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The Troubles of Janice Part 4

The Troubles of Janice Part 4


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The Troubles of Janice Part 4

The Troubles of Janice Part 4 is the latest episode in a historical saga from a master of erotic graphics.
After many tribulations as the sexual slave of a depraved aristocrat, the voluptuous Janice McCormick finds herself free.

With her enemies dead and her late husband's fortune hopelessly placing her in the uptight social framework of 18th-century England, Janice journeys to Venice, the Italian city that welcomes lovers from all over the world. There she encounters, and entices, several famous individuals.

This brilliant graphic novel contains highly explicit scenes of oral, anal, lesbian and group sex, as well as a strong emphasis on SM.

Erotic comic books are going down a storm with Sh! customers who can browse at the store: Even thou the images are drawn, they are still incredibly explicit. If this is to your taste then feast!! If not, then please skip this course!

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