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Yes Ma'am

Yes Ma'am


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Yes Ma'am

Adventures of men who revel in submission to stern Mistresses

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  • Product Description

    What makes a man cower before a powerful woman? Turning the tables on rigid gender roles, the stories in 'Yes Ma'am detail' the adventures of men who revel in submission to stern Mistresses who recognize their deepest desires.

    In Yes Ma'am", the companion title to 'Yes, Sir', editor Rachel Kramer Bussel's stories worship the dominatrix. These handcuff-toting, whip-wielding she-devils are a male bottom's deepest desire, and they employ every item at their disposal - from strap-ons to cinches to whips - in order to tease and torment their devoted subjects into submission.

    "A wet, hot paean to the infinite charms of dominant women, as told by some of the best erotic writers working today" - Dr Gloria Brame, Author of A Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance & Submission

  • Product Reviews
    1. "from the mindset of the male submissive, not the female Dominant...." by Trix


      There's an interesting twist here: the stories concentrate on the mindset of the male submissive involved, not the female Dominant. I sometimes felt that, while I was getting a varied array of male characters, a lot of the Dommes seemed similar (especially in the first half of the book). Many of the Dommes here are cut from the insult-and-humiliation cloth; since there's a lot of variation in d/s behavior, I would have liked to see more subtlety at times. That said, the quality of the writing itself is high, and there are some memorable pieces here. Ellen Tevault's "Secret Desires" is sweet and tantalizing, while L.E. Bland's "Sticking With You" made sure that I'll never look at a roll of sticky tape in the same way again. (Posted on 04/08/2013)

    2. by Snork

      Rachel Kramer Bussel is churning them out like no-ones business - book after book, better and better... This one is edited by her, a hot collection of 18 short stories on male submission.

      Do you like putting your man in his place? Do you think he should stop whingeing and take it like the good boy he is? Well, this is the book for you!

      My persdonal favourite is '1T U 2 DO SUMFIN 4 ME' - it's left me in no doubt that mobile phones are the best thing since sliced bread! You can easily command your man to do all sorts whilst you aren't even with him... (Posted on 16/08/2008)

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  • Sex Tip For Yes Ma'am
    A sneaky peek between the covers:

    ""I'm standing with my arms above my head, naked, while a group of elegant, sexy older women laugh, point, and stare at me. I've volunteered to be their guinea pig, Exhibit A in their fun, kinky social experiment..."

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