London’s Hottest Womxn Led LGBTQ+ Strxptease experience!

Where performance arts, contemporary theatre, Neo-burlesque and cabaret meets club culture, pole & striptease. 

The night will be jam-packed with award-winning performers, striptease & London Pride’s very first twerk contest.

We also have a VIP area where you can receive a deliciously Juicyyy private dance by one of our very own Juicebox Baddies & Daddies.


We believe in Womxn’s rights for all Womxn and we are extremely passionate about creating opportunities for Womxn and the LGBTQ+/QTPOC community to feel empowered and safe enough to express themselves fully and to accept themselves in their entirety, including their sexuality. Being LGBTQ/QTPOC Womxn ourselves we understand the frustration and disappointment in being a queer person of colour without a space to celebrate our culture and heritage safely. This is why we have created JuiceBox Events, to empower and provide a platform for the underrepresented in our community.

Our events will include Stud/Tomboy stage performances as we want to give our Masc/Dom performers a platform they don’t have at this moment in the UK.

We are proud to announce that we have been added to the official Pride In London festival program!!! In our research we found there to be a lack of safe spaces for our community and Womxn in London, and with the recent uproar of womxn’s rights campaigns such as the #metoo movement coupled with the rapid loss of some of London’s most respected and loved LGBTQ+ club nights makes clear tangible evidence that the fight for visibility is more important than ever.

We at JuiceBox Events believe strongly that all human beings deserve to feel heard and that it is a basic human need to feel a sense of belonging, we are an all-inclusive company that will empower and provides a platform for the underrepresented in our community by showcasing LGBTQ+, QTPOC & Womxn Talent.

Are You Ready To Twerk Out With Your Dollars Out?!!! Come & Make It Rain At The Ultimate Pre-Pride Warm Up

Come and join us on the 21ST JUNE 2019! at REDON for the launch of JUICEBOX EVENTS!!
Music Policy : Urban Music (HipHop/Bashment/Dancehall/Afrobeats/R&B/Grime)

Enjoy Our Line Up Of Award Winning Performers
  • Bunni Morretto
  • Tequila Rose
  • Kitty Velour
  • Foreign Freak
Whilst Exotic Strxpteasers – JuiceBox Baddies & Daddies Tease & Tantalize
  • Jada Love
  • Romeo De La
  • Cruz
With The Hottest All Womxn DJ Line Up, Serving You The Sickest Swaggiest Sets
  • DJ Kaspa
  • Lemonade Girlz
  • Nadine Artois (Pxssy Palace)

Come Bruk Out To Bashment/ Dancehall/Trap/ Hip- Hop/Grime/Afrobeats

This Is What We’ve Waited Our Whole Gay Lives For, Finally A Judgment Free Zone That Allows The LGBTQ+ Community To Live Their Best Life… Come Get That Booty Poppin’ With Us… Or Just Watch 😈

🌈This Is A Body Positive, Sex Positive, Twerk Positive, Yassssss Positive Womxn Led LGBTQ+ Event! 🌈 😈 Bring A Mate Or A Date & Don’t Be Late

  • Wheelchair Accessible Venue
  • We welcome all Womxn, Queer Bodies & Their Allies

@redonlive Cambridge Heath Road, Arch 289, London, E2 9HA

🎟 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/juicebox-presents-pride-ldn-tickets-61012220193

LDOV 2019 As Seen On Screen

LDOV 2019 As Seen On Screen

2019 marks the eleventh, annual Lesbian Day of Visibility (LDOV) since it began in 2008.

There has been a resounding lack of representation for queer womxn in society. Lesbianism has always existed throughout history, yet it is under-documented in history books, literature and art. In the U.K., women who had passionate relationships with women found it difficult to prove the sexual element to society – due to societies then-beliefs about sex. Men were not threatened by these “inferior” relationships as neither member had a penis.

Even to this day, the visibility of queer womxnhood in pop culture is a rarity. With the premise of LDOV being to bring attention to this orientation and encourage equality for people in this community, we decided to pay tribute to our favourite lesbian T.V. characters in our own, Sh! way…i.e. by pairing them with the sex toys we think best represent them.

Willow Rosenberg


Buffy the Vampire the Slayer is possibly one of the most iconic television series of it’s time. No, of our time. As one of our team member recounts, it provided the first sex scene she ever saw on screen. Willow, the Jewish witch-slash-best-friend of Buffy, is our favourite example of what made the show so magic. The audience follows her blossoming relationship with another character, Tara. As their connection deepens, Willow’s witching powers grow stronger and stronger. By the end of the fourth season, during their first kiss, she’s gradually becoming one of the most powerful members of Buffy’s gang. This positive, empowering and relatable development of Willow’s character is what made the unfolding of her sexuality on screen so unique. She was a role model for self-discovery. For this reason, we are characterizing Willow by a bullet vibrator.

A go-to for many first-time sex-toy buyers, the vibe has unlocked orgasms in countless unsuspecting womxn. It is the gateway to an otherworldly realm of sexual pleasure. A good place to start would be with our selection of Rocks Off vibes. Shiny, waterproof and bursting with buzz, you could try the bright Rainbow bullet or the sleek lipstick in silver.

Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista


The new series Pose had us quicker than Madonna could say “Vogue”. Set in 1980s New York, it depicts the black and latinx ball culture that you’ll remember from the sensational Paris is Burning documentary. If you haven’t seen this yet then you must, ASAP. It depicts a community at a pinnacle time in their history, who have influenced practically every aspect of current Western culture; from language to fashion; from Beyoncé to duck walks.

Pose starts with Blanca being a child in the House of Abundance. She is a black trans woman who finds out that she is living with H.I.V. Following her learning of this bombshell, she bravely sets out to start her own house; the House of Evangelista. She’s fabulous, strong and unique. To match Blanca with a sex toy, it has to be one of our most popular characters. Our custom-made marble dildos are crafted on-site in our dildo lab. Each one has an individual pattern in a durable body-safe and silky smooth silicone. Whether you prefer a Duchess, a Honey, a Twista, a Wirly Girly, a Queen of Pearl, a Cupid or a Duke, you can choose from the colours we have available or speak to a member of our team about custom shades. Our marble dildos, like Blanca in her ballroom, are beloved pillar stones of our humble Sh! community. We cannot WAIT for the next series.

Moira (a.k.a. Ruby)


The spine-chilling, dystopian drama from mastermind Margaret Attwood was televised at possibly the most appropriately disturbing time. The same year of Trump’s inauguration, The Handmaid’s Tale was alarmingly relatable to watch, and is even weirder that the lead actress is a Scientologist, might we add. Moira is the queer best friend of lead character Offred and was previously called Ruby before they were captured. As a fertile womxn in a non-fertile environment, Moira must pretend to be straight to avoid execution or mutilation. Unlike the less fortunate Ofglen, Moira avoids this fate by escaping handmaid training camp. We don’t hear of her again for ages, until Offred finds her as a sex worker in the underground scene.

Moira is fearless, impulsive and loyal. She is on a nifty one-womxn mission to freedom. Moira is a harness. She means business. Business involving a super-soft, perfectly-fitted black 2-strap harness. With three different sized hoops to fit the dildo of your choice, Moira is versatile and hand-made by our in-house leather goddess.

Yorkie and Kelly


One of the more uplifting episodes of Black Mirror, San Junipero hits Season 3 as a simulated town to which people can move, to visit their elderly or deceased loved ones. Surrounded by 80s music and sequins, it’s a memorably divergent episode of the show, focusing on a charmed and twisty romance instead of being a gut-wrenching thriller.

Kelly is extraordinary; with shoulder pads larger than life. The spectacled Yorkie looks like she was dressed by her Grandma. It’s a sweet, honest account of two people drawn together. By the time they enter San Junipero away from 1987 America, they are out, together and proud. It seems only natural to pair these two honeys with a double ended, body-safe double-ended dildo. The Fun Factory Wave is novel in that its bendy shape allows each partner to get as close to the other as they like, maintaining eye contact. It is our answer to San Junipero. Other double-ended dildos don’t offer this intimate connection as one partner is on each end, leaving their heads and bodies at a distance. Fun Factory has created Wave to allow partners a tighter bond.

Anne Lister

gentleman jack

Also known as “Gentleman Jack”, Anne Lister was a 19th-century British landowner and industrialist. Based on their real-life diaries that were largely written in code, this is a new period drama set to hit the U.K. screens in the coming months. Jack/Anne avoided societies norms, dressing androgynously (hence the nickname of Gentleman Jack) and wanting to marry a woman. Although Jack/Anne did not shove their orientation in other’s faces, they lived openly and honestly in privacy in a time when there were no other well-known queer womxn. Gentleman Jack is often acknowledged to be the first modern lesbian in U.K. history.

To reflect Jack/Anne’s stealthy, original and sometimes sensual behaviour, we are pairing the character with the innovative couples toy, the We-Vibe Sync. This toy can be controlled through a smartphone app, meaning that one partner can covertly direct the other’s pleasure even when on the other side of the world.

Ellen DeGeneres (and Portia de Rossi)


Although these two are definitely real people (as oppose to televised characters), we felt it treason to miss them off this list. Plus, they have both been fictional characters before, with Portia de Rossi featuring in Ally McBeal and Scandal and Ellen DeGeneres voicing the legendary fish, Dory. The latter actor also starred in her namesake show that aired during the 90s. During its fourth season, DeGeneres was famously interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. It was in this interview that the comedian came out. She then used her sitcom Ellen to bring to light issues surrounding coming out as a queer womxn. In fact, Winfrey actually played a therapist in the show to whom the character Ellen revealed her queer sexuality.

Since this show, DeGeneres has gone on to host a talk show, write several books, found a record company, launch a lifestyle brand…seriously the list goes on, and we haven’t even mentioned the number of pets she has rescued with de Rossi. There is only one option we could think of when marrying this duo to their metaphorical sex toy. It has to be extravagant, efficient and a popular powerhouse of queer pleasure. For this, we suggest the Lesbian Pleasure Weekend Away Gift Set. Made up of a strapless vibrating dildo, a free Sh! bullet, a remote-controlled vibrator, satin ties, free sachets of flavoured lube and free batteries; it’s quite something.

