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The Secret Library - The Thousand and One Nights

The Secret Library - The Thousand and One Nights


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The Secret Library - The Thousand and One Nights

Velvet-Bound Collection of 3 Steamy Novellas


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  • Product Description

    The three thrilling erotic novellas are;

    The Thousand and One Nights ¹ Kitti Bernetti

    When Breeze Monaghan gets caught red-handed by her millionaire boss she knows sheãs in trouble. Big time. Because Breeze needs to keep her job more than anything else in the world. Sebastian Dark is used to getting exactly what he wants and now he has a hold over Breeze, he makes her an offer she canãt refuse. Like Scheherazade in The 1001 Nights Seb demands that Breeze entertain him to save her skin. Can she employ all her ingenuity and sensuality in order to satisfy him and stop her world crashing about her? Or, like the ruthless businessman he is, will Seb go back on the deal?

    Out of Focus ¹ Primula Bond

    Eloise Stokesãs first professional photography assignment seems to be a straightforward family portrait. But the rich, colourful Epsom family ¹ father Cedric, step-mother Mimi, twin sons Rick and Jake, and sister Honey ¹ are intrigued by her understated talent and she is soon sucked into their wild world. As the initial portrait sitting becomes an extended photo diary of the family over an intense, hot weekend, Eloise gradually blossoms until she is equally happy in front of the lens.

    The Highest Bidder ¹ Sommer Marsden

    Recent widow Casey Briggs is all about her upcoming charity bachelor auction. She doesnãt have time for dating. Her heart isnãt strong enough yet. But when one of their bachelors is arrested and she finds herself a hunky guy short, she employs her best friend Annie to find her a new guy pronto. Enter Nick Murphy ¹ handsome, kind, and not very hard to look at, thank you very much. And he quickly makes her feel things she hasnãt felt in a while. A very long while. Caseyãs not sure if sheãs ready for it ¹ the whole moving on thing. But as she prepares to auction Nick off, sheãs discovering that her first hunch was correct ¹ heãs damn near priceless.

  • technical info

    Author: Edited by Antonia Adams
    Publisher: Xcite Press
    Publishing date: 2012
    ISBN: 9781908262080

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    A Sneaky Peek Between The Covers of The Secret Library - The Thousand and One Nights:

    Something stirred beneath his tailored suit, the sleeping length in his groin twitched and hardened. She fascinated every man who saw her. And ignored every one. He smiled; he wasn’t going to be ignored by the Ice Queen. Suddenly blood rushed through his veins and spiked him to attention. It felt good. He was alive again.

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