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Fun Factory Silicone Anal Bendy Beads

Fun Factory Silicone Anal Beads


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Fun Factory Silicone Anal Bendy Beads

10" Graduated Sensual, Curvy Anal Beads

Key Features:

  • 10 inch long string of sensual, shapely beads for your bum!
  • 7.5 inches of insertable play, with moulded finger loop to ensure safe grip
  • Beads graduate from small (0.75") up to larger (1.3")
  • Discover the famed 'anal bead enhanced orgasm' by drawing beads out on climax
  • 100% pure, body-safe silicone - easy to clean, even sterilize.

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  • Product Description

    Bendy Beads are a sensual string of silicone anal beads with serious WOW factor.

    From top sex toy designers Fun Factory, these silicone anal beads have a sensual, organic, curvaceous design. Handsome and stylish; the graduating, weighty anal beads flow sexily into each other.

    The shapely ring-pull at one end of the anal beads is for you to slip your fingers into and keep a safe grip.

    Made from hypo-allergenic and non-porous silicone, these large 'n in charge anal beads are super easy to keep clean.

    To play: coat the anal beads with a thick water-based lube, and insert them one by one until you're ready to climax (you will most probably want a form of stimulation to your front-bits as well). As you start to climax, pull them smoothly out again - get the timing right and it''ll be a long, strong orgasm to remember!

  • technical info

    Useful Info for Fun Factory Silicone Anal Bendy Beads

    Material: Silicone
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 270mm / 10.6 inch
    Playable length: 190mm / 7.5 inch
    Diameter (of smallest bead): 22mm / 0.75 inch 
    Diameter (of widest bead): 35mm / 1.3 inch
    Weight: 115g
    Ease of Use: Easy 
    Waterproof: Yes
    Lube: Water-Based Only
    Care & Cleaning: Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. Air dry.
    Avoid breaking the surface of the silicone with long nails etc. Keep away from heat / sunlight. Store in a dry, fluff-free place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. great product by Jennifer

      Recomend Speaking as someone fairly new to anal (beginners butt plug and the odd finger) these initially terrified me being so much longer than a butt plug and the widest bead being pretty big...however I must reassure those who want to explore anal but think this might be a step too far; go for it. With plenty of lube the small first bead is easy, and totally non-scary, and you don't have to try and fit them all in on your first go (in fact, I wouldn't recommend trying!) It can be pretty intense, especially when you take them out...but in a good way :P (Posted on 06/03/2012)

    2. Sensual feel and sensenation! by Petal


      This really are as sensual to look at as they are to play with - really beautiful beads with lovely curves and a gentle size graduation so they dont feel scary ... just very very sexy!! (Posted on 11/06/2010)

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  • Sex Tip For Fun Factory Silicone Anal Bendy Beads

    Lube, lube, lube! Lubricant is always your friend for any type of anal play. Make sure to choose one specially designed for your delicate rear end, like our own Sh!  Pure Plus for Anal Play

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