Although these narratives are largely based on non-fiction, there is a lot of truth to the nuances of each. For white, privileged western women especially, acceptance is slowly becoming the norm. For others around the world, this is not the case. Visibility may not solve such complex issues as these entrenched in societies, but it does provide a figure of identity, understanding and comfort for those experiencing isolation and stigmatisation. The fight for equality is far from over. The Lesbian Day of Visibility is one step forward in a more loving direction.

The LOL Word Comedy Night at Sh!

Like comedy? Like queer women?

Then you’ll love The LOL Word!

That’s right: your favourite LGBTQ+ women and non-binary comedians, The LOL Word, are descending upon London’s finest sex emporium Sh! for a night of raucous, inclusive, sex-positive and hilarious comedy.

Not only will you see the comedy scene’s finest award-winning queer talent, but you’ll also get to spend the evening surrounded by solid gold pure smut with 10% OFF ALL PRODUCTS for ticket holders!

Comedians for the night include the entire LOL Word originals (Chloe Petts, Jodie Mitchell, Shelf, and Chloe Green) plus the most special of SPECIAL GUESTS…

Tickets are extremely limited so grab yours now to avoid disappointment!

Arrive at 6:30pm to start shopping with that sweet 10% DISCOUNT and the show starts at 7pm prompt.

So who are LOL then?

A bunch of best mates and accolade-brimming comedians, providing London, Manchester, Brighton, Edinburgh and beyond with the best LGBTQ+ comedy talent there is. Founded by Chloe Green, Jodie Mitchell, Chloe Petts and sketch duo Shelf, they pull together the very best talent the scene has to offer, to save you the faff. Previous line-ups have included Sofie Hagen, Fern Brady, Sophie Duker, Kemah Bob, Sarah Keyworth, Rosie Jones andmaaany more babes.


Shelf are a comedy double act from South London.

Shelf is made up of Rachel WD and Ruby Clyde. Already lifelong friends, they started performing as Shelf in 2015. Shelf started out at open mic nights, honing a style that is “a winning hybrid of sketch show and standup” (Edfringe Review).

Since their formation, Shelf have performed at Bestival, London Pride, and been nominated for Sketchfest’s Best New Act award. Their work has appeared on BBC3 and LADBible. They are founding members of sell-out monthly night The LOL Word, which showcases queer women and non-binary comedians from across the London comedy circuit. They are board members of the cult hit Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, with whom they regularly perform in London and Edinburgh.

The Skinny – “…cool and relevant”

Diva Magazine – “The talented twosome find belly laughs in heavyweight topics like mental health, sexuality and gender

The Broad UK – “What makes their show really stand out is the crackling chemistry between their on stage personae”

The Daily Info – “Everything they do is organic and fresh…the audience is given permission to join in with their friendship: they let us in to their lives, flaunting their flaws and thus showcasing their qualities. Their honesty encourages laughing along and their comic timing ensures it”

Bunbury Publishing – “The chemistry between Rachel and Ruby absolutely sparkled, from the writing to the performance, page to stage, everything feeds into each other perfectly. I will repeat, Shelf are going to be huge”

Scotsgay – “Lesbians”

Jodie Mitchell

Jodie-MitchellJodie Mitchell is a ‘blindingly obvious comedic talent’ (The Skinny) doing her best to simultaneously be as surreal and political as possible. In 2018, she was a ‘Funny Woman Awards’ Finalist, a ‘Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year’ Semi-Finalist, and shortlisted for the ‘BBC New Comedy Award’.  She has a hit comedy podcast, ‘Secret Dinosaur Cult’, which she co-hosts with Sofie Hagen, and is currently touring a new show as her male comedian alter-ego with the Drag King troupe ‘Pecs’, after a 5*, Offie-nominated, sell-out run at Soho Theatre. Jodie’s supported by Soho Theatre Young Company, and is a founding member of queer, all women and non-binary comedy collective ‘The Lol Word’.  If you’re her mate, then you laughed at her shouldering butchness to don a denim mini-skirt in BBC Scotland’s ‘Scotsquad’.

‘Jodie Mitchell…left me with actual tears of laughter running down my face’ – DIVA
‘[Her] set is so funny it makes all the comedy in my life up to this point redundant’ – Theatrebubble

Chloe Petts

Chloe Petts’ “inexhaustibly funny mind” (Diva Magazine) and “compelling presence” (Steve Bennett, Chortle) has established her as one of the most exciting new acts on the circuit.

Chloe is an alumna of the prestigious Pleasance Comedy Reserve, has been shortlisted for the BBC Comedy Award, was a finalist in the most recent Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year Awards and came runner-up in the Funny Women Awards 2017.

She has appeared on Channel 4’s Random Acts and BBC 3 Quickies.

Chloe Green

Chloe-GreenChloe Green is a queer comedian who makes jokes about life as a Labour Party staffer and the patriarchy. Sounds like a misnomer? It’s Ms. Nomer, thanks very much.

When she takes time off from being a “f*cking delicate snowflake”, Chloe likes to make jokes. Because her job staffing Labour’s Twitter account and navigating the minefield of sexism and homophobia in politics is surprisingly funny. Sharp political commentary meets confessional storytelling as Chloe tells us what it’s like to be “out” on the inside of the UK’s weirdest workplace.

