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Position Sex Card Deck

Position Sex Card Deck


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Position Sex Card Deck

Sexy how-to photography and everything you need to know about 50 wild sex positions all in a deck of easy to carry around cards.

Ever tried The Banana Split? The Rocking Horse? The Carnal Crossbow? The Crossleg Canoodle? What...? You dont know how to do The Crossleg Canoodle?

If you've never heard of these positions, let alone tried them, then the Position Sex Card Deck is for you! Inside you'll find straight talk and illuminating advice on how you and your partner can get closer and more adventurous with wild new sex positions you've probably never attempted. You'll also learn how to add spine-tingling twists to your favorites.

For couples who might be stuck in a one-position nooky rut, Position Sex Card Deck gives couples quick ideas on how to spice up their sex life and be more adventurous in the bedroom (or any room, counter, or chair in the house.)

Each card offers a four-color photograph of a wild sex position with its name, for example the Carnal Crossbow. On the flip side, text, condensed from Position Sex, explains how to arrange the position and details the challenges and pleasures specific to each move.

The deck features full-color photographs of each hot, new position, as well as acrobatic variations on good old standbys, such as the missionary position.

The Position Sex Card Deck takes the successful how-to sex book Position Sex and reorganizes it on convenient, easily referenced cards so lovers can take position tips straight to bed as they expand their bedroom repertoire.

Lola Rawlins is the author of Position Sex. She has edited several sex books related to harnessing sexual energy and taking it for a ride. She has been researching creative positions for years, counts on trying a new one tonight, and hopes you do, too.

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