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Sex and the Recession

Sex and the Recession


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Sex and the Recession

How to Have Great Sex and Deal with The Recession


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    The problem: The Recession has filled our world with problems not of our own making. We have been abused by those in power in ways that, in 1786, triggered the French Revolution. We are poor, we are stressed, our share prices have collapsed, and the value of our houses have plummetted. We are dispossessed, our cars are repossessed, and no one listens when we protest.

    When the future is looking down down down - what can help get it up?

    The Solution:

    Sex. It is the one thing the Bankers haven't lost, the Labour Governent hasn't destroyed, and the medics haven't declared carcinogenic. Sex will set free what little serotonin you have left and having it is a lot more positive than worrying about what your ISAs are worth now, whether you'll catch swine flu, or how much of your tax pound went to pay for Mr Smith's porn collection.

    Sex and the Recession, a book by Copstick and Maclean, will cheer you up and tell you how to turn the worst of times into the best of times, indeed hard times.

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    Author: Copstick & Maclean
    Publisher: Erotic Review Books
    Publishing date: 2009

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  • Sex Tip For Sex and the Recession

    A Sneaky Peek Between The Covers: Never Mind. The recession will all be over sooner than you think. And even though it may be a temporarily painful experience, no one's saying it has to be a puritanical one. Unless you actuallty derive physical pleasure from such an act, there's no need to beat yourself up over this...

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