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Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe

Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe


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Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe

Pleasure Air Clitoral Toy: 6 Levels of Intensity

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Key Features:

  • Sophisticated clitoral suction vibe with 6 levels of intensity
  • Fantastic toy for women who struggle to orgasm
  • 100% waterproof for fun pleasure sessions in the bath or shower
  • USB rechargeable and made from body-safe material
  • 2 years guarantee

  • Product Description

    Ready, steady - Go, Go, Go! 

    As far as orgasms go, initial testing showed that an impressive 98% of women reached climax in less than 5 minutes when using Womanizer 2Go. Wowzers! 

    The difference between a Womanizer 2Go and a standard vibrator is rather remarkable. 2Go is not inserted into the vagina or even placed against the skin - it is a innovative, contact-free pleasure device.

    Add a slick of water-based lube around the rim for comfort before placing the soft silicone top over the clitoris. Pressing the one-button control at the base of the toy, Womanizer 2Go creates intense pleasure waves by delivering light vibration and air suction around the super-sensitive clit. Pleasure Air-Technology smoothly pleases the clitoris by delivering pulsating pressure waves, building up to an earth-shattering climax in mere minutes.

    A sophisticated lipstick design some women may find it easier to hold than other Womanizer designs, and it's certainly more handbag or glove compartment-friendly! ;) The plastic cap ensures hygienic storage and in between uses, Womanizer 2Go looks right at home among perfume bottles and designer cosmetics. 

    6 levels of intensity controlled by a one-touch button allow the user to slowly increase intensity as they please.

    Suction toys are amazing tools for women who find it difficult to orgasm - the intense suction can help tip a temperamental clit into orgasmic bliss. 

    Womanizer 2Go is 100% waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bath or shower where the air suction will feel intensified. 

    A full charge takes one hour, and the battery life lasts for about 2 hours. 

    Womanizer 2Go comes with a 2 years guarantee.

  • technical info

    Material:Silicone (tip) & ABS Plastic 
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 120mm / 6.5 inch - Case:130mm / 5 inch
    Playable length: 25.42mm / 1 inch (silicone tip)
    Diameter (at widest): 25.42 mm / 1 inch (body)
    Power: Rechargeable (lithium-ion battery)
    Supplied with Toy: USB Charger 
    Intensity: Deep Wowser
    Volume: Loud but worth it!
    Weight: 96g
    Ease of Use: Easy
    Speeds: 6
    Lube: Water-Based Lube Only

  • Product Reviews
    1. Worth a try by Rebecca


      This really is the strangest sensation I have ever received from a toy.
      It's like a pulsation of air and well its just weird but I would highly recommend giving it a try because its so odd you find yourself coming back to it again and again.

      As expected the quality of the toy is great and I love that you get two separate heads. The main downfall for the toy is the noise. I burst out laughing when I first heard it, its as if someone is gargling and it becomes more intense and noisy the higher the setting.
      However the noise can be reduced drastically by placing it against yourself. covering the head of the womanizer muffles the sound so its hardly noticeable. I'd really recommend placing it on the area of choice before turning it on if you want to be discreet while using it.
      In use I didn't orgasm from it and still haven't though I think that's down to getting used to the sensation. I've gotten close but not the full O as of yet. I actually found that it feels amazing on the nipples - if i'd have two one on each nipple with that sensation I can assure you an orgasm wouldn't be far off.

      The only reason for lowering marks on price is because I haven't yet achieved climax with this toy though everyone is different and it just takes a bit of getting used to such a unique sensation. (Posted on 02/08/2017)

    2. More satisfying orgasms by GenderQ


      The sensation from this is hard to describe but is like a mix between vibrations, oscillations and slight suction all at the same time. It has a rumbly feeling of fast pulsing vibration and you can feel blood rush to the spot because of suction.

      I wouldn’t say that I reached orgasm quicker with this but I had a more satisfying orgasm as I felt like its sensations created more of a build up. After each session my clitoris would be impressively engorged. The orgasms proved to be different than those I get from standard vibrators. They felt deeper and like they lasted longer, so intense that I couldn’t attempt a second orgasm in one session.

      This could be well worth a try for those who struggle to reach orgasm with standard vibrators as the sensation is so different. I generally get my most intense orgasms from oral sex and this provides a similarly strong orgasm for me.
      (Posted on 24/07/2017)

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  • Sex Tip For Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe

    Elevate your orgasm to super-heightened levels by simultaneously enjoying a silicone or glass dildo internally as the Womanizer 2GO pleasures your clitoris. Many women report experiencing stronger orgasms when they have something to clench against. Try it! *wink*

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