We all have that one friend who is obsessed with star signs, horoscopes and possibly chakras too. This article is perfect for them. Or you, if you’re looking to buy them a birthday present or are simply trying to find out what they’re on about.

To start with the basics, we have a thing called the zodiac. This refers to the space encompassing the ecliptic and approximately nine degrees around it. The ecliptic is the looped “pathway” that the Earth makes when orbiting the sun and passing certain star-groups on its way. This journey is split into twelve equal segments of thirty degrees (because 12 x 30 is 360; almost the number of days in the year). These 12 sections correlate to what we know as the star signs. So, the date and time you were born are assigned a zodiac or star sign according to the position of the planets, the moon and the sun at the time of birth. The position of the sun at the time of birth supposedly determines one’s personality whereas the position of the moon governs one’s emotions or inner mood. So, now you know the actual logistics of why you’re so incredibly turned on by sexy Scorpios…

Gemstones have been thought to have a relationship with the zodiac signs since practically forever. The first recording of their seemingly solid relationship was back in the first century as Josephus wrote up the first Latin transcription of the Bible. Since then, the ancient Egyptians went wild for them, as did the Greeks and Romans. It was believed that if you wore the appropriate gemstone for your sign, you would receive good fortune. This theory wasn’t enough for some and so, if you were rich enough, you’d get a talisman with all twelve stones in.

In fact, our love for horoscopes and birthstones remains undying. Vice has recently released an app providing daily horoscopes. One of our team member’s mothers actually reads hers via the human translator of a psychic horse in her favourite weekly magazine. Meanwhile, we have just got a whole range of horoscope-specific gift sets in from the luxurious sex accessory brand; Bijoux Indiscrets. These gift sets include a birthstone, a vibrator, and a clitoral balm. Wow. Astro-holy cow. Personalisation at it’s finest.

The gemstone

So, star signs are determined by planetary behaviours, i.e. their movement and interaction with the sun and moon. Dependant on the stones’ believed properties and star sign traits, certain gemstones are assigned to the zodiac to bring good luck to the signs. For instance, if you’re a Gemini and you’re sauntering around with a Tiger’s Eye pendant on (like the one in this set); this can only be a good thing. This is because Tiger’s Eye has been assigned to the sign Gemini. Why? Geminis are meant to be flighty social butterflies with a split personality whilst Tiger’s Eye is believed to be deliberately grounding. It makes sense. It clears the mind somewhat of unrest and uneasiness. It is believed to make the wearer happier. In a funny kind of way, so do sex toys. They bring you orgasmic pleasure. They remind you that you are only human. They look after your mental and physical wellbeing. Why not combine these two powers into an unholy force and create a set that includes both your birthstone and a sex toy inside?! …wait a second…

The vibrator

Straight outta heaven, we give you the Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope finger vibrator. That may sound like a mouthful but we figure that the longer a title is, the more important it sounds. This vibe slips onto your finger like Cinderella’s life-changing glass slipper. With seven settings and irresistibly smooth silicone, this intense buzz will send shivers through its owner’s body at just the thought of it.

The clitoral balm

Last up, we have a clit stimulating balm, which funnily enough looks like any ordinary lip balm. This comes in four varieties depending on the element of your star sign. The four elements are as follows, fire, air, earth, and water. These elements are designated star signs in accordance with certain personality traits. The idea is that because these four elements make up the world, they’re all kind of dependent on each other – nice, hey?

Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Bijoux Indiscrets has assigned each element an appropriate scent, to make your clitoral balm that bit fancier. Fire is assigned spiced ginger, earth is vetiver, air is star anise and water is sandalwood. Apply it to your clit and feel the tingles start to rush.

Altogether now

Mercury may be in retrograde, but with this gorgeous little gift set in hand, your woes will be no more. It’s TLC for both your spirit and your clit. Priced at a modest £39.00, Bijoux Indiscrets is making magic happen for crystal-healing-lovers in more ways than one!


Competition: Win a Womanizer Starlet Sex Toy Worth £69!

The festive season is upon us and we’re making merry by giving away a fantabulous Womanzier Starlet suction toy!

Petite yet powerful, Womanizer Starlet has 4 levels of intensity (honestly, you don’t need more!) and retails at a cool £69 – but you can get your hands on it for free!

