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Shunga Edible Body Paint

Shunga Edible Body Paint: Vanilla Chocolate Temptation


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Shunga Edible Body Paint

Delicious Body Painting in Elegant Glass Bottle + Paintbrush


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  • Product Description

    Shunga Edible Body Paint is great for lovers who love to play tasty games together! Great for slow tasty sessions or messy or playful creative fun, Shunga Edible Body Paint: Vanilla Chocolate Temptation is extra specially tempting.

    Complete with a mini soft brush for drawing on your lover, this is a very tempting body paint! You can paint sweet messages on your lover's body while they're blindfolded - then you can ask them to guess what you've written.

    Or just use the paints to paint your favourite zones of their body...then you get to lick the paint off!

  • technical info

    Shunga Edible Body Paint: Vanilla Chocolate Tempation Spec

    Bottle Type: Screw Top
    Recommended For: Spicing Up Play
    Quantity: 100ml
    Ingredients: Sugar (sucrose), Water, (aqua), glucose, modified corn starch, titanium dioxide, xantham gum, malic acid, potassium sorbate, viniline, salt (sodium chloride), FD&C Yellow #5 (tartrazine) (CI 19140).

    Shunga Edible Body Paint: Aphrodisiac Chocolate Spec

    Bottle Type: Screw Top 
    Recommended For: Spicing Up Play 
    Quantity: 100ml 
    Ingredients: Sugar (sucrose), Water, (aqua), cocoa powder (theobroma cacao), sodium citrate, salt (sodium chloride), caramel colour (caramel), potassium sorbate (preservative), N&A favour (aroma), vanillian, citric acid, FD&C Yellow # 5 (tartrazine) (CI 19140).

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  • Sex Tip For Shunga Edible Body Paint
    Start using Shunga Edible Body Paint on wrists, ankles, or neck, and work your way slowly to more intimate areas...
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