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Oral Sex Shell Never Forget

Oral Sex She'll Never Forget


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Oral Sex Shell Never Forget

by Sonia Borg

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  • Product Description

    Techniques that will drive her wild! Getting a woman to orgasm has more to do with movement of your lips than your hips. This ultimate oral sex guide teaches you all the moves you need to go down on a woman skilfully.

    Oral Sex She'll Never Forget gives 50 unique cunnilingus experiences from start to finish. You'll learn mouth moves and hand strokes. You will use sex toys and new settings to create the most exciting oral sex experiences for her. Surprise your lover with something new and exciting and she'll never forget you.

    Give her:

    - Wild and a Little Rough Cunnilingus: toe-curling sensations that will have her biting the pillowcases.

    - Fire and Ice: Mind-blowing pleasure using hot and cold

    - Full-Service Cunnilingus: her ultimate fantasy.

    Whether she's in the mood for something playful or a little naughty, sexy photography and detailed illustrations show you exactly how to thrill her and have her beg for more.

  • Product Reviews
    1. by Michelle

      Reviewed from my husbands perspective-

      I was quite excited when I found out my wife was getting this book. I have read a couple of books on the subject and it is always nice to expand your repertoire so to speak. Initially I was taken aback by how big the book was. I was not overly impressed with the imagery on the front of the book. It shows a woman wearing what look like stripper heels and shows the title between her legs. The back features praise from other authors and so called “sexperts” and the inside cover features a little author information and yet more praise. The quotes from other authors take up a lot of room and it all most seemed to me like the book was trying too hard.

      The book is a mixture of text, diagrams and full colour photographs. In general, manuals of this type tend to be black and white diagrams so I was happy to see this at first as I thought it would give a better idea of what was being described. However on closer inspection the pictures proved to be a huge let down. They are utterly unnecessary and are hugely repetitive. It is not an exaggeration to say that at least 45% of this book is pictures or diagrams (I counted them).

      Just one example is a picture in which the author talks about using ice cubes. There are 3 photos showing a man with an ice cube on a woman’s stomach. Literally three A4 pages are taken up with the ice cube above her belly button, then on her belly button, and finally below her belly button. If you need three A4 pictures to visualize “rub an ice cube on her stomach” then you have bigger problems then this book can help you with.

      The comparatively few diagrams that are in the book are not particularly detailed. While they should be showing detailed depictions of the female anatomy they are very basic. This book really could have used more text, better diagrams and a hell of a lot less pictures.

      This book is not all bad. It shows various positions in which you can perform cunnilingus, some of them are interesting and well worth trying out.

      There are a hints and “facts” thrown in throughout the book. These are largely irrelevant and sometimes outright untrue but there is some useful information to be gleamed from them. She recommends not “double dipping” sex toys from anus to vagina. Great tip for someone who might not know the infection risk of bacteria in that respect. Another great tip talks about reading your partners body language and responding accordingly. Cunnilingus is a mutual process and so this is important when trying to please your partner.

      She also sets up some nice scenarios that can be quite romantic. One is setting up a desk and office chair and make believe that you are surprising your partner who has been working hard. I thought this was a nice idea and almost a little sweet.

      I try to find the positive in anything I review but I would be doing a disservice to recommend this book to anyone. There are numerous problems with it ranging from poor advice, unsourced “facts” to encouraging illegal situations and incredibly repetitive and unnecessary pictures. I had high hopes when I saw the book. While the cover was a little bit trashy looking it still seemed like it would be worth a read.

      Unfortunately there was very little to learn from this book. It seems like a collection of erotic ideas that you could come up with yourself or read in erotica. While I thought the full colour pictures would be a positive it is apparent that they are there purely to bulk up the book (I say “bulk up” I mean double the size of it). The sad part is that despite having full colour photographs, the important anatomical stuff is not covered in sufficient detail. If you were a complete novice then this might be of some help to you but for my money read Ian Kerners “She Comes First”, it is a hundred times the cunnilingus manual this book is. (Posted on 20/11/2012)

    2. by Michelle

      Having read two other books on the subject of Cunnilingus (“She Comes First” by Ian Kerner and “The Lowdown On Going Down” by Marcy Michaels) I have to say that this book had some high expectations to meet. My first impression was that the book was larger than I had expected. The front cover image shows a woman’s legs from the back with the title of the book in between them. The back has a couple of quotes from other authors praising the book as well as a very brief summary of what the book covers. Inside the cover there is a little information about the author as well as more praise from another fellow author.

      <p> -Overview-

      The contents page is 8 major sections with many sub-headings as well as introductions and appendices.