Womanizer Starlet is small in size but big on orgasm-reliability. Our toy tester confirms it’s easy to hold and use, and a full charge offers a 30-minute play session – but from experience, we know that Womanizer sex toys usually delivers within mere minutes!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The new generation of sex toys – suction toys – are winning 5-star reviews from customers, toy testers and sex bloggers alike. Once you get the hang of it, suction toys need very little to work their magic. A drizzle of water-based lube, regular USB charging and a comfortable space for you to relax whilst the toy builds you up to orgasmic explosions pretty much covers it… Well, cleaning of course, but the removable silicone nozzle makes it easy peasy.

Here’s how it works:

The nozzle of Womanizer Starlet sits comfortably over the clitoris and offers magnificent suction, not dissimilar to really good oral sex.


We have found that the majority of our customers experience intense orgasms with their suction toys, more so than with any other kind of vibrator. The ‘pleasure air’ technology is very clever and few clits can resist the temptation.

If you find it hard to climax, one of these can make all the difference, so what are you waiting for – enter our competition now and Womanizer Starlet could be all yours!

Good luck!


**A winner has now been selected at random, so check your inboxes!

Terms & Conditions
No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The competition ends on 31st December 2018.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.



Your guide to achieving multiple orgasms

The holy grail of the big “o” can only be one thing. Closing the orgasm gap one small step at a time, we present the multiple orgasm.

Experiencing more than one during a single sex session is something most of us strive for, but like anything, it can take a little practice.

Aching to discover the key (or the secret)?

The best way to make it in the privileged world of multiple orgasms is experimentation. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your own or with one, or more, partners, start exploring techniques and toys to find out your magic combination.

Here’s our expert guide on how to achieve multiple orgasms…we’re sure you’re going to have lots of fun trying this out at home!

Easy does it

The one way to hinder your personable expedition to euphoria is to put too much pressure on yourself. Stop thinking about your goal and start feeling the journey. At first, taking things slowly and steadily creates the mood and soothes your mind. This puts you in a better position to fully relax into your steamy sexcursion so, again, do not rush the intro.

Think about the setting in which you are going to have sex or masturbate (remember the same rules apply if you are flying solo – no cutting corners!). How do you like the lights? What about the smell? Have you made sure you won’t get interrupted? Are your favourite toys and lube at an arms-reach away? Above all, are you in a good mood? It’s all in the details…

If you’re with your partner, you could begin with a tantalising, full-body massage. Whack out the oils, the ice-cubes, the blindfolds, and the handcuffs – this is not the time to scrimp. The more sexual energy and anticipation you build, the better. Even if you don’t reach your pleasure limit again and again, then don’t despair as you’re going to have such an exceptional time you won’t even care.


Don’t be afraid to let go

For anyone who owns a vagina, one of your top attributes in any bio should read “physically able to repeatedly climax without pause”. There should be an Olympics for this! Well, maybe there shouldn’t, but if there was, you could soon be a gold-winner. Like an athlete forgets about the millions tuning in to watch them, you must truly let go of any individual hang-ups, which is why your setting and chosen partner(s) are paramount to this experience. Be aware that dutch courage is not applicable here. In other words, put down that glass of red, as alcohol will definitely not help you. It may turn you on more initially but it will not help seal the deal, especially if you want multiple “deals” to be made.

You want your first orgasm to be clitoral, because that’s generally the most sure-fire way to experience one. Remember, you have 8,000 nerve endings in that darling little clit so you need to show it some respect. Go to work on your favourite erogenous zones and build up the heat whilst doing whatever trick works for you whether you’re going manually or automatic. Don’t forget – vibrators are your friends (as is lube). Get into your favourite position with your favourite speed setting and let the sparks begin shooting up your body. You are going for gold.


Once you’ve had your fun (clitorally), you are going to begin experiencing hypersensitivity. Take the hint and move your focus internally: you are on a quest to find your G-Spot. This is the perfect time to lather on more lube and introduce a dildo or a strap-on into the mix (a penis belonging to a living, consensual partner also works). Choose your size, shape, texture, sensation (vibrating or thrusting) and find the angle that hits your sweet spot and when it does – congratulations, really, because you’ve made it! Two orgasms for the price of one: you couldn’t match that in the Aldi wine section.

