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Lelo Tiani 3

Lelo Tiani 3 Luxury Rechargeable Couples Vibrator


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Lelo Tiani 3

Luxury Rechargeable Couple's Vibrator: 8 Settings & 100% More Power

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  • Product Description

    Designer sex toy pros Lelo really know how to take a good thing and make it even better - Lelo Tiani 3, Lelo's amazing couple's vibe that offers stimulation for you and your partner, is now updated to deliver 100% more power.

    A C-shaped vibrator, worn with the slender internal stimulator resting on your G-spot and the powerful external bullet against your clitoris. Lelo Tiani 3 allows plenty of room for your partner and provides extra stimulation and thrilling pleasure to both of you during penetration.

    The incredible couple's toy has a slightly larger surface area, which has been specially designed to deliver targeted stimulation. This clever redesign ensures that all that extra power is directed exactly where it needs to go, delivering intensely satisfying vibrations to the clitoris that are shared and enjoyed by both partners.

    Like most of Lelo's luxury toys, Tiani is made of smooth body-safe silicone to ensure maximum glide, pleasure and comfort for you both.

    This discreet vibrator can also be enjoyed as the ultimate, hands-free, remote-controlled vibrator experience. It's comfortable to wear and super quiet, allowing you to enjoy secret clitoral and G-spot sensations away from the bedroom.

    The state-of-the-art SenseMotion remote control activates the vibrator with just a tip of the wrist, further opening up thrilling play - Alone or in the hands of a partner, a subtle wrist action is all that's required to escalate the sensations the Tiani delivers.

    The button-free control also makes Lelo Tiani idea for people who have mobility difficulties with fiddly buttons.

    Lelo toys are all beautifully high-quality and Tiani 3 is also 100% waterproof, ideal for bath-time bliss or thrilling shower sex, it also makes it easy to keep sparkling clean and hygienic.

    Tiani 3 comes packaged in a beautiful, classy Lelo box, making it the perfect gift...that keeps on giving!

  • technical info


    Material: Silicone
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 78 mm / 3 inch.
    Playable length: 78 mm / 3 inch 
    Diameter (at widest): 32 mm / 1.25 inch
    Power: Mains Recharger
    Supplied with Toy: Yes
    Intensity: Wowser!
    Volume: Can't be heard from the next room
    Weight: 42g
    Ease of Use: Middling
    Speeds: 8
    Offers: Escalating vibrations and different pulse patterns
    Waterproof: Yes
    Lube: Water-Based Lube Only
    Care &  Cleaning of the Lelo Tiani 3: Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. Air dry.
    Store in case provided/  cool, clean, dark place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. A great addition to any collection based on traditional vibrators and wands. by Carol&Steve


      As a fan of the Lelo Medium Smart Wand I was initially unsure about the Tiani 3 and hummed and haaad about letting my other half get me it for Christmas. Yes it looked lovely, as do all the Insignia Lelo models, especially in black, but so small!! Could it be more then a novelty and really be enjoyable? The Smart Wand is 10s of times larger and surely size has to equate to battery capacity and motor power? Anyway the idea of a wearable vibe go the better of me an it went on my Christmas list.

      <p>As with my other Insignia range toys it came beautifully packaged and looked really luxe when opened. I unscrewed the tail to plug in the charger and was a little disappointed to find a white plastic inner that looked a lot like a toothpaste tube top. Anyway it charged up in about an hour and with the tail reattached again had its designer qualities back. Switching the toy on was easy enough. One squeeze between thumb and forefinger and it flashed. One more and it was on (I got to the remote later in the day). The initial setting is constant and fast and to my delight it had a substantial zingy vibe to it. Pressing the button again and it started a pulsing action. Further pushed cycled through the pulsing patterns and back to the steady buzz. No power level controls as such but frankly I could not see a lower power setting being any use or any interest.

      Using the toy: The ley is stiff but the sharp bend is flexible and slightly 'springy'. Popped inside it naturally pulls the head of the toy onto the top of the vulva/clitoris BUT the head is bulbous and some manipulating to bead it between the outer lips is needed to get the perfect contact. Over a couple of sessions I found ensuring the lube keeps off the head is important so as to help it stay in place and not slip out of the cleft of the labia.

      The toy is supposed to be for partner time play and so a word on having it running during intercourse: Great in missionary as his body pushed it into place but in doggy it was less successful. He said it felt good but not earth shattering but I begged to differ as it was really good.

      The toy sort of suggests its self for naughty out and about use with it being worn under clothes and the partner having the remote. Yes this works OK if your clothes are tight enough to hold the toy in place but the battery life means its sort of a short lived joke. I wore mine to a party and by the time we had driven there the motor was flagging and I just went to the loo and retrieved the spent item, rinsed it and popped it in my purse to take home.

      As an addendum to the above point I realised it was a great little thing for discrete and hands free masturbation. I have worn it about the house a couple of times under jeans and its not visible and so quiet as to be undetectable. Great fun!

      Now for the bad points, ie the remote. The thing is easy to pair to the toy, you just switch the toy on with one press and then switch the remote on with the + button but after that you really wonder why you did. Yes it allows the power to be turned down but who would want this as the toy on full is just about strong enough for orgasms and lower would be pointless. Yes you can cycle through patterns but that too is a bit pointless in my opinion. Yes the tilt or shake functions of the remote allow your partner to tease you as we tried on the way to the party but as the remote makes more noise then the toy (while being useless as a toy) it sort of spoils the naughty secret idea of it all. If the remote did not vibrate it would be so much more use!

      (Posted on 27/12/2013)

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  • Sex Tip For Lelo Tiani 3
    For a solo sesh, try using a dildo or your favourite internal vibe while wearing Tiani 3, the added pressure will feel fabulous and allow you to sense every last drop of that extra power.
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