Madonna Intimate Desire Oral Gel: Wild Strawberry

Delicious fruity tasting oral gel
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Product Description

Madonna Intimate Desire Oral Gel in Wild Strawberry is a fruity flavoured thick gel for oral delight!

Designed for both sexes, this yummy tasting gel is ideal for drzzling over the body and licking off slowly... Madonna Intimate Desire Oral Gel is a luxurious gel which is simple to apply, and has a smooth silky texture that feels and tastes delicious.

Safe to ingest, this Intimate Oral Gel adds a sensuous smell and taste that take oral sex to a satisfying new dimension.

Dark and sexy, the stylish black packaging of Madonna Intimate Gel looks as seductive as its contents are sensual.

The madonna Nudes Intimate Desire Collection is inspired by an iconic set of pictures taken by renown photographer martin Schreiber in 1979.

Amongst the models who posed for the shoot was a young woman who later became the international phenomenon, Madonna.

The Intimate Desire Collection seeks to embody the spirit and empowerment of Madonna and shake off our inhibitions to enhance sexual pleasure!

Useful Sex Tip

Write your lover a sexy message along their body, and licking it off seductively!

Technical info

Useful Info for Madonna Intimate Desires Oral Gel: Wild Strawberry \n

Bottle Type: FLIP TOP \n
Recommended For: Oral play \n
Quantity: 100ml \n
Single hand application: Yes \n
Price per ml: 0.14p / ml (to the nearest ml) \n
Ingredients: Sucrose, Aqua (Purified water), Glycerin, Aroma (Flavor), Carbomer, Sodium hydroxide, Potassium sorbate