The Grand Finale

Hold your horses, as it’s not over yet. You are in a state of high sexual arousal and there’s no stopping you. Listen to your lady-garden and follow your fantasy. Do you want to switch up positions again? Are you ready for more clitoral stimulation? Do you want to move things to the back door? If you’re with a partner then this is the perfect time to get in sync together for the final ride and enjoy a mutual orgasm.

Once you’re completely satisfied, lie back and relax. Let the warm, fuzzy feeling take hold and hang onto that sexual energy with a little caressing. Who knows, you might be good to go again sooner than you think…



Polish the pearl: Methods of masturbation

Masturbation is healthy, perfectly natural and a wonderful way of getting to know your own body.

There are several methods of clitoral masturbation, from a go-it-alone approach to adding a partner or a few toys into the mix to really get the party started!

What works for one person may not float the boats of others, so it really is a matter of personal preference and practice to see what works best for you.

If you are just getting started and haven’t yet worked out a self-love routine, we suggest picking a time when you have the house to yourself as few things ruin a good sesh as much as a nosy flatmate!

Next, you need to know where your clitoris is located. Grab a mirror, gently pull back the clitoral hood and you should be able to see a small ‘pea’ nestled in amongst the folds – this is the outer part of your clitoris. Hiding inside your body are two clitoral legs, spanning apporimately 8 cm each on either side of the vaginal opening. Cool huh!

Clitorises come in a variety of sizes, but a larger sized clit doesn’t necessarily mean a better orgasm – it’s just easier to find.

So, what are the best methods of female masturbation? Here are a few techniques to get you started…

Pleasure at Your Fingertips

Start getting to know your body better by using your fingertips to gently tap the pubic bone just above the clitoris. This will help wake your vulva up and start to get things moving. As your body starts responding to your touches, blood will flow into the area, making your bits feel juicier.

It could be that your vulva is already plenty wet, but we recommend drizzling some lube on to your fingers before the next step. Lube makes fingertips softer and smoother and enhances sensations in a delicious way.

Begin to press down and use slow and circular movements – and if it feels good then don’t stop, instead, find a rhythm that feels great and keep going!

The best thing with masturbation is that there is only one person to pleasure: you! Take as much time as you need; a great orgasm often requires a build-up of neuromuscular tension (sexual tension) and the hotter you feel, the more intense the resulting orgasm will be.


The Scissor Sisters Technique

Another popular method of female masturbation is the ‘scissor sister’s’ technique.

Using one hand, make a kind of peace sign with your index and middle fingers and place a finger on each side of your outer labia.

Add a little pressure and gently move the two fingers together in a scissors motion and lift your labia up slightly to increase the sensation whilst finding a speed that works for you. Again, lubed up fingers will add to the slidey sensations. It’s a very soft way of stroking yourself with no real intensity to the stimulation of the clitoris. This is a great way of masturbating if you’re not keen on over-stimulation.


This technique is similar to how a clit clamp works, which is the advanced but oh-so-amazing level.  Using a clit clamp isn’t as scary as it sounds and should always be pleasurable, not painful.

A clit clip ‘clamps’ the two inner labia lips together, thus squishing over the clitoris and limiting blood flow. This makes you feel more aware of your delicate area and it often helps to build arousal.

Fancy giving it a go? Lube up the labia lips before sliding the clit clamp down and along the inner labia lips. When positioned correctly, the clitoral hood + clit should rest in the rounder part of the top of the clip.

Polish the Pearl

Having a clitoris is awesome, so show it some self-love with our next masturbation technique.

With your dominant hand, start by slowly dragging your index or middle finger from the base of the vaginal opening to your clitoris. Once you reach this little pearl of pleasure, gently circle it before starting the process again.

You may find that your clitoris can get a little sensitive if touched directly, so just work around it and find a motion that you enjoy best.

A little silicone-based lube can help make this technique super-hot and ramp up the pleasure! Silicone lube is longer-lasting than water-based lube and works wonderfully well for long sessions, or when playing in water.


The shower head or faucet of the bath are both good tools for solo play. Many learn how to orgasm with the help of a quality power shower, aiming the warm jets just so, and others let the water splash down on to the clitoris straight from the tap. Depending on your bath tub, this may involve some acrobatic moves trying to position yourself – legs over the edge is a common one.

Bump, Hump & Grind

Positioning is key when it comes to masturbation and working out what rocks your boat could and should involve a few different positions.