Chloe is a co-founder of queer comedy collective The LOL Word, which had a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018. She’s also a member of the Soho Theatre Young Company, was named one of the top lesbian and bi comedians to watch out for by Pink News in 2018, and was a Semi-Finalist in the BBC New Comedy Award 2018.

As seen on LADBible and Pink News, seen at Latitude, heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

“Smart, insightful, hilarious, and completely relatable” – DIVA magazine.

“a quickfire stream of jokes that bounce pleasingly around a wide field of crowd-winning topics” – Bechdel Theatre

About LOL Word:

The Guardian: “a new generation of comics retaliating against the old template of comedy”
DIVA: “Smart, insightful, hilarious, and completely relatable”
Sofie Hagen: “My favourite comedy night in London”
Bechdel Theatre: “THE night to go to”


Oral pleasure for both partners: tips, toys and tricks for ‘coming together’

Get Down, Deeper and Down

Is there anything better than having a kiss on your lips or a smooch on your Johnson?

It’s oral, it’s orgasmic and it’s an opportunity to connect with your partner in an immensely intimate way. It can also be a source of frustration or dare we say it – boredom – if, as the giver, you feel overworked, under-appreciated or under-stimulated.


We decided to share a few tips and tricks to ensure that both of you are getting the best of this delightfully sensual situation.

Sharing is Caring

What you don’t want in a situation like this is an unequal relationship. If you love handing out oral left, right, and centre but cannot understand why your partner won’t reciprocate, then you need to have an open, non-judgemental chat with each other to find out what’s going wrong. If it’s something that’s out of their boundaries, then you need to respect that. If it’s sheer laziness, then you’re probably better off going solo with a lubed-up Fun Factory Volta vibrator or a Vertical Attack Vibrating Masturbator – depending on your genitalia.


This brings us onto our next point – you have to know what you want and how to get it. Without good communication, sending your partner on a trip to your southern star without any instructions is like watching a Houdini impersonator wrestle themselves free out of a straight jacket, whilst in a fish tank. It doesn’t have to be a step-by-step manual you are giving them, but rather the occasional encouraging gasp, groan or affirmation, or the invitation to move to the left, or right, harder or softer… If you find yourselves coming from completely different continents on this, then have an honest, yet careful, conversation afterward. Remember, it’s a sensitive subject to comment on someone’s sexual skills or tendencies and you don’t want to cause any lingering insecurities. Keep your words positive, with phrases like “I would love you to focus on my perineum more” or “Wouldn’t it be hot if you used your fingers too?”, rather than “I don’t like that you don’t ever do this”. This way, everyone is happy – and keen to experiment with their newly discovered hints and tricks.

Switch It Up

This should be needless to say but there’s more than one position to be experiencing oral in. Make like Freddie Mercury and have a go at Queen-ing (aka face-sitting). It’s powerful and crazy sexy for both parties, not to mention it’s a fab alternative if the giver has bad knees.

Another option is the ever-famous 69 position to ensure simultaneous pleasure for both parties. We could go on with these suggestions but you might as well look up a Kama Sutra instead.


Likewise, there’s not only one element to oral sex. You don’t need to go straight in with the tongue. Be creative and create a build up – you want your partner to really want it. Perhaps you could do an all over body massage and slowly work your way down. The more turned on they are, the more exciting it will be for you.

The award-winning Orgie have a number of products to take both oral sex and sensuous massages to the next level. Their Wow Warming Spray adds a minty flavour and a warming sensation to your usual oral experience, whilst their aphrodisiac massage set includes oil and a feather to tickle and tease. Yet another option could be their pearls lust massage set, which includes a massage gel, a thread of pearls and an instructions manual to show you how to get the most out of your sexy massaging beads.

The bigger the build up, the more impressive the crescendo will be.

Introduce Toys

One of the sexiest things about giving oral sex is that one person is in complete control of another person’s pleasure. This doesn’t mean however that only one person needs to be stimulated. We have a range of toys online and in our shop that are controlled by a remote device. Give your partner the remote whilst your mouth does the work, giving you some of the action at the same time…


For instance, the luxury sex-toy brand Lelo listened to the fact that male-bodies persons who experience prostate orgasm find them way more intense than the penis-kind, and created the remote-controlled Lelo Hugo. The prostate portion of the toy reaches up into their tush with perfectly formed proportions designed to radiate precise stimulation. Meanwhile, there is a second motor within the long base that tilts upwards to tantalize their perineum.

Similarly, the IJOY Remote Control Egg Vibrator is a great option for someone who owns a vagina. The silky, textured shell buzzes with over 10 functions and can be used clitorally or when inserted into the vagina. Again, this is controlled remotely so you can hand the reigns over to your partner for an extra thrill.

The We-Vibe Ditto is another option from a world-renowned brand and can be used by either gender. This silicone butt plug provides deep, rumbly waves of a blissfully anal utopia. It’s controlled by a we-connect app in a smartphone so the oral receiver can tap into 10 vibration modes for their lucky giver.

Finally, the last vibrating butt plug that is controlled remotely is suitable only for those more experienced in anal play (due to it’s larger size). This unique silicone toy contains rotating beads and, when lathered in lube, mimics the sensation of being rimmed…



‘Couples on the Couch’ – Couples Therapy on TV

Couples on the Couch is an innovative new series for BBC Three, following real-life couples as they bring their genuine relationships to therapists at our specially created relationship clinic. The series will follow their journey through therapy as well as provide genuine take-home advice for people who may well see their own lives reflected on screen and provide them with a framework to help in their own lives.

