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Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women

Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women


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Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women

Essential guide to pleasure for all women


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  • Product Description

    Everything you need to understand women's orgasms - what works, what doesn't and why:

    * How to ask for what you need and want

    * Multiple orgasms, extended orgasms and energetic orgasms

    * The "elusive" orgasm and why some women have difficulty climaxing

    * How often we fake them and why

    * How personal history shapes sexual experience

    * Orgasm as an emotional release

    * Masturbation

    * The power of fantasy

    * Penetration, the G-spot and ejaculation

    * Defining the erotic

    * The joy of sex toys

    There are tons of books filled with advice about orgasms, but many women find their relentless cheerleading lacks an honest discussion of their real needs.

    Mikaya Heart changes all that. The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women is a forthright and comprehensive exploration of female sexuality.

    Normalizing all women's experiences, Mikaya Heart provides the information, permission and support women need to enhance their own fulfilment.

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    Author: Mikaya Heart (foreword by Violet Blue)
    Publisher: Cleis Press
    Publishing date: 2011

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  • Sex Tip For Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women
    A Sneaky Peek Between the Covers of The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women:

    "We have a romantic tendency to want sex to flow flawlessly and effortlessly. The need to have it this way often leads to tension and awkwardness. The best antidote to an overdose of seriousness is laughter; I'm not talking about the inane "dirty" jokes that reinforce tiresome and damaging stereotypes, but loving laughter that stems from a down-to-earth feeling of joy...."

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