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Massage Candle: Orchid

Massage Candle: Orchid


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Massage Candle: Orchid

This massage candle drips warm oil onto your lover's body for erotic massage. A beautiful massage candle from Fun Factory, this Orchid candle blends jojoba, avocado and almond oil, scented with orchids and lilies.

Massage oil candles takes erotic candle-play to a whole new level - dripping hot candle wax onto your lovers body neednt be like a sceen from a Maddonna film; The candle buns at a lower temperature so you can drip the candle erotically over your lover's skin, without causing red marks - it simply transforms into a warm and sensual massage oil.

So light the candle, and drip your way to an erotic massage you'll never forget!

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