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Pelvix Concept - Pelvic Floor Exerciser by Femintimate

Pelvix Concept - Pelvic Floor Exerciser by Femintimate


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Pelvix Concept - Pelvic Floor Exerciser by Femintimate

Expertly designed to strengthen your pelvic floor

Key Features:

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction treatment
  • The result of extensive research from experts in the field
  • Hypoallergenic, velvet touch silicone
  • 5-Step program of exercises for the pelvic floor muscles
  • Improves muscle strength and elasticity

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  • Product Description

    As a 5-step program of exercises that strengthens muscles by gradually increasing weights, Pelvix offers a natural therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction.

    Crafted as the result of exhaustive research in collaboration with multiple experts - from gynaecologists and urologists to physiotherapists and midwives - Pelvix aims to improve muscle tone and elasticity of the pelvic floor. Pelvix contains a weighted ball that moves inside, and that can be increased in weight as treatment progresses.

    Once inserted, Pelvix will gradually descend under its own weight, but stays in place thanks to natural, gentle and spontaneous pelvic contractions - a natural reflex which counteracts gravity - that are triggered thanks to its expertly crafted design. Over time, this action provides highly effective and specific physiotherapy.

    You are recommended to try the treatment for 15 minutes at first, but gradually with weight training the time and ease with which you can keep Pelvix inserted will increase, thanks to improved muscle strength.

    Pelvix is crafted from velvet-soft hypoallergenic silicone, its special shape and angle of insertion conform to the walls of the vagina, stimulating blood circulation - a major factor in muscle toning. With proper use, over time you should feel noticeable improvement in stress incontinence, loss of sensitivity in sexual relations, and other general effects of pelvic floor weakness.

  • technical info

    Unseful information for Pelvix Concept - Pelvic Floor Exerciser  

    Material: Silicone
    Phthalate Alert: None

    Actual Length: 62.9mm / 2.48inch

    Playable length: 62.9mm / 2.48inch

    Diameter (at widest): 33.2mm1.3inch

    Weight: 1: 30g 2: 36g / 3: 54g

    Ease of Use: Je Joue Ami 1: Easy / 2: Middling / 3:Tricky But Worth It

    Waterproof: Yes
    Lube: Water-based Only
    Care & Cleaning of  Pelvix Concept - Pelvic Floor Exerciser: Wash Sh! Toy Cleaner or mild soap & rinse thoroughly. No water near battery area air dry
    Store in Luxury box provided / cool, dark clean place.

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  • Sex Tip For Pelvix Concept - Pelvic Floor Exerciser by Femintimate

    Pelvix is designed with more medical precision than other more standard vaginal love balls, but thanks to its freely moving internal weights, you should still find Pelvix to provide a pleasurable sensation when in use. Extended pelvic floor therapy from Pelvix may be beneficial to disorders and discomfort in sexual relations over time, but check with your doctor if you're unsure. 

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