One fun position to try is the bump & grind, or ‘humping’. We know women who build themselves a little mountain of pillows for mounting and grinding their pelvic area against. This doubles as an excellent workout for the thighs – mixing business with pleasure!

If all that moving around seems too tiresome, you could treat yourself to a Ruby Glow, the vibrator for seated satisfaction! Featuring two motors (one for the clitoris and one for the vaginal opening), you rock yourself against the thrilling vibrations. The clever design of Ruby Glow works equally well on beds, sofas and wheelchairs, and you can even rub one out without taking your clothes off!


Next Level Pleasure

Once you’ve tried these techniques and worked out what works best for you, you might want to think about a few toys to treat yourself to or to share with a partner as you carry on exploring what works for you.

Vibrators are magnificent pleasure-makers and despite what porn may want us to believe (‘bigger is better’), we sell way more small vibes for clitoral teasing than bigger toys for internal use.

Small finger-tip toys are great fun and can easily be shared with a partner. Slightly bigger bullet-style vibes are easy to hold and pack a  stronger punch. Egg-shaped vibrators mirror the shape of the labia and can be enjoyed in numerous ways.

Vibrators can sometimes lead your clitoris to feel overstimulated, especially if it’s been held right at the tip of the clit. To avoid this, circle the vibe around your pleasure pearl, tease the labia lips, invite the nipples to your buzzin’ party… There are lots of sensitive nerve-endings in and around the opening of vagina, so li’l stroke here often increases the desire for more.


Every so often customers ask if it’s ‘bad’ to masturbate too often or if it’ll ruin sex with a partner. To this, we say: What is too often anyway? There are no rules – you can play as often or as seldom as you like!

And as for partnered sex, finding out your individual likes and dislikes makes partnered sex better and hotter, as you can teach your partner what you like, and how you like it.

Our tip would be to book a night in, get the lube and any favourite toys out and get down to some mutual masturbation. It is super-hot to watch each other get off and you’re bound to learn something new about your partner’s fave moves, like a certain grip, pump or slide!

Have a good tip or trick to share with us? We’d love to hear, so drop us a line below!




Sex Toys

Scarlet Ladies, Sex Toys & Sh!

We’ll be joining the fabulosities that are the Scarlet Ladies on Tuesday 13th March for an evening of fun sex toy talk.

Starting at 7pm, our talk will focus on sex toys; how to choose them and how to use them. Scarlet Ladies monthly social event  is reserved for members and special guests but if you are interested n coming along, you should take a peek at this page.

If you aren’t yet ready to commit to a membership, Scarlet Ladies also host regular Open House evenings where you can check out the shenanigans before signing up. Having been to a few gatherings ourselves, we know the meet-ups are for women who are keen on normalising the conversation around female sexuality, and maybe enjoying a glass of wine whilst doing it. 🙂

Scarlet Ladies Social




Orgasm Blog Post

Common misconceptions about the female orgasm

Throughout history the female orgasm has been the subject of analysis and interest, both for those who experience them (or not, as the case may be) and for those who hope to help their partners achieve them.

Many ask if female orgasms are real, while others wonder what their purpose is.

Unlike the male orgasm, female orgasm plays no major part in conception, and it can be concluded that  only function is to offer pleasure. We’re not complaining about this, but we feel the difficulty in achieving orgasms for women, in particular, is a major biological flaw.

There’s plenty of information circulating about the female orgasm, but how much of it is true?

We’re keen to set the record straight about the Big Oh, so read on as we dispel some of the biggest myths and misconceptions surrounding the female orgasm.

All women can have multiple orgasms

In fairness, women who do orgasm have got it pretty good. Many women don’t, which isn’t to say they won’t in the future; this is something that can be learned with time, patience and maybe a little bit of help from a vibrator.

The good news is that once you have learned how it works for you and you can bring on an orgasm, it is possible to keep on coming again and again. This is referred to as multiple orgasms and is often done with continued stimulation of the G-spot.

However, not all women respond to stimulation of their G-spot and as the clitoris tends to get over-stimulated after one orgasm, multiple orgasms aren’t something that every woman can just do. It requires knowledge of how your body works, the right tools (fingers, penis or toy) and lots of practice.

Positioning makes no difference when it comes to reaching an orgasm

We’re calling time on this belief.