      Each of the sections listed has a number of chapters in them varying in length from one to four pages. Each section covers a different aspect of cunnilingus and different erotic role-plays. After opening the book I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is entirely in colour with many photographs. In general instructional books of this kind are usually full of black and white diagrams so it is a nice change of pace to see some colour. The book is 159 pages long and almost A4 in size but at a rough count there are 71 full page photos or diagrams with little or no text on them; so in actuality the book has only 80 pages of reading. Not exactly heavy reading but I pressed on to hopefully gleam some useful information.


      As I mentioned above the book is split into eight major sections, each with a different theme/focus related to oral sex. I will cover a small selection from across the entire book.

      The introduction says that unlike other “How To” manuals on the subject this book sets up whole scenarios around the act to make it more of an event equivalent to intercourse rather than basic instructions on the act itself.

      <p>The anatomy section consists of three pages of text and a full page diagram of the female anatomy. The diagram if I am honest is quite lacking, it is a pulled back view showing a drawing that needlessly incorporates legs and breasts when it is only trying to show the various parts of the vulva. Because it is a pulled back view the detailing is lost thus defeating the purpose really. Not bad for a novice to get an idea but not very well detailed.

      <p>The eight sections deal mostly with setting up various role playing scenarios as opposed to technique. Some of them aren’t bad. The author talks about using ice cubes, incorporating sex toys and she describes a scene in which you blindfold your partner and read erotica to stimulate her senses.

      <p>Conversely some of the situations she describes are somewhat dubious. She encourages having a public cunnilingus session on a train by timing your movements with passengers getting on and off. While I understand the whole idea behind public play and the risk factor, this is illegal and if caught you could face prosecution, not to mention that it hugely contradicts earlier in the book when the author describes cunnilingus as something special to be enjoyed and treated as a gift. I can’t imagine I could even begin to enjoy myself while trying to keep an eye on other passengers like the book says, more than anything I just feel it’s irresponsible for a book to recommend such public sexual acts.

      <p>One other idea that isn’t necessarily illegal but both my partner and I agree is in poor taste is the idea of “paying your partner for sex”. The basic premise is that your partner gets everything she needs by selling herself to you. You book into a fancy hotel and shower her with luxurious gifts and actual money. It makes a point of saying that a percentage of college going women have admitted to taking money for sex as if to convince you that prostitution is something desirable. It might be a personal preference but we both thought it sounded degrading rather than romantic.

      <p> -“Sexpert Advice”-

      There are numerous quotes in the book entitled ‘sexpert says’ or ‘sex facts’ and to be honest they range from a couple of useful hints to some questionable quotes and some laughable and downright incorrect facts.

      <p>A few of the useful hints I found in the book are as follows.

      *Use sugar free breath mints if you use mints during oral sex as sugar can cause a yeast infection.
      *Don’t blow air into the vagina as it is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.
      *Don’t just suddenly surprise your partner with anal play while going down on her.

      <p>There are however some less helpful quotes like these:

      “Most women have gotten the message that our vulvas don’t smell or taste good. Men have trouble understanding that because they believe the pussy is perfect.”

      - That is a direct quote from the book. Now I am luckily with a man who loves the smell of a woman but there are men out there who don’t like it. This piece of information is strangely misleading and as with many of the “sex fact” statements this makes a broad sweeping statement about what one of the genders likes as a unanimous whole. While I agree that women often get this message, I don’t believe that it is something we always imagine by ourselves or get from feminine hygiene ads, I’m sure many women have at one time had an unwilling partner because actually some men do have a sensitivity to or even a disliking of womens natural scents too.

      <p>Other less than helpful hints include a random tip on how to measure your flaccid penis, how much the average tongue weighs and the author goes on to say that any thoughtful male partner (this book is in no way geared towards lesbians) will keep a vibrator in his pocket at all times along with his wallet and keys. Because that couldn’t possibly end badly!

      <p>- In Summary-

      Overall I am disappointed with this book. There are numerous pictures that are not helpful in the least and will repeat themselves with minor changes across three whole pages. Add to this some of the scenarios that are illegal or in poor taste. The advice throughout the book is largely useless information which makes huge sweeping statements with little or no references cited. While it looked promising to begin with, it quickly fell flat after just a few pages. If you are looking for a great, informative book on the subject then check out the two titles I mentioned in the introduction. It also only ever refers to male partners and completely ignores any possibility of women going down on each other. There is far more dubious advice to mention than I could even cover in a review, put in short there is little I can recommend about this book. (Posted on 20/11/2012)

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    A sneaky peek between the covers: There is a cunnilingus scenario here for every mood, from playful to soul-mate connecting. If you try one and don't like it, try another...and another...and another. Adapt, change and modify to make it your own....
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