Lust Passionate Game for Two

Erotic Game for Couples to Build Fantasies


Key Features:

  • Open up conversations & create fantasies together with your partner
  • Aimed at straight couples
  • Create unique sex-experiences
  • Use the to build and agree upon your perfect sexual scenario together
  • Over 3000 possibilities
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Product Description

A board game which allows you to build your perfect fantasy, Lust is a game for two players, which inspires you to create a fantasy through performing various fun 'foreplay' moves.

Depending how the cards fall, and how you move across the board (by luck or by skill), you might find yourself pausing to smooch by the Fireplace, or rushing straight for the bed!


Lust also allows you to discuss your favourite things with your partner. You decide together which cards to keep, and which to discard, so you learn new things about each other's preferences in a fun, relaxed game. This si great if you have trouble verbalising what you want, as it provides a relaxed and light-hearted envionment.

The cards offer tips for Sensuality ("Place your left hand on your lover's heartbeat and hold him/her close to you!"), Romance "'Pour your lover a glass of wine, champagne, or other beverage of choice, and drink a toast to celebrate your relationship"), and Body Language ("Close your eyes and explore your lover's body with your hands"). As you play these cards, you gain Love-Making cards which you put on the bed and save them to act out later. The Love-Making Cards come in five colours arranged in order of hotness, so work your way up slowly and enjoy the time you get to spend together. You deserve it!


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