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Tease Me

Tease Me


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Tease Me

20 more super sexy stories, edited by Miranda Forbes

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  • Product Description

    That minx Miranda Forbes has selected twenty more super sexy stories that will excite and delight!

    Stories Include:

    The First Time-The Last Time - Sally Quilford

    The 'What-If' Monster - Jade Taylor

    Skin Deep - Cathryn Cooper

    Strangers On A Bus - Nicky B

    Keeping It Real - Landon Dixon

    The Fitting Room - Roger Frank Selby

    My Immortal - Sally Quilford

    Ladies' Circle - Kaycie Wolfe

    Begging For It - Emily Dubberley

    Lorelei's Day Of Play - Chloe Devlin

    New Boots - Carmel Lockyer

    On The Carpet - Cathy King

    Pants On Fire - Sommer Marsden

    Canadian Postcard - Lynn Lake

    Spanked To Her Senses - Jim Baker

    Two Of A Kind - J. Manx

    Bathing Minerva - Jeremy Edwards

    Darling - Sommer Marsden

    Birthday Blues - Judith Roycroft

    Railway Signals - J. Manx

    Swinging Heaven Magazine call it "A really good and varied selection."

  • Product Reviews
    1. "Dissatisfied wives and their wayward men, furtive groping on public transit..." by Trix


      The stories are varied, with some recurring themes: dissatisfied wives and their wayward men, furtive groping on public transit. While the editing is generally good, a couple of typos are distracting (and one actually ruins the twist ending of Cathryn Cooper's "Skin Deep"). Pretty much all permutations are shown, with the exception of m/m (the men don't really touch in the menages, and the one homoerotic male scenario stays a fantasy). My favorites are the femdom stories by Kaycie Wolfe, Emily Dubberley, and Carmel Lockyer. (Posted on 25/12/2013)

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