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Orgasms And How To Have Them

Orgasms And How To Have Them


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Orgasms And How To Have Them

Liberated women across the world are having more sex than ever these days, and when they're not having it they're talking about it, reading about it or watching it on TV. So why are we more sexually disatisfied than ever? For increasing numbers of women who have trouble reaching orgasm, the big 'O' has turned into the big let-down

Sound familiar? Before you give up completely, help is at hand.

In 'Orgasms And How To Have Them', you'll discover:

- How to uncover mental blocks and embrace your sexuality.
- Practical step-by-step advice on how to climax alone
- The best positions to orgasm with a partner
- How to orgasm when you want, as often as you want.

Sex expert and counsellor Jenny Hare shows women that the key to orgasmability is getting to know their own bodies. Packed with detailed techniques, helpful excercises and health advice, as well as anecdotes from women of all ages, 'Orgasms And How To Have Them' is a reassuring guide on how to climax - on your own, with a partner and for life.

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