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Tantric Sex for Women

Tantric Sex for Women


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Tantric Sex for Women

By Christa Schulte


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  • Product Description

    A guide for lesbian, bi, straight and solo lovers! Over 50 sensual and sexual exercises to enhance your loving and innumerable tips for the small ecstasies of everyday life.

    Tantric Sex for Women encourages women to explore their sexuality in an open, playful, persoanl way.

    Using an inclusive, empowering approach, the author explains how every woman can increase her pleasure and add delight to her sexual encounters.

    In a warm, knowledgeable tone, Christa Schulte explains all the basics of tantric sex, including how to become more body-aware, how to cultivate pleasure using all five senses and how to practice "Tara-tantra," a woman-centered tantric method of her own creation.

    Exercises form the heart of the book and cover numerous practical strategies for helping women enhance their sensitivity, remove barriers to fulfilling experiences, and explore the spiritual dimension of their sexuality.

    Not only does Tantric Sex for Women show its readers how to expand and enhance sexual gratification, it promotes an attitude of remaining open to the many ecstasies life.

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    Author: Christa Schulte
    Publisher: Hunter House Publishers
    Publishing date: 2013

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  • Sex Tip For Tantric Sex for Women
    A Sneaky Peek Between The Covers of Tantric Sex for Women:

    The history of tantra is ancient, as is women’s practice of it — said to date back 3,000 years to the Zami cult of India. Yet, in the many centuries where literature has been produced on the subject — and despite the proliferation of contemporary women’s sexuality books — there has never been an English language book devoted entirely to tantra for women until now. Tantric Sex for Women: A Guide for Lesbian, Bi, Hetero and Solo Lovers, changes that. Filling an important gap, the book addresses all women regardless of sexual preference.

    The approach makes sense. Women often define themselves by their differences. Yet, all women — lesbian, bi, or heterosexual — share something primal and basic: the yoni. According to author Christa Schulte, "Yoni is the Sanskrit name for the female genitalia with all its little erogenous parts: clitoris, labia, mons veneris, vagina, G-spot, womb, etc. However, yoni is much more than an anatomical term. It is the holy place of female desire, the lap that births new life, and the praiseworthy location of a woman’s deepest power."

    The book thus speaks to the unity of female experience, while addressing and celebrating multiplicity.

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