A position that works for you could mean having a toe-curling climax whilst a position that doesn’t stimulate your hotspots in the right way may mean a lukewarm ‘meh’ experience…

The best position varies from person to person: for some women, this means being on top. This allows either themselves or their partner to stimulate their clitoris with their fingers. Since most women don’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, having easy access to the clitoris can be crucial when it comes to coming.

For other women this may mean being flat on their backs – despite its reputation for being ‘dull’, the missionary position can be really useful for orgasm-surety. It allows you to rock your hips back and forth, or grind against your partners pubic bone. Again, it is most often the stimulation of the clitoris that makes the magic happen.

A good starting point is trying to recreate your favorite solo-sesh position but with a toy or penis joining the party.

It’s okay to fake orgasms

Pretty much everyone has been there at some point. A partner is giving it their all, but nothing happens and the pressure to orgasm so the partner can feel they’ve done a good job builds, and before you know it, a bit of loud moaning makes it seem like a fantastic orgasm just happened. The partner is happy, you are happy(-ish) and at least they had a great time even if you didn’t…

Catch 22.

The problem with faking is that it lets your partner believe that you experienced an incredible orgasm when you didn’t.

Each person is responsible for their own orgasm, and having an honest and open conversation about what you like and what gets you off will ensure next encounter is both better and hotter.



Satisfyer – The New Sexual Revolution

Satisfyer, the creators of revolutionary sex toys for women, have changed the way the world looks at sex toys.

Offering a whole new generation of toys for clitoris-owners, Satisfyer Pro toys use air suction technology to build amazing clitoral sensations and bring on eye-rolling orgasms. These toys can take you from zero to WOWZERS within minutes – extremely useful for women who lead busy lives or find it hard to climax (or both!).

Satisfyer Pro toys generate a unique stimulation of the 8000 clitoral nerve-endings through intense pressure waves, emulating the sensation of really good oral sex.

What Women Really Want

During the design process, Satisfyer has paid good attention to what women really want from their sex toys:

  • Toys made from body-safe materials
  • Toys that are 100% waterproof
  • Toys that are USB rechargeable

All Satisfyer toys are rechargeable, making them great travel buddies. The waterproofness makes bath time twice the fun, and body-safe materials are of course a given!

Satisfyer Pro Suction G-Spot Rabbit

satisfyer_pro_g-spot_rabbit_4 (1)Our brains almost melted when we got our hands on the brand new Satisfyer Rabbit; imagining all the pleasure unleashed by this rabbit-cum-clitoral-suction-toy was almost too much to contemplate!

Satisfyer’s philosophy of relentless female pleasure has lead to the development of the Pro Suction G-Spot Rabbit, an unbelievable marvel that is designed for ultimate sensation: clitoral stimulation through pressure waves combined with G-spot stimulation through vibration.

The smooth, girthy shaft is designed for penetration, fitting to the curves of your body and seeking the G-spot with its well-designed tip.

Meanwhile, the smaller shaft rests above your clitoris, which sits comfortably within the indentation of the clitoral stimualtor. Once positioned, there is no further need to move the toy, just relax and let the Suction G-Spot Rabbit bring you to an incredible climax…

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Suction Toy

satisfyer_pro_4_couples_2Designed to be worn during penetration,  Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples offers satisfying (pun intended!) suction to the clit whilst the internal tip rests against the G-spot.

A penis (or a dildo) can be inserted simultaneously, increasing the sensation of tightness and allowing the penis-owner to benefit from the powerful vibrations too.

Whilst designed for couples, there is no reason why you can’t use Satisfyer 4 Coupes for solo play. Simply add a bit of water-based lube, position the toy, switch it on and enjoy the sensations!

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Suction Clitoral Toy

satisfyer-penguin-clitoral-stmulatorFew can resist the super-cute charms of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and as a result, Pro Penguin is one of the most popular toys in oue East London shop.

The handy design features a rounded body that rests comfortably in the palm of the hand, and the control pad is easily worked with only a thumb.

Many women tell us they’ve found a completely different way of climaxing with Satisfyer Penguin and we can believe it: the gentle suction brings on incredible orgasms.

