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Fun Factory ShareVibe

Fun Factory ShareVibe Vibrating Strapless Double Dildo - Both


Fun Factory ShareVibe

Wearable Strapless Vibrating Double Dildo: 5 Powerful Settings

Key Features:

  • Wearable vibrating double dildo for close skin-on-skin strap-on style sex,
  • Works as an extension to your body to deliver intimate penetrative pleasure to your partner
  • Smaller egg (3.5 inch x 1.6 diam) for female operator to grip using her PC muscles
  • External shaft (5 inch x 1.5 diam) with clitoral/ perrineum stimulating nub - ideal for lesbian couple or pegging partners
  • Removable rechargeable bullet with 5 powerful vibrating modes to stimulate both partners with promise of simultaneous orgasm!

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  • Product Description

    Fun Factory ShareVibe has taken one of our all time favourite strapless double dildos and added a removeable, rechargeable vibrating bullet to add the trill of vibration to strapless play for lovers of strap-on and pegging sex.

    The flexible, egonomic body is designed to work like an extension of the operator's body; she slips the smaller, egg-shaped end inside her and grips it with her PC muscles. The longer shaft extends out for her female or male parter to hop on and enjoy.

    ShareVibe really does share all its thrilling assets; Combining vibration and penetrative pleasure and sharing it between you and your partner offers the promise of simuteaneous blended orgasms all round!

    Featuring a strong 5-pattern, rechargeable bullet vibrator which inserts in its base and removes for easy cleaning, ShareVibe is made out of soft, velvety 100% body-safe- we recommend drizzling a few drops of lube on the toy and yourselves, before play to really enhance sensations and enjoyment of this amazing toy.

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  • technical info

    Material: Silicone 
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 220 mm / 8.5 inch
    Playable length: 90 mm / 3.5 inch (egg) & 130 mm / 5 inch (shaft )
    Diameter (at widest): 40 mm / 1.6 inch (egg) & 35 mm /  1.4 in (shaft)
    Power:  Charger
    Supplied with Toy:  Yes
    Intensity: Strong
    Volume:  Can't be heard from outside the duvet 
    Weight:  418 g
    Ease of Use: Middling
    Speeds:  5
    Waterproof:  Yes
    Lube: Water-Based Lube Only

  • Product Reviews
    1. Ideal Wearable for Pegging by subsmissives


      This is our first strapless strapon, and we are not disappointed.
      The ShareVibe is a hefty lumb of silicone, with a little bullet vibe in the base. With a C-shaped wearable end, and a curved penetrating end, it's a fine piece of kit indeed.
      The C-shape is quite bulky, has more of a lean than any G-spot toy we've seen, and does press against the front of the vagina. If you use it without any preparation, this might feel proddy, but with some foreplay it feels entirely enjoyable. The C-shape end also includes a raised mound for clitoral stimulation. It's not as pinpoint as a bullet, but not as broad as a massage wand. The vibrations from the included bullet do spread well and stimulate the whole clitoral area. So - internal vaginal & external clitoral stimulation. It's all good so far.
      Where this excels though is as a toy for pegging - that insertable end is on the slim side of average, and is a delight for anal penetration. The vibes though. WOW! The vibrations set the whole bum area alight with sensation - it's almost overwhelming.

      Gravity is not its friend - it has a tendency to slip when the wearer is stood, but laying down or even holding it eliminates this problem. We love it. (Posted on 17/03/2017)

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  • Sex Tip For Fun Factory ShareVibe
    Strapless dildos are best for close, intimate moves with your partner - if you are wanting wilder moves, consider using a dildo in a harness
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