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Orgasmic Diet

Orgasm Diet


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Orgasmic Diet

Nutritional and exercise programme to improve female libido and orgasmic ability


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    Improve your libido, enhance your sexual pleasure and expand your sexual horizons! It's been written about in Elle magazine and the Telegraph, mentioned in Forbes and joked about on the Tonight show-a sure sign that something has entered the cultural zeitgeist.

    Now for the millions of women unable to reach orgasm, or for those who want to improve their sex lives, here is a groundbreaking nutrition and exercise plan to bring women to orgasm for the first time-and every time they have sex!

    The Orgasmic Diet, by Marrena Lindberg, is designed to regulate a woman's brain chemistry and body functioning and bring her to mind-blowing orgasm.

    It achieves this through four easy-to-adapt elements including: a diet low in carbohydrates that avoids 'orgasm killers' like refined sugar and caffeine; high doses of fish oils, vitamin C and dark chocolate (yes, chocolate!), internal exercises that go far beyond Kegels; and maintenance of serotonin and dopamine levels.

    Unlike other orgasm books out there, which just focus on new positions to try or psychological issues, here is the first-ever scientifically supported nutritional and exercise programme to improve female libido and orgasmic ability-a must-have guide for any woman who wants to take her sex life to a whole new level.

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