


love balls advice

How To Choose & Use Love Balls

Love Balls are weighted spheres, sometimes just a single ball but more commonly two, designed to designed to slip inside the vagina.

The weights inside the balls cause them to move around as you do,  twirling around inside, in response to your movements, providing  teasing and massaging sensations as well as a constant reminder of their presence.

Also known as ‘Love Eggs’ ‘Geisha Balls’ ‘Ben Wa Balls’ ‘Orgasm Balls and ‘Duotone Balls’, Love Balls seem to have a long history, rooted in Eastern/Taoist sexuality. They are believed to have originated in Japan to give men extra sensations during intercourse.

But women soon realised the sensual and exercising benefits of wearing them on their own…

More recently, Love Balls became famous in 2012 when they featured in Fifty Shades of Grey, and certainly the heroine  Anastasia Steele loved them.

In terms of pleasure and stimulation, Love Balls seem to have fans and critics in equal measure. Some women swear to climaxing whilst dashing for the bus, whereas others tell us they found Love Balls about as stimulating as a tampon, ie they couldn’t really feel anything. Choosing the right size is key to getting a balance between having their massaging presence felt and prompting your body’s natural response to squeeze to keep them inside.

The most important thing to remember about Love Balls is that they require your movements be stimulating – they are not a toy to simply lie back and do nothing!

The 3 main of effects of Love Balls

  • Their constant small movements build a slow-burning arousal.
  • Your PC Muscles naturally contract to keep a grip, making them stronger – and a strong PC means stronger, longer, easier orgasms.
  • Worn during penetrative sex, love balls can deliver extra sensations & stimulation for both partners.

Which Love Balls should you choose?


Geisha Balls £18
Geisha Balls £18

Beginners should start with larger size balls,  as these are the easiest to keep hold on to.

Their larger size also means their presence is most likely to be felt – larger balls are hardest to ignore!






Sh! Silicone Love Balls £18
Sh! Silicone Love Balls £18

As your PC Muscle develops and becomes stronger, you can move onto smaller, heavier balls, such as the Sh! Silicone Love Balls. Smaller and heavier means your PC muscle has to work harder to keep a grip.





The massaging sensations of Love Balls are usually enjoyed solo but you can use them during partner sex to add extra stimulation during penetration.

Ben Wa Balls £10
Ben Wa Balls £10

Our advice is to start with small balls, such as  Ben Wa Balls, for intercourse, unless you and your partner are very different in size. Ben Wa balls are a lot smaller and heavier than most Love Balls.

In term of PC muscle exercise, these are the hardest to keep a grip upon.


Ben Wa Balls are not joined together by a cord, but don’t worry – non-corded Ben Wa Balls are designed to be so heavy that they will not “get lost” – to remove them, simply loosen your grip and gravity will take it’s course.


How to Insert Love Balls

Coating your Love Balls in water-based lube makes inserting them easier. Remember though, that the easier and slipperier they are to insert, the more they will be inclined to slide out!

Start by lying down, crooking one leg up and popping each Love Ball inside your vagina one at a time.

You could just try squeezing your PC Muscle against them, in this position ( perhaps adding a clitoral vibrator, if their presence has prompted a solo-sex mood!)

Once you’ve become accustomed to the feeling of Love Balls, it’s time to stand up and start moving around…

As you become more confident, you can try ‘wearing’ Love balls can during the day to spice up everyday tasks – the constant reminder of them inside can build and prolong arousal as well as be a thrilling secret only you know about…

…we’ll never forget the 3 female executives who came to Sh! to buy Love Balls to liven up their afternoon meetings!

However, you will want to be uber confident you can keep a grip on your balls, if you decide to step into the outside world whilst wearing them.

Love Balls for Kegals/PC muscle exercise

Having the balls inside makes you more aware of the squeezing action that is required to strengthen your PC and a well-toned PC can give you stronger, longer orgasms.

Simply ‘gripping’ action will help with kegal toning.  For a more boot camp regime, please see our PC Muscle Exercise Guide


Thousands of women have explored the sensations love balls offer,  gained a stronger PC muscle whilst they’ve been at it and subsequently experienced stronger or easier orgasms – a win-win situation if ever there was one.