As the clitoral tip isn’t directly stimulated, you might find that achieving one orgasm after another is far easier with Satisfyer Pro toys like the Penguin.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Suction Toy

satisfyer-clitoral-sucker-with-pressure-vaccumThis Satisfyer Pro 2 toy resembles a facial cleanser, which is great for women who prefers discreet toys.

Chances are that an initial orgasm is fast and hard with Satisfyer Pro 2, but you’ll likely find that you can keep going and experience multiple orgasms.

Many of our female customers report that they experience wet orgasms with Satisfyer Pro 2, even if they are not regular squirters. There is a possibility that this could happen to you too, so it might be an idea to place a towel on the bed before getting down to the pleasures of Pro 2. Or, even better, take Satisfyer Pro 2 into the shower or bath and get as wet as you like!

Thanks to its clever air wave technology, Satisfyer Pro 2 is fairly noisy when switched on but rest assured the loudness becomes a manageable whirr when place against the body.

Satisfyer Partner Vibrator

satisfyer-partner-pro-vibratorPartner is Satisfyer’s version of the luxe We-Vibe couples vibrator, a more affordable version that essentially works in the same way.

Designed to fit inside the vagina during penetration, Satisfyer Partner offers the additional stimulation so often needed for a clitoris to climax.

Shaped like an elongated C-shape, the larger part of Partner sits against the vulva and clitoris whilst the slimmer prong slides in and rests against the G-spot. A penis or a dildo can fit in at the same time, and the idea is that the two of you can then rock & roll in all manner of ways with the additional benefit of vibration between your bodies.

The motor and therefore the vibrations, are housed in the external part, and this means two women can enjoy Satisfyer Partner together too. The tribbing position works particularly well if you want to experience thrilling throbs together with a female partner.

Cleaning & Storing

Satisfyer toys are very easy to clean: simply use a toy cleaner or wash with warm water and antibacterial hand wash.

We recommend storing Satisfyer toys in a fluff-free area, out of reach of both pets & kids.

Red Dot Awards For Satisfyer Pro Penguin & Partner

In 2017, Satifsyer Partner and Satifyer Pro Penguin each won a prestigious Red Dot Award for innovative designs.

The Red Dot Award dates back to 1955 and is one of the most prestigious design contests in the world. The coveted Red Dot Award is a symbol of outstanding design quality of international repute.

Free Class IBTImes Uk

Join Us For a FREE Orgasmic! Class

Does the earth move too irregularly for your liking? Not enough fireworks in the bedroom? Do you want to learn more about your orgasmic potential?

If so, join us for a FREE evening talking about clitorises and climaxing. Let us take you on a guided tour of pleasurable peaks and orgasmic delights – be inspired, learn how to locate and recognize the G-spot, learn about techniques and toys, and what to expect from female ejaculation.

Full of practical advice and sexpert tips, this class is fun and playful whilst still providing insight and information.

Why Is It FREE?

IBTimes UK will be filming the event for a positive and much-needed documentary they are making  on female sexuality and women’s feelings and attitudes towards  towards their vaginas, labia and clitorises.

Please be aware that if you are in the audience your face may be visible in the film, so please only attend if you consent to this.

There will also be opportunities for the audience to get involved in the documentary and share their views on the topic if they wish.

Spaces are limited and advance booking is essential. If you consent to being filmed at our class, please book your ticket here: Free Class at Sh!

Womanizer vs Satisfyer

Comparing Suction Vibrators – Womanizer vs Satisfyer

If you are a regular reader of sex blogs, you are probably already familiar with the next generation of sex toys: pleasure air technology.

When Womanizer W100 exploded on to the market in 2015, I viewed it with suspicion: it was loud, unattractive and it didn’t make any sense.


When I heard the boasts about 100%-orgasm guarantee, I howled with laughter: never in the history of woman has there ever been a toy that offers orgasms for everyone!

I didn’t buy the hype.

Until I got up close and personal with one. That changed *everything*. The proof was in the pudding, or in this case, the eye-rolling orgasms delivered at the press of a button.


Soon after, Satisfyer Pro made an appearance. Sleeker, sexier and waterproof. And just as orgasm-sure.

With two such similar toys, it can be tricky to know which one is the better one. Reading unbiased reviews is a great way of finding out what others have to say before making a decision. After all, these toys aren’t cheap and whilst you get excellent value for money, you want to make sure you pick the right air tech toy for you.

