Vollers Satin Waspie: Black

Traditional Boned Waspie for Amazing Curves!
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Product Description

A Vollers waspie/underbust corset is very versatile - you can wear it over clothers to vamp up any outfit from pencil skirt to jeans.... or under your clothes with stockings & a wink!

This beautiful boned waspie / underbust corset in black satin with detachable suspenders from traditional corset makers - Vollers who have been making corsets for over 100 years

A Vollers corset is a timeless classic seen on many catwalks, creating the hourglass figure. Using proper boning, a Vollers corset will pull in your waist by 2-4 inches - this is a corset to accentuate your curves and straightens your posture to dramatic effect ....

We've laced thousands of women into a Vollers corset and always hear a delighted "WOW!" coming from the changing room - you won't belive how dramatic the effect (- on your waist & overall sexiness) when you put on a Vollers corset.

Useful Sex Tip

A waspie is easier and more versatile to wear than an over-bust corset; it can be worn under your suit jacket for a sexy-smart look at the office, over a blouse for a stunning look during a night out, or on its own for a phwoooar-look in the bedroom..!

Technical info

Material: 100% Polyester Lining, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Weight: Medium
Ease of Use: Middling
Cleaning: Handwash with Soap Flakes, No not soak,Roll in dry towel. Do not spin or wring as garment may twist. Dry away from direct sunlight or heart. Cool Iron, Iron parallel to boning. Never over them.


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