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Open For Business


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22 steamy stories. Edited by Alison Tyler

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    Water-cooler gossip has never been this juicy...Say goodbye to the uptight workplace and hello to these deliciously taboo fantasties of nine-to-five workers getting down and dirtty in any available cubicle, office, or elevator - regrdless of who's watching.

    In Open For Business, Alison Tyler invited you to relish the transgressive thrills of sex where it's not supposed to happen. A stern female hotel manager dispenses some very personal punishment to an errant male elevator operator. A hunky high-rise window cleaner seduces a hot temp on the other side of the glass. An executive adssistant gets an unusual dressing-down for her exhibitionist ways.

    Secret self-love, furtive trysts, voyeurism, and spanking - these 22 steamy stories give new meaning to "mixing business with pleasure."

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    1. "Stories tend to be quick and dirty..." by Trix


      Most of these stories tend to be quick and dirty, focusing on over-the-top scenarios with a touch of d/s action. (While this got a little repetitive, I was surprised that one of the most outrageous, NT Morley's "Memorandum," was a favorite.) There is some f/f and m/f/f here, but no m/m (which I found disappointing). Roughly a third of these stories (including Saskia Walker's excellent "TGIF") have appeared in other anthologies, so you may want to check your bookshelf before you buy. (Posted on 24/10/2013)

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