The sole aim of the programme is to improve people’s quality of life/relationship.

Couples will be offered three therapy sessions – this will all be bespoke and tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. Our therapists have years of experience and we’re looking to create a really positive experience for everyone that participates.

We are looking to hear from people who think they could benefit in some way and might be interested in taking part. We’ve seen on forums online people discussing the effect Vaginismus can have not just on them but also on their relationship – one of our therapists has experience working with clients/couples in this area so we wanted to reach out to your network to let people know a bit about our programme and the help that we could offer.

If anyone is interested in taking part or would like to find out more, please email Gorana.Jelovina@bbc.co.uk or give call/text 07712 872469 – there is, of course, no obligation to take part, Gorana is happy to chat with people and tell them more about the show to see if they think it might be something for them.

Want to take part? Register your interest by emailing or calling Gorana by the 26th of October 2018.


What to expect when attending your first sex party

If you’ve never been to a sex party before, it can be difficult to know what to expect when attending your first one. Excitement, nerves, anticipation – there are so many mixed emotions flying around when you’ve got an invite to an event like this, so it’s really difficult to know how to act when you arrive.

Remember, this is going to be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime, so just follow our golden rules for attending your first sex party and you’ll be in for a mind-blowing time.

Sex party etiquette

Going to a sex party is a little like going to any other social gathering, albeit people will get naked at some point. It’s a lot more fun than your regular after-work pint down the local,  but it’s still important to remember your manners.

All the guests know that this is a sex party, but some might be there to actively participate while others are just happy to sit on the sidelines and watch. For your first time, you might be happy to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the ‘show’ rather than jumping right in, and this is perfectly ok.

Get to know the hosts, mingle with other guests and relax; there’s plenty of time to move things up a notch later if you feel like it.

Be polite

Just because you are at a sex party doesn’t mean you have to play with everyone – you have the right to say no to an invitation, but always be polite. If someone won’t take no for an answer and insists on your attention, do make the hosts or the monitors aware and let them handle it as they probably won’t want this person at their party.

If someone turns down your invitation to play, remember to be polite and gracious. Maybe they don’t fancy playing right now, or maybe they have their eye on another guest… Sometimes the chemistry is off and the only thing to do is look for someone who’s on your wavelength and up for sexy fun with you.


Be honest

The beauty of a sex party is that there are so many people with varied sexual tastes all brought together for a great time. Still, it’s a good idea to set your boundaries early and be clear on what you do or don’t want.

Many other guests will ask what you’re hoping to experience during the evening, so be honest and they’ll be able to introduce you to others who are looking for something similar.

If you’re going along with a friend or partner and it’s the first time for the both of you, it might be worth having some kind of code word if you both feel that you’re not quite ready for the experience after all.

Maybe something like ‘Sandra’s just called and needs to be picked up’ might work to alert your companion to the fact that you’re not feeling the vibe and would like to leave without making anyone else feel awkward.

Whether you enjoy the party together or separately, remember to check in with each other regularly. You might be having the time of your life, but is beau? Ask ’em! 🙂

Be discreet

Unless it’s a private party where every guest already know each other, most guest will use a scene name. You can of course choose to use your real name, if you feel comfortable with this, but always respect other guests’ right to privacy. You might bump into someone you know is called Laura IRL, but if she introduces herself as Kitty, this is what you call her at the party.

If you happen to see your bank manager rolling about on a pvc sheet wearing nothing but a unicorn butt plug and nipple clamps, you make no mention of it next time you go to pick up your foreign currency order.

Not everyone is A-ok with sex parties and kink and spousal swaps, and consequences could be dire if someone’s very private & personal preferences were made public.


Be prepared!

Safer sex is always high on the agenda at any sex party, so there’s bound to be plenty of condoms scattered around the place. (If no one seems to care about safer sex, you may want to ask yourself if you really want to stay.) However, its always a good idea to take a little kit of your own supplies such as contraceptives, latex gloves, your favourite lube, baby wipes and some fresh pairs of underwear just in case.

If you bring sex toys, it’s a good idea to cover them in condoms and pull off the used condom before dipping toy into a new play partner or orifice. Chuck a bottle of sex toy cleaner in your kit too if you’re bringing toys. Regular spritz & rinses will keep your toys clean and free from bodily fluids.

Go at your own pace, be open to new experiences and making new friends, and you might just find this is the best fun you’ve ever had!




Special Edition Rainbow Dildos!

The biggest LGBTQIA+ celebration of the year is a just a few weeks away, but we say:

Let’s get this Pride party started!

Pride is our favourite season and we usually throw an event of our own or have a special product or two to mark the day of London Pride, where we celebrate love and diversity with our lovely and diverse customers (although, being a forward-thinking company with a strong LGBT following, we celebrate love & diversity each and every day).

This year, we hope and believe that Pride parade is going to be even bigger, more fun and more colourful than ever and we’re looking forward to joining in with the fantastic street party in the West End of London.

