Pocket Kama Sutra Super Sex

By Nicole Bailey
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Tantalize, excite, and thrill your lover! Combining the best of the Kama Sutra's wisdom wtih modern sex writing, "Pocket Kama Sutra Super Sex" is packed with 52 red-hot positions, easy to learn techniques for him and for her, and tips that ill tune your lovemaking skills and maximize your sexual confidence.

Flip through the pages of this book and be seduced. Work through the themed positions with your lover, or dip in and pick and mix to create your own raunchy repertoire. Take charge with Galloping Horse; try the slow and sensual Twining Position; or get down and dirty Driving the Peg Home. Dive right in and discover a sensual paradise.

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Author: Nicole Bailey \n
Publisher: DBP \n
Publishing date: 2010



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