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25 stories focused on female orgasm, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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    What gets you off? How do you like to come? Let Orgasmic count the ways...with 25 stories focused on female orgasm, there is something here for every reader.

    The women in Orgasmic climax from Tantric sex, role-playing, sex toys, BDSM, a belt, and even chemistry - the scientific kind. They delight in food, God, and handymen. Some are shy about their orgasms and some are bold as can be. They come, and come and come again, and they do it in some of the hottest, most creative ways you can think of.

    Featuring red-hot erotica handpicked by Rachel Kramer Bussel, these stories will make you want to stop everything and have an orgasm immediately - once you've turned the last arousing page. Come as you are!

  • technical info
    Author:Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
    Publisher: Cleis Press
    Publishing Date: 2010
  • Product Reviews
    1. "Makes for compelling reading..." by Trix


      The variety and novelty of scenarios (and orgasmic experiences) makes for compelling reading, but aren't always titillating in themselves. (Frustration is examined honestly in several stories, too.) There are some gems here, especially Angela Caperton's sweetly subversive and beautiful "Rapture." I also like Lily Harlem's "Making Shapes" and Neve Black's "Animal Inside." (Posted on 23/08/2013)

    2. A recommended read for those who crave variety in their erotic reading by Michelle


      At just over 200 pages long, each story averages at around 7-8 pages long and reading through it I quickly realised that this wouldn’t be a repetitive read at all. With every story featuring a theme that makes it stands out from the rest, this was refreshingly varied with little crossover of themes other than the emphasis on the woman's pleasure and orgasm.

      Being a sex toy enthusiast it was nice to see sex toys making a few appearances (how could a book about female orgasms not give them a generous mention) and mixing this with manual stimulation, partner stimulation and various kinky forms of foreplay; these stories go on to describe nearly every type of orgasm and lots of methods of achieving orgasm.

      Well written and covering a wide variety of activities, the emphasis on the womans pleasure and descriptions of women in the full throes of passion were enough to keep me reading on eagerly.

      As someone with a short attention span when it comes to erotic reading, I can say that these hot and well paced out short erotic stories were perfect for short reading sessions, not that I could ever stop at reading just one story from Orgasmic.

      A few of my favourite stories were:

      What’s in a Name? – Jacqueline Applebee
      Starting mid-sex, What’s in a Name begins with a womans discomfort at calling out the wrong name in the heat of passion. Going on to describe the ex partner who’s name she called out, her current partner is treated to a description of her sexual adventures with this Casanova from her past. Hearing all the details of her sexual past gets her partners juices flowing and ends in some revisiting and recreating of her sexual memories.

      The Big O – Donna George Storey
      Having met a partner who brings her to such shatteringly transcendal orgasms, Maddy decides to have a surprise ready for when her lover gets back from a six week trip away. Working on her kegel muscles with the intent of impressing her lover, she soon discovers that kegel exercises make for some more intense solo session’s aswell as more intense orgasms upon her lovers arrival home.

      Switch – Jade Melisande
      Switch covers the subject of clitoral hood piercings and added sensitivity gained from a womans addition of new jewellery at a piercing studio. Having nearly let her piercing close up in time spent without the adornment of jewellery, she not only has the experience of teasing pain when her piercer needs to insert new jewellery but she experiences an intense sensitivity on the journey home which leads to a heated session with her new partner.

      As someone with a fair share of piercings and who also reads up on the subject, I found the heavy play so soon after a trip to the piercing studio slightly concerning but letting go of concerns and just getting into the fantasy; I read on more tempted than ever to indulge in more piercings. Describing the sensitivity of a new piece of intimate jewellery rubbing off clothes and feeling every movement, this makes for steamy reading from the start whether you’re pierced yourself or just curious about the sensations involved.

      Covering several subjects that I long to see more of in erotica, Orgasmic doesn’t just concentrate on female pleasure and orgasms but revels in the many ways that they can be brought about. . (Posted on 26/02/2013)

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    A sneaky peek between the covers: Her vivid imgination shot into overdrive. She could almostb feel the cool kiss of leather against her naked skin, and the tight cinch of the padded cuffs arund her ankles and wrists...
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