System Jo H2O Water-based Lubricant 120ml/4 floz

Premium Long-Lasting Intimate Lube

Key Features:

  • Top quality, FPA approved personal lubricant, made in USA
  • Super long-lasting; Non-drying. Never feels tacky
  • Silky smooth - a water-based formula that feels very similar to silicone lubricant
  • Price per ML: 10p
  • Made from the finest, quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients - No animal-based glycerin or animal byproducts
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Product Description

p>For a water-based lubricant that feels as silky and soft as silicone lube, reach for System Jo H2O!

System Jo H2O is a premium water-based lubricant that contains the finest quality ingredients for sensually smooth and long-lasting play.

It offers a similar feel and viscosity to System Jo Premium Silicone Lubricant however, it contains no oil, wax or silicone.

And whilst it does contains glycerin (the ingredient that makes water based lube dry out and turn sticky), System Jo H2O Water-based Lubricant does not dry out or feel tacky in the way that many water-based lubricants do.

This makes it the perfect water-based lubricant for a longer-lasting glide.

System Jo H20 lubricant is ideal for every kind of sex play, is easily washed off with water and perfectly safe to use with all sex toys.

It is also 100% latex-safe to use with condoms. System Jo H2O is recommended by doctors and pharmacists.

Useful Sex Tip

System Jo H2O Water-based Lubricant doesn't get tacky like other water-based lubes can, so it's perfect for long sessions with toys, hands, partners... anything you want.

Technical info

Useful Info for System Jo H2O Water-based Lubricant

Bottle Type: FLIP TOP
Recommended For: ALL
Quantity: 120ml
Single hand application: Yes
Price per ml: .10p / ml (to the nearest ml)
Ingredients: (INCI) Propyl paraben, Methyl paraben, Sodium Carboxy methyl cellulose, Glycerin, Purified water (Aqua)