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PicoBong Kaya Rabbit Vibe

Lelo PicoBong Kaya Rabbit Vibe - Both


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PicoBong Kaya Rabbit Vibe

Sleek, simple rabbit-style vibrator: 12 Settings

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  • Product Description

    PicoBong Kaya is a modern and minimalistic take on the popular Rabbit Vibe. Representing mind-blowing pleasure, Kaya’s smooth design focuses powerful vibrations on multiple erogenous zones. Contoured to the female form and designed to embrace a woman's hotspots, Kaya becomes one with its user’s own curves.

    PicoBong's Kaya Rabbit Vibe has an adaptable and intuitve design; a uniquely sleek shape with a thrilling internal curve complemented by a powerful external clitoral stimulator, which is flexible enough to mold to your body to deliver luscious, targeted vibrations right to your clitoris. 

    The body of PicoBong's Kaya vibe is made from durable ABS plastic and smoothly coated with the highest quality body-safe silicone, so it's ideal for delivering the firm pressure that G-spots enjoy.

    An amazing 12 different vibration patterns can be enjoyed over multiple speeds. From a near-silent slow and deep vibration, right up to zingy top speed, PicoBong Kaya offers a range of sensations making it a great toy to explore different intensities and patterns to discover exactly what tips you over the edge.

    With a simple three-button interface making it  easy to use, and offering two hours of play from just 2 x AAA batteries, the exciting and innovative design of PicoBong's sophisticated Kaya Rabbit Vibe is sure to thrill experienced Rabbit vibe users just as much as newbies!

    Water proof to the depth of 1m, this is the perfect bath, shower or even swimming pool toy, so of course it is fabulously easy to clean.

  • technical info

    Useful Info for PicoBong Kaya Rabbit Vibe

    Material: Silicone & Plastic 
    Phthalate Alert: None 
    Actual Length: 197 mm / 7.75 inch
    Playable length: 165 mm / 6.5 inch
    Diameter (at widest): 37 mm / 1.46 inch
    Batteries: 2 AAA 
    Supplied with Toy: No
    Intensity: Wowser! 
    Volume: Near-silent to Medium 
    Weight: 108g 
    Ease of Use: Easy 
    Speeds: 12
    Offers: Vibration escalation & pulse
    Waterproof: Yes 
    Lube: Water-Based Lube Only
    Care & Cleaning of the PicoBong Kaya Rabbit Vibe: Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. \nNo water inside battery area. Air dry. \n \n
    Store in a cool, clean, dark place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. Worth it! by Z


      Thanks to this fella, I had my first orgasm! yay! Worth the extra ££, easy to clean and looks nice too! (Posted on 19/03/2017)

    2. Oh gosh! by LH


      I've always struggled to orgasm, only really experiencing a small series of fluttery tremors in my mid-thirties which I can now harness into something ... on the whole. But though I have a happy and fulfilling sex life I can't say I've ever quite felt that cresting the wave burst that others seem to talk about, like something nice has happened but not quite a sense of completion. I had a Jessica Rabbit years ago but somehow never quite got into it. But this is amazing. I bought it because I thought I might somehow reach the G-stop but it's the rabbity bit that is incredible. I bought it a couple of weeks ago but only had time and privacy to play with it properly today. I'm 45 and I feel like everything has shifted a gear! I had a small, lovely orgasm, already on a par with the best I have had during sex with my partner, when I tried it first thing. Then an hour or two later I just had to go back again - and it's dreamy! The second time I didn't use it penetratively at all, just the rabbit bit at varying intensities and I came, properly, undeniably, more certainly than I have ever done before. An hour or more later and I can still feel it in my legs and lower abdomen, in my mouth and my cunt. It is such a nice looking thing as well. Like it's designed by a woman. Not too fierce looking, but with a fabulously intense span of vibrations. The material feels slightly giving and the rabbit bit has quite a lot of independent give so you can push it slightly, which feels amazing. I haven't quite got to grips with the varying settings yet but that is just a matter of practise ... to which I look forward!
      Thank you, thank you! (Posted on 06/06/2015)

    3. Really, really happy with the results! by Thuella


      After a lot of umming and awing I plumped for this for my first vibrator. I loved taking it out of the box - it was sleek and silky and great to touch. Had to run to the shop for batteries and then tried it out right away and came within minutes.

      To be honest I found the first vibration setting the best, though it was good to be able to turn up the strength. It is really easy to use and feels amazing. The only snag I have found is that it is quite easy to pull of the lid to the battery case when you are in the middle of things - both me and my partner did this on the first day though it hasn't happened since. Apart from that small snag I really recommend this product. Just as good for couples to mess around with as for solo use. (Posted on 10/07/2013)

    4. Beautiful simplicity by NJ


      I just bought this beautiful vibe today, so unfortunately I can’t comment on its durability or battery life etc., but I can definitely comment on its performance. And boy oh boy.
      I have bought myself a number of different vibrators of different styles, usually going for the lower end of the price range as the thought of spending more than £40 or so on a toy made me nervous and I was sure I would regret it (student on a budget!). But today I popped into sh! and had a look around with the sole purpose of treating myself, this time making sure I didn’t just focus on the price tag.

      I usually move swiftly past the rabbit vibes as, for me, they tend to be a bit ‘in your face’ and quite intense-looking, if that makes any sense (for example the ones with the rotating shafts I find quite visually off-putting!). But I was struck by the beautiful simplicity of the Kaya’s design so had a flick through the functions. I tend to solely go for vibes with clitoral stimulation as that’s what does it for me, but I find that although some may have a clitoral stimulator the vibrations sometimes aren’t very focussed on that area and can be rather weak. Not with the Kaya. Just from testing it out in the shop I could tell I was onto a winner. On the top speed the vibrations are just as intense in the clit stimulator as they are in the shaft, and when I say intense I really do mean intense! The different vibration patterns are fantastic and imaginative, great for making the experience a little more interesting.
      All in all I cannot fault this gorgeous vibe. I love the design, the colour (I went for the blue), it’s wonderfully soft to touch, the speeds and vibration patterns are amazing and it really did make me see stars. I’m pretty tough to please so that’s saying something! I’ve definitely found my new all-time favourite. I could bin all my toys bar this one and be perfectly happy, I’m not sure I’d even notice the others were gone to be honest.
      X (Posted on 14/12/2012)

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  • Sex Tip For PicoBong Kaya Rabbit Vibe
    The smooth oval body of this vibe is perfectly formed for female curves. This can make the battery cap tricky to line up at first, but after a couple of tries you soon get the hang of it.
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