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Vollers Corset Straight-Top: Black

Vollers Corset Straight-Top: Black


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Vollers Corset Straight-Top: Black

Traditional Boned Corset; Perfect for Women with Smaller Breasts

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  • Product Description

    This Vollers straight-top Corset flatters women with smaller breasts To select the right corset size for you - measure your waist (in inches) and select a corset that's 2 inches (slimmer frame) to 4 inches (curvier frame) smaller than your waite measurementBeautiful boned corset in black satin with detachable suspenders from traditional corset makers - Vollers who have been making corsets for over 100 years

    A Vollers corset is a timeless classic seen on many catwalks, creating the hourglass figure. Using proper boning, a Vollers corset will pull in your waist by 2-4 inches - this is a corset to accentuate your curves and straightens your posture to dramatic effect ....

    We've laced thousands of women into a Vollers corset and always hear a delighted "WOW!" coming from the changing room. It offers a gorgeous dramatic visual effect, and increases your confidence instantly like nothing else.

  • technical info

    Material: 100% Polyester Lining, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
    Weight: Heavy (528g)
    Ease of Use: Middling
    Cleaning: Handwash with Soap Flakes, No not soak,Roll in dry towel. Do not spin or wring as garment may twist. Dry away from direct sunlight or heart. Cool Iron, Iron parallel to boning. Never over them.

  • Product Reviews
    1. by Twinkle


      The Sh! Girls patiently fitted me with a black sweetheart-shaped corset for a night out once. I felt a million dollars! I didn't think my curves would lend themselves to something so huggably tight - but how wrong I was! God knows how they did it, but by the end of it my boobs were spilling over, yet safe, and my waist had shrunk. Magic! Thanks Girls! (Posted on 16/08/2008)

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  • Sex Tip For Vollers Corset Straight-Top: Black

    How to lace a traditional Vollers Corset

    The corset comes with detachable suspender straps, so you can really vamp it up if you like..!

    It is useful to have someone assisting, but it is possible to put your corset on without help. Corsets are delivered laced up at the back with two long loops at the waist

    1. Losen off the lacing then put the corset round you and fasten the front busk. Do the top clasp first and the rest should follow.

    2. Pull the loops gently then tighten the lacing progressively towards the middle from both top and bottom until you are happy with the fit. There should be a pleasant 'hugging' sensation, but you should still be comfortable.

    3. To finish, tie the ends in a bow at back or front.

    4. DO NOT overtighten or you will damage your corset; corsets mould to the body after a short period and the material takes the strain evenly, then you can go a little tighter.

    One last tip: if you are going to wear stockings and shoes with your corset, it is a good idea to put them on before tightening the laces, as most people are unused to the straight back a corset gives and find it hard to bend down!

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