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Minna Life Limon Touch Sensitive Vibrator

Minna Limon Vibrator


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Minna Life Limon Touch Sensitive Vibrator

Unique Soft, Sensual, Squeeze-to-Please Vibrating Sex Toy


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Key Features:

  • Fresh, fun and totally different with vibrations controlled by innovative soft, squeezable surface
  • Lemon-size! ( 3 x 2.2 inches) Sits sensually in the hand to deliver pleasure to your clitoris or other errgenous zones
  • Easy and super quiet with deep, rumbly vibrations that increase in intensity the firmer you squeeze
  • Free, Memory & Record Modes for intuative and personalised pleasure
  • Luxurious, medical-grade silicone & USB rechargeable - Comes fully charged and ready to play

  • Product Description

    Totally unique, Minna Limon is the most tactile vibrator ever - a stress ball for pleasure! Shaped like a lemon and coated in sensual, strokable silicone, each side has a large-surface, squeezable pad. The lightest squeeze initiates a slow, soft rumbly vibration which is whisper subtle. Intensity increases, the firmer you squeeze...

    Short light vibration. Long and intense. Fast bursts. Slow build-up. They are all yours, from a simple squeeze of your fingertips on the soft pads.

    The firm nub of the Limon is clearly designed for pinpoint clitoral pleasure and it's where intensity is greatest. But you can also lay the Limon on your vulva ( or any other erogenous zone!) and use the pressure of the soft pad against the body to activate and personalise the ripples and rhythms of sensation that radiate outwards.

     Minna Limon is one clever vibrator too.

    Use the simple button, which illuminates, to select which mode you'd like to play in:
    •FREE Responds in vibrating intensity and pattern to your squeezes - when you stop squeezing, vibrations also stop.
    •RECORD Replays the vibrating patterns you discovered in FREE mode
    •LOCK Remembers and repeats your favourite vibrating pattern

    Minna toys come fully charged out of the box ( yay! no waiting around for Limon to power-up, before you can start play) and have a clever signal on start-up, to indicate their charge-level <em>before</em> you get going ( yay! no more distruptive dwindling of power mid-play); 3 bursts of vibration = fully charged / 2 = half;/ 1 = low charge.</p>

    Luxurious, curvy, fully waterproof and incredibly sensual for solo or couples play, Minna Limon's intuitive, tactile technology makes it also a great choice for people with visual impairment or those who have trouble with fiddly controls.



  • technical info

    Useful Info for Minna Life Limon Vibrator

    Material: Silicone ABS Plastic 
    Phthalate Alert: None 
    Actual Length: 73.5mm / 2.9in
    Playable length: 73.5mm / 2.9in
    Diameter (at widest):  50mm / 2in
    Batteries: USB Recharger 
    Supplied with Toy: Yes 
    Intensity: Wowser: Deep Throbby 
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: 78g
    Ease of Use: Easy
    Speeds:  Variety of vibration patterns & personal control of patterns
    Waterproof: Yes 
    Lube: Water-Based Only

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  • Sex Tip For Minna Life Limon Touch Sensitive Vibrator
    The soft, cushioned sides of the Limon respond to the lightest pressure - press them against anywhere on the body to activate ... and enjoy!
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