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Sex In The City: Paris

Sex In The City: Paris


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Sex In The City: Paris

Erotic stories about people who live, love & lust in Paris, edited by Maxim Jakubowski

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  • Product Description

    In the second of this city-based series of outstanding erotica stories, a romp through the cobbled streets of the city of light unveils fascinating sexual variations, surrealist kink, gourmet stories of love and lust that would make even a Frenchman blush!

    Brand new stories from M Christian, John Baxtrer, Ella Regina, Michael Hemmingson, and many other literary talents, are collected here to specifically celebrate and eroticise Paris. All brought to you by the editor of the bestselling Mammoth Book of Erotica series.

    Sabine and Dominique are sisters, but have no problem sharing their lover...There's a man in a Left Bank appartment; he instigated the affair, but she controls it...One morning, the men of Paris are all bewitched by a solitary red brassiere that wafts through their lives...

    These are some of the stories that populate the riskier and more anonymous regions of Paris. Because cities are not just about monuments and museums and iconic places, they are also about people at love and play.

  • technical info
    Author: Edited by Maxim Jakubowski
    Publisher: Xcite Books
    Publishing Date: 2010
  • Product Reviews
    1. "Decadent-but-detached..." by Trix


      I like the way that many of these stories subtly recall classic French authors: M. Christian's "A Seduction of Vanity" has a twist ending worthy of de Maupassant, and Ella Regina's "The Red Brassiere" evokes Anais Nin. Most tend to have that uniquely French decadent-but-detached feel, which makes them sensual but not passionately sexual, and very rarely romantic. (Kelly Jameson's "Hill of Martyrs" has some disturbing imagery.) Even so, it's an engaging book throughout, and the author's note following each story is a welcome touch. (Posted on 08/10/2013)

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  • Sex Tip For Sex In The City: Paris
    A sneaky peek between the covers: Monsieur Ficelle follows me around the appartment staring at the seam running up the rear of my nylons. He's wondering if underneath the fashionable short skirt and ruffled blouse I wear underwear, or if I'm the answer to all his fantasies...
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