The parade itself takes place on Saturday 7th of July, but we can’t wait to throw ourselves into the festive spirit so we sent our fantastic dildo maker into the silicone lab and grrrl, did she get to work! She’s done lots of mixing and pouring and the end result is something which beautifully encapsulates the fun vibe of the movement:

A Range of Special Edition Rainbow Dildos for Pride

Rainbow-HeartsSeveral days of prep took place before the actual dildos were made.

First, flat sheets of soft silicone were made, one sheet for each colour to be included. The sheets were left to firm up for around 24 hours before they were ready for the next step.

Once the silicone set, tiny hearts were cut out of the sheets by hand (the leftover circles of silicone are cute and we use them as drink coasters, by the way). The hearts are then sorted into colour for ease of use in the next step.

Next up, the molds were prepped and silicone mixed.  Much like baking, it’s all about correct measurements and patience. At this point in the process, we’re all under strict instructions to not disturb our dildo maker  – or we could cause a batch of ruined dildos!

Translucent silicone was used for the special edition Pride dildos and this is hand-poured into the molds, which hang upside down from the special dildo table.

Dropping-heartsThe tiny rainbow hearts are all dropped in by hand – and occasionally poked with a long, thin wooden stick (precision work!). It’s time-consuming but the end result is definitely worth it.

The dildos are then left to cure for 2 days, with our dildo maker watching over them like a worried Mother Hen. 🙂

Silicone is hypoallergenic and non-porous, making it the perfect materiel for sex toys. Silicone toys like our dildos are very easy to keep clean and all you need to do to keep them in tip-top condition is to spritz with toy cleaner or wash with antibacterial hand w and warm water. We recommend using water-based lubricant to ensure the surface of the silicone dildos remains non-porous.

Dildo tableOnce the silicone is firmly set, the dildos are released from the molds and inspected for flaws. Of course, being handmade, they are never going to be as perfect as dildos that are churned out of machines dozens at a time, but we want our customers to be able to trust that a Sh! dildo is going to be excellent quality, durable and ready for hours and hours of fun.

Once the dildos have passed the inspection, they are ready for their first meet & greet; i.e we get to see the finished product!

Say hello to our beautiful Pride dildos here.


Choose from three of our most popular dildo designs:

6 inches long, with a rounded head and curvy, tapered shaft delivers a winning combination of perfect penetrative pleasures

6 inches long with 1.75 inch diameter shaft and rounded head, ergonomically angled for hitting the G-spot

7 inches long with ample 1.75 inch diameter shaft that delivers rhythmic and deeply fulfilling penetration

All in all, there are only 12 of the special edition Pride dildos made and ad stock is very limited, make sure to order yours now if you want to snap one up!

Last But Not Least: A Pride Event at Sh!

Whilst we’ve got your attention, we want to highlight a fabtastic Pride event on 6 July, when we’ll welcome poet, writer and all-round sex goddess, Immani Love to Sh! for an erotic reading and fun slumber party. Immani will be sharing snippets from her latest tantalising page turner– Adventures in Eroticism: Workplace. We’ll be serving up bubbles and French fancies and you can bring pyjamas and a pillow to get comfy!

Tickets for the Immani Love book release show, which will take place at Sh! in London on Friday 6 July 2018 are priced at £7.50 and can be purchased here: Immani Love




Immani Love – Book Release Show at Sh!

Author, Erotic Poet, Love Goddess

Immani-Love-POetryJoin Immani Love for the celebration of her new volume of erotic work: Adventures in Eroticism: Workplace. The evening will include music, poetry and of course readings from her exciting new book.

Immani Love was born in Philadelphia, Pa and is currently making her home in Florida, regularly performing in several places in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia when booked.

Named 2013 Erotic Poet of the Year by the National Poetry Awards and invited to perform in the UK Black Pride in London, England, as well as EuroPride 2014 in Marseille, France and EuroPride 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, now her popularity has grown! She has traveled throughout Europe every summer since 2014 and includes stops as far as Australia, England, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, and Greece.

Currently booking the 5th national and international annual tour.

The ticket price of £7.50 includes Bubbles & French Fancies.

Copies of her new work will be available for purchase and signing!

Guests who want to enjoy the full Immani Love-experience are welcome to bring pj’s and a pillow (pyjama party!). Our changing room will be available for changing into your comfy’s before the event starts.

Adentures-in-Eroticism-Workplace-Immani-LoveBOOKS: Immani Love’s 1st book series “Adventures in Eroticism” beginning with “Adventures in Eroticism: Four Seasons” is a collection of themed Lesbian Erotic short stories that places you, the reader as the main character allowing you to experience things not dared to be typically imagined. Adventures in Eroticism: Workplace is the 2nd in the series. With vivid imagery and tantalizing scenarios, these stories allow you to live out your fantasies.

Lesbian erotica has never had an avenue like this to explore sexuality with a sensual yet witty outlook on intimacy. Typical professions like Police Officer and College Professor get an enticing overhaul and allow the reader to explore the hotter side of the Workplace. Be on the lookout for the next in the series, Adventures in Eroticism: Holidays and Adventures in Eroticism: World Travels. Coming soon!

