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Triple Butt Plug 6

Triple Butt Plug 6 : Purple


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Triple Butt Plug 6

Large 4.25 x 1.5 Inch Bead-Style Silicone Anal Toy

Key Features:

  • Sensational butt plug with 3 gradulated diamonds - a marrying of anal bead sensations in an anal plug form.
  • 4.25 inches long, with tapered tip, flaring to increasingly shapely body ( 1.5 inch diameter at widest ) ending with narrow neck for stay-in-place comfort
  • Wide heart-shaped base for ultimate safely...and displays of affection!
  • 100% body-safe silicone - the best anal sex toy material as it's easy to clean, non-porous, hypoallergenic with no latex or phthalates
  • Handmade by Sh! ® in London England – A top quality, ethically-produced butt plug with 1 Year Guarantee

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  • Product Description

    The buxom Triple Butt Plug has 3 sphincter stops that graduate in size for totally fulfilling sensations. Combining anal bead sensations in an anal plug form, the Triple is a butt plug for the well-practiced or those in training for the anal olympics

    Sh! Triple Butt Plug features our signature wide heart-shaped base which makes all our butt plugs super safe for anal play (as there's no chance of it slipping inside and getting lost ) well as ultimate displays of affection!

    Handmade in 100% body-friendly silicone which is soft, sensual but still firm enough for anal play. Silicone warms to body temperature quickly and is hypoallergenic, non-porous and super easy to clean. It can even be sterilized.

    Lube and a slow pace are the two most important elements to anal play that's all pleasure and no pain. We recommend using water-based lube only with all our silicone butt plugs as oil or silicone-based lubricant can, over time, damage the beautifully smooth surface of a silicone butt plug.

    Cleaning: Use Sh! Toy Cleaner/Soap/10% bleach solution/rubbing alcohol. Rinse thoroughly. To sterilize: Boil 3 minutes / dishwasher - top rack!

    Care: Avoid breaking surface of your butt plug. Keep away direct heat/sunlight. Store in clean dry, fluff-free place



  • technical info

    Material: Silicone
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 120mm
    Playable length: 110mm
    Diameter (at widest): 39mm
    Weight: Light (96g)
    Waterproof: Yes
    Lube: Water-based Only

    Cleaning of Triple Butt Plug: Use Sh! Toy Cleaner/Soap/10% bleach solution/rubbing alcohol. Rrinse thoroughly. To sterilize: Boil 3 minutes / dishwasher - top rack!

    Care of Triple Butt Plug: Avoid breaking surface of butt plug. Keep away direct heat/sunlight. Store in dry, fluff-free place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. Decisions decisions... by By


      I have just been trying to decide between this BP and another (the traditional BP-4) as to which my favourite is... even in the space of writing a review for that one and for this one I've changed my mind! It depends on the mood, and luckily for me I have an amazing partner who is open minded and equally as curious and adventurous!

      This is not a beginners toy, it's probably not even the first step beyond beginners. 3.8cm at its widest, that's more than two fingers, pretty intimidating, and I wouldn't suggest using it unless you a) enjoy anal play and have more than a little experience with butt plugs b) you enjoy hard ridges (they are pseudo-anal beads type sensations and not everyone likes it!) c) you can deal with the length - this is much longer than the others also, not close to the lengths of anal dildos but pretty deep for a BP.

      That third ridge takes some getting used to, but with practise comes greater ease and greater control. It is worth the effort trying to get it right; a bad, painful, rushed experience can put you off for life, and a good one? well, let's just say it can bring out the anal fetishist in you!! (Posted on 18/07/2013)

    2. Glad I bought it. by Christy


      This is the first anal toy I have owned in a long time and I'm not disappointed. I'm not big into anal play but it's nice to have something that does the job when I feel in the mood.

      The silicone is great, very smooth, no bumps or ridges that could cause discomfort. The gradually increasing size makes it relatively easy to adjust to over time and gives you a few options depending on how much you feel you can handle.

      For me, the toy will not stay in on it's own between the different tiers. It might stay in on it's own if you can take it all the way to the bottom, I haven't made it that far yet.

      I think it's an excellent toy for solo play or to be used with another person. (Posted on 15/11/2012)

    3. Feels great by honeybunny


      This is a much larger butt plug than the one I had previously and certainly takes some getting used to. This is a toy to play with very, very slowly and with lots and lots of lube. I find that Maximus is the best one as it is nice and thick. It took quite a lot of tries before I could insert the third portion of this plug - but once in, it feels great and I recommend it. Silicone is by far the most comfortable material for a butt plug. (Posted on 11/08/2011)

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  • Sex Tip For Triple Butt Plug 6
    Slide a butt plug into place, and then treat your lover to a fabulous treat by playing with their front bits as well...
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