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Womanizer Plus Luxury Clitoral Stimulator

Womanizer Plus Luxury Clitoral Air Suction Stimulator


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Womanizer Plus Luxury Clitoral Stimulator

Updated Version of Revolutionary Sex Toy for Clits!

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Key Features:

  • Pleasure air technology delivers unique sucking sensations to the clitoris and almost guaranteed orgasm
  • 12 intensity levels from soft to mind-blowingly powerful!
  • A totally new and different form of clitoral pleasure - Particularly recommended for women who struggle with arousal or orgasm
  • Extra long handle for easy, ergonomic handling
  • 100% Waterproof, USB Rechargeable. 2 silicone attachments accommodate different-size clitorises

  • Product Description

    Groundbraking and earth-shaking, the Womanizer is the innovative sex toy which totallty broke the mould when it comes to clitoral pleasure. Using air technology It delivers amazing sensations by creating a vacuum seal over your clitoris, where it delivers deep, body-shaking stimulation to almost guaranteed orgasmic effect.

    Womanizer Plus is the newest version, with updated features and an extra-long handle for easier and more ergonomic handling.

    12 levels of power start at strong and rumbly and ramp up to a toe-curling, sheet-biting force that will have your clitoris standing and quivering to attention, like its before a Sargent Major!

    Womanizer is a super intense toy that offers incredible sensations that are totally different from those of a vibrator. We feel it's a brilliant toy for women who struggle to orgasm or those who need the power of a wand vibrator to awaken their clitoris.  

    It's also super-efficient for extraordinary quickies and exploring stronger, deeper orgasms, which could quite possibly turn multiple...

    With your labia spread, place the silicone nozzle over your clitoris, where it forms a seal. The on/off button starts off the action, delivering a resonating rumble and 'drawing in' sensation that's like nothing you've every felt before. To increase the sensations, simply press the large, easy-to-use jewelled control button to scroll up.

    Womanizer will not be the quietest plaything in your toybox ( although the sound does lessen once the toy is in place) but it will certainly be one that offers new, unique and powerful ways to orgasm. 

    Care and Cleaning : Sh! Toy Cleaner, Warm soapy water, 10% bleach solution /rubbing alcohol. Rinse, air dry. Store in protective case provided.

  • technical info

    Material:Silicone (tip) & ABS Plastic
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 210 mm / 8.5 inch
    Playable length: 20mm / 0.8 inch (silicone tip)
    Diameter (at widest): 60 mm / 2.4 inch (body)
    Power: Rechargeable (lithium-ion battery)
    Supplied with Toy: Yes 
    Intensity: Deep Wowser
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: 161g
    Ease of Use:;Easy
    Speeds: 12 settings
    Waterproof: Yes

    Lube;Water-Based Lube Only

  • Product Reviews
    1. Too much of a good thing. by Carol911


      The marketing of the womanizer claims 'orgasm in under a minute' and i found this to be truthful. From seating the thing on my clit to orgasm was a shorter time than i can hold my breath for!. But it wasnt just quick it was too quick. No ride, no build up, no time for lovely fantasies to play, no blissful full feeling of plateau. I would liken it to snorting pepper and having an immediate sneezing reflex it was that fast and that abrupt for me. I know you will think what is wrong with fast and isnt it all about the orgasm anyway but no you wouldnt down an expensive wine in one or try and eat a Michelin 3 star meal in 30 seconds so its the same with the best masturbation sessions for me. The thing does have used though. I reach for it if things are going too slow and its looking like missing the morning train or getting to orgasm before getting out of bed. Its also good for a bonus orgasm straight after a normal one or for quickies between the more leisurely ones of a long Sunday morning session. So it has uses but for me not an every dag toy and given its price that is an issue. (Posted on 05/05/2016)

    2. So easy, so quick, so powerful and so quiet by CarlaOwens


      Yeh, sure! I thought when I read about the Womanizer for the first time. O have had 'the new great thing' toys before that let me down badly (Lelo Soraya and Stronic Eins for two) and thought the Womanizer the latest such offering from 'snake-oil' selling international companies that was targeted at trusting (and horny) women. My partner though is a gadget nut and so a Womanizer duly arrived at the flat. So glad and so surprised at it as it is better then I could have imagined. With the end pressed onto flesh the thing is super quiet but the stimulation is mindblowing. First thing to put right is that all speeds are as powerful as eachother.

      Low speed sucks and releases the clit at a rate that feels like finger tapping but without contact?? and High speed is like a full on vibrating inside the clit. The lack of contact and feeling the stimulation is coming from inside is so wonderful and its because the pressure waves actually wobble the clit without it being pressed on a vibrator or anything. Getting proficient with the Womanizer took a few minutes as its so different and I had to learn not to move it as I would a vibe and also keeping a seal is vital. Also initially the feeling came across as a bit tickly until I got used to it and also as I got aroused. From then it was super quick through to orgasm, I hit the reset to take it down to Low and breathed through the sensitivity and found that in moments I was building again. Wow!

      Not being pressed on a toy seemed to allow my clit to cope without the rest she usually needs after orgasm and as the pulsing didn't stop she and I did not go off the boil and need to build up from scratch again. This took ages off the time to get off again and though the first took maybe 3 minutes the second was less than a minute after it and it was even more powerful.

      Since that first session I have managed up to 5 orgasms in a sitting and also now manage the first, as long as I am in the mood, within the 1 minute target the publicity for the toy talks about.

      I love the thing so much. (Posted on 19/12/2015)

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  • Sex Tip For Womanizer Plus Luxury Clitoral Stimulator
    If you find you resist a second orgasm, because you feel too sensitive, hand control of The Womanizer over to your partner and you never know where you might go!
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