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Sexy Card Game: Memory Game

Sexy Card Game: Memory Game


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Sexy Card Game: Memory Game

How good is your erotic memory? This sexy card game from Toy-Joy tests your memory, with funny pictures of boobs and boners...

Fun to play with a partner, or on a hen-night, girlz night out or girlz night in!

Shuffle the cards and spread them out face down in six rows of six. Players take turns flipping over two cards in an attempt to make a match. If a player matches two cards, she removes the matching cards from the game and stacks them in front of him. She then takes another turn. If she doesn't make a match, she flips the cards back over so they are face down again, and her turn ends. the player with the most matches at the end wins!

Try out some sexy variations - you could:
Put a bowl of chocolates on the table as prizes...
Include fun forfeits...
Play the stripping version!

However you play, this sexy memory game of Boobs and Boners is a whole lot of fun!

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