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Suede Flogger Whip

Suede Flogger Whip


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Suede Flogger Whip

BDSM Beginner Cat-O-Nine Tails

Key Features:

  • Quality braided leather flogger whip with soft suede strands
  • 29 inches long with tails of 21 inches - A great cat-o-nine tails for hanging off your belt!
  • Easy to use and difficult to do any real harm with - A fantastic starter whip for a BDSM beginner
  • Provides a range of sensations from soft and sensual to a sturdy thwack
  • Choice of 2 stiking and contrasting combinations ; Hot red/black or rich purple/black hand-plaited leather

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  • Product Description
    A stylish flogger whip that is perfect for sensation play.

    With a handle made of braided high-quality leather, with soft suede leather strips for the tail, this a luxurious whip is ideal for a range of play. The flogger's whip strands are soft enough for teasing and tickling, but will also administer quite a thwhack if wielded well.

    Fantastic as a starter whip for BDSM play and punishment scenes, the Suede Flogger has an elegant handle, with a lovely balance - it's easy to administer sensation play with this toy and as it's so soft, even you're firmest strokes won't do any real damage beyond turning up the heat.

    A Suede Flogger is a great build-up whip; start with very gentle strokes and work up to a deliciously warm finale.

    In a choice of classic black /red, or rich purple/ black hand-plaited leather, the sensual  and stylish Suede Flogger is a fantastic addition to any BDSM toybox, looks good dangling from your belt and decorates a dungeon - or your bedroom - in style!

  • technical info
    Material: Leather/Suede
    Actual Length: 740m"
    Playable length of Tail/s: 530mm
    Diameter of handle 3mm
    Weight: 150g
    Ease of Use: Easy Peasy
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  • Sex Tip For Suede Flogger Whip
    Practice wielding your suede flogger on a pillow first - whip-accuracy is safer for a scene, plus it's great to place your blows exactly where your sub likes them...
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