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Sexy Card Game: Game of Love

Sexy Card Game: Game of Love


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Sexy Card Game: Game of Love

Game of Love is a sexy and exciting way to add a new style to your sex life...

These sexy card games are a fun way of creating scenarios, trading fantasies and getting a chance to build your favourite fantasies!

The pack contains fifty cards, each illustrated with a hot action or position, and shaded from red to blue for how hot they are!

You act out each card from a set of five with your lover in order: red, yellow, orange, white, blue.

If a card needs a particular prop or location, it's worth looking through them first and working out where or how you'll do those.

There are instructions for three sexy card games in each pack - but you can make up your own too! Choose from:
Lover's Libido
Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down. You and your lover take turns quizzing each other about sexy things you enjoy... If your lover guesses correctly, award her a card from the top of the deck. When one of you has at least one card of each colour, you win - unleash your sexy fantasy!
Fortune teller
Predict your lover's sexy fortune. Shuffle the deck and flip over a card, then stack it by colour. When you have one card of each colour facing up, the game ends ad the top cards become your fantasy!
Ultimate Fantasy
Shuffle the cards and deal five to each player face-down. Your goal is to collect a card of each colour to build a sexy fantasy...

There are three (or more!) ways to play these sexy card games, and thousands of ways to win!

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