One for each hand is my motto, and thus I have one of each: a Womanizer W100 AND a Satisfyer Pro 2.

Greedy, yes, but one should never skimp on orgasms.

This puts me in an excellent place to compare the two (apologies to my neighbours, I have taken this task rather seriously and as neither toy is particularly quiet, I completely understand the side-eyes).

It’s Not All About Looks

Which is just as well, coz neither Womanizer W100 nor Satisfyer Pro2 are lookers.

Womanizer W100 is bold and colourful with bit of bling. The Jackie Collins of sex toys, if you like.

Satsifyer Pro is sleeker and shinier, but one can’t get away from its resemblance to a Barbie blow dryer.

Satisfyer ButtonsSatisfyer Pro 2 has a more ergonomic handle and as its buttons are placed on the back of the handle, it’s unlikely you’ll press anything by mistake.

It’s a lightweight toy which sits nicely in the palm of a hand, and the controls can be worked with one hand only. The smaller button is on/off and the larger button controls intensity. A word of warning here: always start off gently…

Womanizer ButtonsWomanizer W100 has a bulky handle and a super-sensitive intensity button placed just where your thumb sits when holding it in place. More than once has this button been pressed by mistake and the results are always the same: I need someone to peel me off the ceiling!

W100 offers 5 levels of intensity, but I’m going to be completely honest here: I have never gone above level 2 – I don’t think my clit (or heart) could take it!

Both come with removable nozzles for easy clean-up, and both are used in the same way: a slick of lube on the nozzle, place over the clitoris and wait for the orgasm to hit in 3-2-1…

Pump Up the Jam

There is one downside to both Womanizer and Satisfyer, and that is the volume. These are not discreet toys. Alone in a silent room with only an air tech toy for company, it’s easy to feel self-conscious.

The easiest solution is to turn up the volume of music or TV, and possibly slide the toy under the duvet. And if you have thin walls, you may want to offer ear plugs to your roomie.

If you can get over the volume (you can, trust me), these toys are fantastic! The nozzle creates a vacuum over the clit, and the toy offers sucking sensations and oh-my-lord!

Making (Pleasure) Waves

The range of Satisfyer Pro toys are fully waterproof – great news for anyone who enjoys a hot soak on a cold night.

I did have a go with this.

I went the whole hog and created a romantic night a mois, complete with bath bombs, low lighting and a bottle of fizz. It turns out my tub isn’t ideal for solo sessions where a climactic ending is expected.

As I lay back amongst the bubbles, the promise of an orgasm seemed to float further and further away. This is by no means the fault of the toy. No, this is all me. I need to be in a particular position and it seemed tricky to recreate in the tub without fear of drowning. The orgasm, when it eventually decided to grace me with its presence, was insanely intense and seemed to go on forever but it’s not something I’ll try again – the resulting leg cramp was too high a price to pay, even if the orgasm was off the scale.

From now on, me and Satisfyer Pro 2 have agreed to enjoy each other on flat surfaces only.

womanizer_plus_size_3Womanizer W100 isn’t waterproof, but if you fancy a toe-curling shudder in the shower, take a look at Womanizer XL. This version is 100% waterproof, has 12 intensity levels and an extra-long handle that makes it easier to hold.

One gent commented on the name, assuming the XL is for women with extra-large fannies (insert your own expletive here). I feel he has somehow misunderstood basic female anatomy, but we’ll leave that for another time…

Orgasms on a Scale From 1 – 10


Hard & Fast.

Long & Strong.

Neither of these toys offer weak orgasms – they are, if not guaranteed, as close to guaranteed as anyone can guarantee an orgasm. From my own experience and having discussed it with other converts, it’s less than 3 minutes every.single.time… Bloody marvellous!

Newer Versions of Pleasure Air Technology toys

Both Womanizer and Satisfyer have launched newer models of their toys, improving each model as they go.

Womanizer Pro500 comes with 18-carat gold-plating with Swarovski detail for those who enjoy the finer things in life. This version is more compact, and the gold-plating adds a feel of luxury.

manizer-500-cwomanizer -500-clitoral-suction-stimulator-1

Satsifyer Pro Penguin is a super-cute version of Satisfyer Pro and the one I would choose if I was to buy one today. Small and curvy, it’s easy to hold and won a prestigious Red Dot Award 2017. The nozzle of Pro Penguin is wider than on other models and I imagine this’ll fit around the clitoris better.

