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Small Rubber Whip

Small Rubber Whip - Choose Purple or Black


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Small Rubber Whip

10 inch Latex Multi-Strand Mini Flogger

Key Features:

  • Multi soft-touch strands deliver lighter and softer sensations than a regular whip
  • From ticking and teasing to slightly stingy
  • Ideal as a first / beginners whip or for those into light BDSM play
  • Awakens skin sensitivity rather than delivers pain
  • Brush or twizzle against genitals or nipples for strikingly different thrills

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  • Product Description

    Small whip, mighty pleasure! A small rubber whip for teasing and tantalising your lover...

    Softer and lighter than a traditional whip, this is an ideal beginners whip as it delivers sensations from super-gentle to slightly stinging.

    Easy to use and aim, this small, friendly whip is fab for peeps exploring gentle bondage, light BDSM scenes or sensation play.

    Or use to warm-up skin before you start wielding your larger flogger...

    Used lightly, the rubber strands lightly caress and tingle the skin

    More sensuous than stinging - though build up the pressure & this delightful rubber whip is will deliver a rosy-cheeked spanking.

    This small rubber whip feels good flicked on the genitals, whether lightly or more intensely and the flexible handle & wrist strap allows you to get a good helicopter wrist-flicking action going on!

  • technical info
    Material: Rubber/Plastic
    Actual Length: 250mmPlayable length of Tales: 150mm
    Diameter of handle 50mm
    Weight: Feather (35g)
    Ease of Use: Easy Peasy
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  • Sex Tip For Small Rubber Whip
    Vary the pace with your rubber whip....once you've got your lover's behind stinging, stop and tickle - it's very sensual!
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