Pillow Foreplay, For Girls

Innovative accessory, designed to help you enjoy hands-free pleasure with your favourite toy
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Product Description

Ever wished you could enjoy your vibe or dildo hands-free..? Well now you can! The Pillow Foreplay, For Girls is an exciting new accessory, designed to hold your favourite sex toy unaided, giving you a more natural, sexual experience no matter how adventurous you like to be.

Pillow Foreplay, For Girls is made specifically to give you freedom to explore different ways to interact with your favourite toys. The Pillow undulates and moves to your touch, as if it knows what you want, giving you an intimate, sensory experience that's unlike anything else.

It works with all shapes and sizes of toy, so however you like your play, with a partner or solo, the Pillow Foreplay is for you.

Fully inflatable, the Pillow Foreplay lets you adjust its fullness to hold your toy securely and suit your individual needs. A detailed instruction manual with pictures is included, so getting your pillow ready for play is quick and easy. The unique pillow core is made from medical grade polyurethane, and is designed to support all weights and body-sizes, so it's completely body-safe and hygenic.

You're spoilt for choice with pillow covers in hot pink, rich purple or classic black. The Team Sh! know you love your favourite toy, so go ahead and enjoy some hands-free fun with the Pillow Foreplay!

Check out the video below to learn more about how Pillow Foreplay works!

Useful Sex Tip

Feeling bored with your current vibes? Check our fab range to find the perfect \nfriend for your Pillow Foreplay!

Technical info

Material: \n
Medical grade PU \n
Instructions for care: \n
Wipe clean

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Product Reviews

by Ant Hughes
I got one of these for my partner as she so constantly requested and feared for the worst expecting to become somewhat obsolete. Well... i was wrong and what an interesting item this turned out to be! Contrary to my expectations, this pillow actually opened up other exciting prospects, as i read somewhere already and have now experienced, its an innocent three some and it leaves her hands free....for me :) Which was real good fun i must say. Its a really easy to use bit of kit and actually has alot more uses than its main purpose, i've even used it as a massage pillow which works great. Its very flexible and durable so it can be put through its paces and stand up to the test. I would definately recommend this product guys if buying for your partner or even just for your self girls, its well worth it!
by Rachel
100% of 100
100% of 100
100% of 100
Had one of these for my birthday (thanks SkinnyRob), I've had my vibrator for quite a while but it wasnt getting much use. This has changed the whole experience for me, I love my pillow and my vibrator hasnt been back in its box since July! Would definitley recommend this product
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