CD: “Immani Love … Sensually Speaking” – This is the inaugural CD of Immani Love erotic poetry. One of the few strictly LGBT erotic poets around, Immani Love brings her sensual voice and imagination stimulating words for the long awaiting ears and hearts of the world. Not for the virgin ears, but definitely for the arousal of loins and the wetting of panties, she delves into the world of sexuality with a spirited, no holds barred sense of fantasy and reality.

Follow Immani Love on Twitter.

View videos on YouTube:



Enjoy A Free Excerpt from Adventures in Eroticism: Workplace, “Duty Calls (Police Officer)”

…As she led the way to her bedroom every thought you had about self-restraint went out the window and it didn’t help that the thin silk wrap-around dress that swayed as she walked, hugged every curve yet flapped open occasionally to show her thick thighs. The sun danced through the sheer curtains onto the walls of her very feminine pale pink bedroom, and as she sat on the edge of her bed the rays of sun shone on her thighs while the dress slid open gently. The phrases “ex-girlfriend” and “fresh start” rang in your ears like a dinner bell and she was a delectable main course meal. Your every being felt the urge to just snatch open that dress and ravage her body, but instead you just simply said, “Oh, that’s cool.” Once again, kicking yourself for not being more valiant in your approach. You removed your gear and weapon and began to take off the wet clothing. Although her head was turned away you noticed her watching you undress in the mirror. It delighted you that she blushed as you removed your tank top to reveal the lacy bra that enveloped your ample bosom and as you removed your pants she stifled her smile as she almost whispered, “You should take those off too,” referring to your damp undergarments. “Are you trying to get me naked?” You quipped, while unfastening your bra.  “Yes!” she replied and swiftly added, “We wouldn’t want you walking around all day dripping wet, would we?”

Her deliberate wording was comical and she chuckled as she gathered your clothing and left the room. “Too late,”

you muttered as you stood there nude deciding whether or not to put on the flimsy robe. The idea of standing there naked

and vulnerable while she tended to your laundry was unnerving and you decided a thin robe was better than no defense at

all but as you slipped into the silky garment you turned to see Saraya walking towards you almost as if in slow motion,

holding a glass of PINK LEMONADE.  It was literally like your dream was more of a premonition except you knew for a

fact that no angry husband or boyfriend would come and attack you. As she entered the room you stood there motionless

trying to make sure you didn’t assume your fantasy was coming true. Saraya walked past you without a word, set the glass on

her bedside table and beckoned for you to come to her. As if in a trance, you complied and as she spoke her words sent chills

through your body, “I’ve been waiting for this.” she whispered as she untied her dress and let it drop to the floor.

(excerpt from Duty Calls)


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How to keep the juices flowing on the night of your wedding

Wedding days are hailed by many to be one of the most important in a person’s life. Meticulous planning goes into them and it’s not unusual for brides-to-be to pick over the smallest of details, and this is just as it should be – it’s your (and your partner’s obv) day after all!

From the outfit to the cake, to the music being provided by a carefully selected DJ and the food being served after the ceremony, no stone should be left unturned – you’re creating treasured memories to last a lifetime.

Despite all of the preparation that goes into the wedding day,  few couples turn their attention to planning the wedding night. It is just assumed that’ll great sex will happen once you are safely tucked away in your bed for the night, and couples are sent on their way to the hotel by friends & family winking and nudging each other indelicately.

Statistics have revealed that what newlyweds want and what they actually get on the night of their wedding vary somewhat.

More than half of all newlyweds choose sleep over a bed-bopping sesh. Common reasons include tiredness, being too tipsy and not having time to eat enough during the day, none of which are unexpected (anyone already married will know what we’re talking about!).

There’s also the added pressure of speaking to all of your friends and family, which often leaves couples with little time to actually spend together. Not such a biggie as you do have the rest of forever to enjoy each other’s company, but what can you do during your wedding day and the evening that follows to get those juices flowing and ensure that you start married life with a night of passion. Read on to find out…

Abstain for a few nights beforehand

Delayed gratification is sexy and we all know that having to wait for your cake before you can eat it, makes it taste so much sweeter. The same goes for sex. Tease and tempt and flirt and play, but leave it at that for a week or two before your Big Day and you’ll both be looking forward to tearing each other’s clothes off as soon as you get some time to yourselves. Anticipation will have you both gagging for a rumbunctious romp amidst the clean sheets of the wedding-night bed…


Romance about it

There’s nothing better than sharing hot fantasies to get the juices flowing. Spend the lead up to your wedding talking about what you’d each like to happen during the wedding night. Lay down on the bed together and romance about it. Go into detail and be as explicit as you can. Do you want to try something new, or get down to something that’s saved for special occasions or do you want to go with your trusted favorite position?

Talking about sex and not actually having it is a massive turn on, and will get you both in the mood for a fun night when it eventually happens.


Feel your best

Amazing sex happens when you are feeling truly comfortable and confident in your own skin. This is your wedding night after all, so why not treat yourself to some new undies? Depending on your preferred style and the preferences of your new spouse, you can build the heat during the day by dropping hints about what you’re wearing underneath your fabulous frock/sassy suit.