Like all penguins, this one is fully waterproof and likes a splash-about.


Which Is the Best?

I can’t say why, but the Womanizer W100 seems to suit me better. I have heard many sex bloggers say they prefer Satisfyer Pro 2, but my muffkin has a better time with Womanizer. It could be to do with the thinner nozzle on the W100, or the slight difference in air technology… Even on the lowest speed (setting 1), W100 delivers in under 2 minutes every time.

I believe that air tech toys deliver in a way that no other toy does. For women who find it difficult to orgasm, these toys can be an absolute Godsend. The magic lies in the design: sucking sensations on the clitoris, rather than directly touching on it. I don’t know who came up with the magic of these toys but whomever they are, they should be hand-fed grapes and have their feet rubbed daily for the rest of their lives!

The very latest version, Womanizer 2GO is waterproof, compact and designed to fool the nosiest of neighbours. Place it on the dressing table and it looks like designer cosmetics or a bottle of perfume. With 6 levels of intensity and 4 hours of battery life, you are in for one orgasmic high after another!

And it so happens you can win one!


Hop on over to this page where you can win a Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction vibe! Good luck!




purple balloons

Top 10 Tips for National Orgasm Day

National Orgasm Day, celebrated on 31st July, is something we should all be shouting Oh-Oh-Oooh about!

Around 75% of all women (3 in 4) need sustained clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, so pleasing the clitoris should be the focus on this pleasure-filled day. In order to boost orgasm potential, we’re sharing our Top 10 Tips for climactic crescendos.

Top 10 Tips for Orgasm

  1. Happy Hour

clock faceThink of the clitoris as a clock face with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom.

Most women report times 10-11 or 1-2 as their most sensitive times, i.e. Happy Hour.

Ascertaining the time of your individual Happy Hour sets you firmly on your way to a fantastic climax.


2. The Wetter The Better

It’s time to shake off the old myth about women not needing additional lubrication for sex. The wetter, the better is our mantra, and we recommend adding a bottle of lube to your drawer of tricks. Lube enhances sensations and makes all play more comfortable.

3. Letting Fingers Do The Talking

Time spent exploring your body is time well spent. Fingers are most accessible, tactile and always with you. Touching, stroking, and gentle teasing with finger nails along skin increases sensual awareness.

4. Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze

Exercising the PC muscle should be a priority whatever your age. Not only does it ensure a toned pelvic floor without leaky issues, but it also helps build and intensify orgasms.

Using a pair of Sh! Love Balls make exercising much more fun. Weighted Love Balls also helps amplify arousal as the balls roll against the G-spot when you move…

5. Positioning is Key

Women often find it easier to orgasm in one or perhaps two positions. This may be flat on the back, laying forward with the additional bonus of being able to grind against the sheets, or sitting up, rocking hips back and forth.

Discovering which position works best for you will make the climb to the pinnacle of pleasure so much easier!

6. Keeping It Rhythmic

sh_-pink-glass-double-dildo1Stroking on and around the clitoris whilst tensing and releasing vaginal muscles rhythmically can help build towards a fantastic climax.

Women often experience stronger orgasms by using an internal toy, like a solid glass dildo, to grip on to.

7. Every Breath You Take

Shallow breathing during sex works to stop an orgasm in its tracks. Instead, deep breaths into the pit of your stomach feels great and will carry you through to a thunderous finish.

8. Take a Walk On The Wild Side

For hyper-charged orgasms, investing in a new-generation Pleasure Air Technology toy like Womanizer 2Go is the way forward. This sophisticated lipstick-style toy creates pressure waves and light vibration around the sensitive clitoris.

Testing found that 98% of women experienced a orgasm within 5 minutes of using Womanizer 2Go!

womanizer-2go-black-gold-1 (2)

9. Let It Go

Go with the flow and enjoying sensations as they happen. Take your time and don’t rush it.

10. Orgasmic! Erotic Class at Sh!

Attending one of the popular erotic classes at our award-winning shop (57 Hoxton Square, N1 6PB) is the best gift you can give yourself. Expect to be taken on a guided tour of clitorises and climaxes, pleasurable peaks and techniques for creating them. Classes are fun, friendly, educational and inspirational.

Pouring Bubbly