Before the day, spend some time pampering yourself if time; a massage, having your nails done or getting a new haircut are all excellent ways of feeling fantastic in your skin.  Spritz on your favorite scent and sashay around to whatever music gets your blood pumping and your hips bumping…

Just Dance Dancing GIF by Galantis - Find & Share on GIPHY

Keep telling your partner how great they look

While your moments together may be few and far between on your wedding day (family & friends take up lots of time, trust us), so when you are together, be sure to make it special.

Let your partner know how gorgeous they look and how keen you are to get them alone so you can finally seal the deal, so to speak.

Pupils dilate naturally when we are looking at someone we’re attracted to, so make sure to eye up your partner regularly – let your eyes do the talking whenever your eyes meet across the crowded room – like so:

Happy Birthday Flirting GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Play before, during and after the ceremony

Handing over the reins to your new spouse for the day is a good way of ensuring their mind (and yours!) is firmly on what’ll happen after the party has ended.

Small remote controlled vibes are super-fun and great for couples. Tuck the vibe into your underwear and hand the remote to your partner. They are now in charge of giving you short, thrilling buzzes every now and then. This is guaranteed to heighten your arousal and keep a beaming smile on your face all day long…

Keep the day playful and flirty, go lightly on the refreshments and make sure to sneak off early – and we promise you’ll have energy left over for playing!


Top sex tips for newlyweds

With the wedding of Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle set to take place on the 19th May, spirits are high among royalists and anyone who’s a sucker for romance, including us.

Being newlyweds is an aphrodisiac in itself and couples tend to live in their happy, loved-up bubble for weeks or even months after the honeymoon has ended.  But eventually, the daily grind comes knocking and the after-wedding come-down sets in. It’s not unusual for one or both parties to feel a little low and wonder what happens ‘next’.

Luckily for newlyweds everywhere, we have some experience with this. Check out our top tips for remaining steamy between the sheets long after saying ‘I do’.

Have open discussions about what you want

Hopefully you’ve already done this, but needs & desires evolve and change over time and it’s important to keep conversations about sex ongoing. Being open to trying new things and instilling a sense of togetherness in everything that you do works to strengthen the bond between you.

Whether it’s attending a sex class or shopping for toys, you’re in a partnership now, so play and enjoy as a pair. Sex classes are not only liberating and great fun, but also the perfect place for couples to learn new ways of giving and receiving pleasure.

Up the ante when it comes to erotic connection

We’re conditioned to think that “real” sex is p-i-v (penis in vagina) but it’s time to put the kaboosh on this old fashioned thinking. Sex is whatever you want it to be! It can certainly involve a penis or dildo in a vagina if that’s how you and your beau roll, but it can also mean that nothing is inserted into any orifices. Like, ever. And it’s still sex!

Focusing heavily on penetration leaves out a long list of other delicious activities such as mutual masturbation (watching your partner bring themselves to orgasm is super-hot), tickling (yep, some peeps get off on that) and phone sex to name a few.


Make it your mission to grow the erotic side of your play. A strong erotic connection increases sexual tension and excitement, it builds feelings of intimacy, and this should never be overlooked.

‘Erotic’ means different things to different people, but usually includes lots of eye contact, gentle touching, lips travelling slowly over naked skin, and words whispered in the dark… Take your time and savour each experience.

Long make-out sessions keep the panty-fires on full blast, so leave the wham-bam-thank-you-mam’s for the occasions you really are short on time.

Make great sex a priority

There are gazillions of articles telling us how many times per week or month we “should” be having sex, but we think quality tops quantity every time. Isn’t having really great sex once or twice a month much better than having three or four lukewarm shags per week? Sex isn’t a competition so forget about keeping up with the Jones’s.

Juggling jobs, families and other commitments can mean that sex has to take a backseat from time to time and that’s ok, but don’t let it get stuck back there. Scheduling sex-dates might seem like a passion-killer, but clearing a couple of hours in your calendar for carnal pleasures is actually great fun.

Take it in turns to think up new scenarios, buy some sex toys or try seemingly impossible positions so the element of surprise is still there.

Stop counting how many times per week you have sex, and focus on the amount of pleasure you’re getting instead.


Touch each other outside of the bedroom

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to remain tactile with your partner when you aren’t having sex. Focus on kissing and stroking each other, both of which will make you feel closer, more connected, and ensure that you enjoy a fiery sex life when you do get down to it.

Holding hands is romantic and sweet, and chaste pecks in public can  be crazy hot if you’re both looking forward to a long night in private later on.

Cheeky little gropes when no one is watching is sexy and keeps you both hungry for more. A sly snog in the kitchen whilst you are checking on the Sunday roast is a classic, as is gentle nibbles of the neck whilst your new spouse is on the phone to their boss…

Grab the moment when it comes, and make it count!

Play together

Marriage is about more than sex – obviously – but you’d be amazed how much ‘playing’ together in other areas will spice things up.

Camping, or glamping if hot water and hair dryer are on the must-have list, is in season and a night out under the stars offers plenty of opportunity for togetherness and turn-ons. Bring a bottle of fizz in a cooler and play never-have-I-ever had sex outdoors.

Long-haul flights are great for mile-high fun and a night on a ferry will rock you both in more ways that one. You could play one-for-one (one orgasm for you, one orgasm for me) on long car journeys, or book a night in a hotel and live out a 24-hour sex fantasy.


As the saying goes; a couple that plays together, stays together.